Nearly 30 crazy “killing pigs” in half a year


The original title: “online shipping” is almost a standard configuration, and the worst is “black mouth”. In the past six months, nearly 30 crazy “killing pig plates” have emerged: a hundred stock recommendation tricks and investors have been killed miserably
Securities Times reporter Yu Dejiang
“Brothers, it’s bound to be up and down today!”
“It’s time. Buy it! Buy it
The “teacher” in the temporary construction of the live broadcast room roared, encouraging and luring investors to buy. The recommended stocks crash quickly after the high, investors have no way to escape, suffered “dull kill”.
This is the “killing pigs” that has appeared many times recently, which makes ordinary investors uneasy and disturbs the due market order. According to the statistics of the securities times, there have been at least 26 suspected cases of “killing pigs” since April this year, with an average of more than 4 cases per month. The frequency is shocking.
Recently, a number of undercover “pig killing” wechat groups have found that the routines from “raising pigs” to “killing pigs” are very similar. The reporter also encountered the mode of recommending stocks first and then introducing the currency circle. The stock recommendation team gradually lured investors to the trading platform of digital currency, and then, by manipulating the currency price, applying for new currency and other performances that made quick money, the reporter bewitched investors to invest in “black app”. In contrast, a simple domain name registration costs no more than 30 yuan in the first year, and it only costs about 1200 yuan to do a 60 minute live video broadcast with 1000 people watching. Compared with the benefits, the cost is extremely low.
After the “pig killing plate” caused a bad impact, it is difficult to investigate and deal with it. The stock recommendation team can start a new round of harvest by changing the vest. It is very difficult for the damaged investors to protect their rights. Many investors interviewed by the reporter earlier still have to swallow the bitter fruit themselves. However, positive information is also emerging. Recently, the regulatory authorities and the public security system have launched special operations to crack down on a number of “pig killing” cases. Securities Times reporter learned that some investors have recovered losses.
Personal experience of “retail investors in the village”
Many investors will receive a call from the customer service personnel of a securities company, inviting them to join the stock exchange group. This year, the Securities Times reporter also felt that such calls have increased significantly, and have joined more than ten such wechat groups. There is no doubt about these wechat groups. The reporter was kicked out of the group chat because he asked “why the live teacher changed his voice”. In fact, the voice of each live recommendation “teacher” has been changed, which is obviously to better hide their identity.
On the morning of September 22, the reporter was drawn into the wechat group named “Yunlong senior alliance lecture hall 2”, with more than 100 members. Pull reporters into the group “brokerage customer service” said that every morning at 9:00 a.m., there will be chief analysts in the group announced two strong bull stocks, the expected profit in more than 30%. In this group, the wechat name of the “teacher” guiding the investment is “Liu Yunlong”, and the assistant name is “Jiangshan”.
After a period of training, on October 5, Liu Yunlong proposed to “sit in the village” to better grasp the “silver ten” market. He introduced his four previous experiences in the village, saying that he had “no failure”, and made huge profits, specifically: Changyu a from September 2005 to June 2006, construction machinery from January to October 2007, chlor alkali chemical industry from February to June 2011, and chlor alkali chemical industry from August to November 2019. Liu Yunlong posted the range trend of these four stocks, showing the “brilliant” victory.
On October 9, on the first trading day after the “double festival” holiday, Liu Yunlong opened the video live broadcast at 14:30. He first described the path of the village, including the steps of warehouse building, warehouse washing, promotion and departure. At 14:48, Liu Yunlong announced that Zhuanggu was “Lianhuan pharmaceutical”, requiring everyone to buy a small amount and complete the warehouse. After Liu Yunlong announced the code, Lianhuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. rose in a straight line, with an increase of about 2.9% to nearly 5%.
The next two placements were in the morning of October 13 and the end of 14, similar to the previous situation. After that, Liu Yunlong launched a new live broadcast platform for everyone to download. Liu Yunlong said that if a leak is found in Zhuanggu stock bar, it is necessary to select a reliable, safe and registered live broadcasting platform, and eliminate the members who disobey the command and divulge secrets. Previously, Liu Yunlong’s live video website has been changed many times, which is a temporary link without verification.
This time, the new live broadcast platform is called “TD”. You need to find an assistant to download the app and fill in the invitation code to register. Liu Yunlong said that “TD” is an international platform of “XX capital”, which has been invited to live for analysis.
In the previous three stock arrangements, the reporter followed the instructions and bought 2100 shares of Lianhuan pharmaceutical in batches, with a total transaction amount of 23218 yuan and a cost price of 11.064 yuan / share. Every time, the reporter sent a screenshot of the deal to assistant Jiang Shan as required, because the “teacher” said that the follow-up operation would only involve comrades who were obedient to the command and strong in execution, and would kick out of the team once they found the private operation. On the evening of October 15, Jiang Shan sent a QR code to scan the download link of “TD” app. The interface was modeled after Apple’s app store.
The failure of establishing a village turned into a “killing pig dish” in the currency circle
After the event, what Liu Yunlong’s team did in front of them was foreshadowing, and the coin circle was their real “pig killing farm”.
“TD” is a platform for digital currency transactions. Through its app and TD official website, we can not find any information related to “XX capital”, a well-known domestic investment institution. Therefore, the statement that TD is a platform of “XX capital” is likely to be a lie fabricated by Liu Yunlong’s team to gain trust from others.
At the end of October 19, Liu Yunlong had a live video broadcast on the TD platform, requiring all members to raise their positions to more than 30%. However, when a shares closed, Liu Yunlong did not end the live broadcast as usual, but instead recommended digital currency. He asked the trainees to deposit money in TD platform and buy 1 / 3 ekn coins. After the order was issued, Liu Yunlong himself also carried out the buying operation, and ekn currency quickly “cooperated” to climb by more than 10 points.
The query shows that TD platform does not have any public information, and ekn is also a digital currency of unknown origin. In this regard, Shao Yuqi, an industry person in the currency circle and chairman of wanchain consulting, told the Securities Times: “it may be the air currency that is deceptive, and there is no way to check it. There are too many such cases.”

After that, Liu Yunlong’s real purpose gradually appeared and was more bewitching. On October 23, Liu Yunlong suddenly announced the failure of “sitting in the village” and wanted to change his position for shares. The reasons were that “he had been leaked and was constantly suppressed by selling shares”, “his comrades in arms were not united and could not unify his strength” and “the overall situation was not good”. Indeed, shortly after Liu Yunlong announced the Zhuang stock code, relevant information appeared in the stock bar. Now it seems that “divulging secrets” may also be part of the operation of Liu Yunlong’s team. After the opening of the A-share market, the reporter sold Lianhuan pharmaceutical at the price of 10.47 yuan per share. The market software showed a loss of 1275.49 yuan, more than 5%. However, members of the group expressed their “understanding” and wanted to continue to “do a big job” with Mr. Liu.
In the usual mode, Liu Yunlong first set up a “stock market expert” to show his successful experience in the past four times and attract the attention of members of the group. To declare the failure of “sitting in the village” is to break his personal image of being victorious and invincible, and to attribute the reason to the disharmony of “comrades in arms”. Next, Liu Yunlong re established his image of winning in the currency circle. After that, it’s time to enter the stage of “emotional abuse”, that is, harvest.
Sure enough, Liu Yunlong pushed for digital currency after the failure of Zizhuang, saying that a shares are weak at present, and there is an opportunity for digital currency. He once again stressed that the TD platform he taught had a large volume of transactions, ranking among the top 10 in the world, and the digital currency issued often had a lot of room for growth. Liu Yunlong said that TD platform issued a CPM coin on the 23rd at a price of 30 usdt. It subscribed for 20000 pieces, and won 12000 pieces, with a winning rate of 60%.
At 8:30 p.m. on October 26, CPM currency was listed, and Liu Yunlong started live broadcast in TD, and reporters from securities times watched the whole process. According to the live broadcast, the CPM currency rose from 30U to 100u in an instant, with a maximum of 140u. Liu Yunlong closed his position while broadcasting, selling 12000 pieces at a price of about 120u. In a few minutes, Liu Yunlong made a profit of 300%.
Then, Liu Yunlong demonstrated the operation of fast digital currency. Liu Yunlong successively bought ekn coins in large amount, and the latter price was rapidly pushed up. After reaching a certain height, Liu Yunlong closed his position and sold it. In just one minute, Liu Yunlong made a profit of 15%.
After the live broadcast, Liu Yunlong announced in the wechat group the results of fighting for a new digital currency: a net profit of 90u, winning more than 10000 pieces is making 900000 US dollars, equivalent to more than 6 million yuan RMB. Under the coax of nurseries, the group began to be agitated and asked Mr. Liu to lead the new digital currency. Liu Yunlong said that it is a pity that the digital currency has been issued and listed quickly. However, there may be new coins listed on the TD platform in early November. At that time, comrades in arms can participate in the IPO. The profit is much higher than that of the stock market. It is normal that 3-5 times of the new money will be listed on the TD platform.
On October 28, TD platform announced that ethu (in Taihe currency) would be issued globally at 20:30 on November 3, with an online purchase price of 10u and an upper limit of 20000 units for a single account. This time, the nurseries in the group were more active, saying that they must keep up with Mr. Liu’s pace, and actively showed the screenshots of the application and winning lots.
Shao Yuqi told reporters that this teacher is a typical teacher with single currency circle, and the purpose is to transform users to trade here. Shao Yuqi has never heard of the so-called “top 10” TD platform in the world, nor has he found any information about CPM / ekn. It is difficult to recover investment losses here.
“In order to gain the trust of investors, the first and second transactions of course need to show money making, and then the harvest will begin. This is a common routine.” Shao Yuqi said, “follow him. If you don’t lose money in the end, my name will be written backwards.”
It can also be seen from the above contents that TD platform is a typical black app. Now it’s easy to get into the money. It’s not clear whether you can withdraw the funds when something goes wrong. Therefore, the investors who are participating must be vigilant and close their hands in time to avoid greater losses.
The strongest harvester in history
The case of Liu Yunlong is different from the traditional recommendation of “killing pigs”, but the essence is the same. According to the statistics of Securities Times reporters, there have been at least 26 suspected cases of “killing pigs” in April this year, with an average of more than 4 cases per month.
Jimin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the first “pig killing plate” that has attracted high market attention this year. On April 2, investors in many places were collectively stolen from the stock accounts of the same flower. After the stocks were cleared, they bought Jimin pharmaceutical. On June 11, Jimin pharmaceutical suddenly released a huge amount of money, and then went down the limit for three consecutive trading days. This time, a large number of investors also bought under the command of teachers. In the first half of the year, there were Lilium, Yangquan coal, Shengyang technology, heli technology and so on.
Among the wechat groups lurking among the reporters of securities times, a “teacher” strongly pushed Songlin technology on August 21. On the same day, Songlin technology closed with a 20% drop limit, with a turnover rate of 67.42%. In the group, the investors who bought the shares scolded the recommendation teacher, and the assistant private letter Securities Times reporter said that “the teacher is also solving the problem of the vote”, and then removed the reporter from the group chat.
September’s “pig killing plates” have come and gone, involving nine stocks, including Luoping zinc Electric Co., Ltd., Jiamei Packaging Co., Ltd., Zhongjian Technology Co., Ltd., Lule home furnishing Co., Ltd., and Zhonglu Co., Ltd. In October, Jiayou international was the case. On October 14, after the opening high, it quickly fell to the limit. The whole day’s amplitude reached 20%, and the turnover rate was 26.36%.
The reporter’s investigation found that on the day of high turnover rate of the above-mentioned stocks, many “stock market experts” were “blowing tickets” in the live broadcasting room, wechat group and other channels to induce ordinary investors to buy and cooperate with the makers to ship. Compared with the traditional “cut leek”, this shipping method can be called the strongest “harvester” in history. According to information, the teams of these “stock market experts” serve the market makers and collect commissions. They also charge students fees ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan, which can be described as “taking both sides”.
Industry insiders call this way “network shipping”, now almost standard configuration, worse than the traditional “black mouth”. Prior to this, some injured investors reported to reporters that the stock recommendation team would charge Commission according to the trading volume from the makers, with a proportion of more than 10%, which was extremely profitable.

Senior market insiders also revealed to reporters that there are many such stock recommendation teams around the makers. The latter provides “shipping” services for the former, and charges 8% – 10% commission for the turnover. “In the big room, after a few minutes of opening, these people take the money and leave.” The above person described the transaction scenario.
Operation of multiple securities business departments in doubt
By analyzing the trading information of 26 suspected “pig killing” stocks on the day of high turnover rate, we can get a trace of information about the main shipping force. The reporter of the Securities Times found that several business departments of Zhejiang securities and Huafu securities had been listed together, and the reasons behind it deserve special attention.
On July 16, Xianggang technology opened 7.71% high, and then the trading volume was 300 million yuan. After hours trading information showed that Zhejiang securities Hangzhou Hangda Road business department sold 43.92 million yuan, accounting for 14.64% of the total transaction volume of the day; Zhejiang securities Hangzhou Xiaoshan Yongyong Road business department sold 16.4888 million yuan, accounting for 5.5% of the transaction on the same day.
Since then, the two business departments of Zheshang securities have appeared on several selling seats on the day of the collapse of the suspected “pig killing plate”, including Aopu home furnishing on July 31, Jinhong group on August 13, Songlin technology on August 21, and Jiamei packaging on September 9.
In the suspected case of “killing pigs”, the Sanxiang Road Business Department of Huafu securities (also known as “Suzhou Zhuyuan Road Business Department of Huafu securities”) has obvious synergy with the above two Zhejiang securities business departments, which appears on the selling seats of Jinhong group, Songlin technology, Aopu Jiaju and Jiamei packaging on the corresponding date.
Why can the funds of the above-mentioned business departments escape accurately at the time of harvest of “pig killing plate”? Are there any suspected violations? Are the above business department customers associated with the stock recommendation team? Reporters call the above-mentioned business departments, most of the staff said they were concerned about the relevant situation, but the situation involving customer information is inconvenient to inform.
The relevant staff of Zheshang Securities headquarters replied to the reporter that Zheshang securities noticed the abnormal trading situation of individual business departments recently and attached great importance to it. It immediately organized the relevant departments of the headquarters and the branches where the customers worked to check whether the customers managed their own accounts and whether they used their own funds by analyzing the account opening procedures, transaction flow and fund deposit and withdrawal Through the way of return visit to customers, we can understand the motivation of trading related stocks, the basis of decision-making, and whether they have participated in activities such as “illegal recommendation of shares”.
Zheshang Securities said that for customers with abnormal behaviors, Zheshang securities has educated them on compliance trading, warned them of relevant risks, required customers to sign a letter of commitment to participate in securities trading legally and legally, and took corresponding restrictive measures for individual accounts.
What are the specific abnormal behaviors of relevant customers? Zheshang securities reply: “mainly is the large amount of capital, frequent in and out.”
Public security cracked big cases one after another
Most of the investors who suffered from the “pig killing” suffered heavy losses, and it was difficult to protect their rights because of the difficulty in finding the manipulators behind them and the difficulty in fixing evidence. Fortunately, there are some positive messages at the moment.
On April 2 of this year, Jimin pharmaceutical staged a shocking market “stealing the number of plates” incident. Recently, a reporter from the securities times contacted a victim investor who had actively reported the case at that time. He said that the police had solved the case, and he had paid his loss of more than 10000 yuan in advance. The investor’s recovery benefited from a “pig killing” case cracked by police in Yuhang, Zhejiang Province.
According to the articles previously published by Yuhang Public Security Bureau, a data information service Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou forged professional qualifications to attract a large number of investors to invest. Through backstage operations, limiting the withdrawal of gold and locking positions, investors lost money and made profits. There are several agents distributed in different places to attract investors. At present, the company’s legal representative you and other 36 people have been taken criminal enforcement measures in accordance with the law, the case is being further investigated.
The investor who recovered the loss told the reporter that after solving the case, the police took the initiative to inform him to make another record. He learned that the gang stealing the number in early April was the same group of people as the case.
The CSRC has also adopted a “zero tolerance” attitude towards “killing pigs”. On September 18, the CSRC announced the deployment of its dispatched agencies to launch a three-month special rectification action. Tianjin Securities Regulatory Bureau issued an earlier paper saying that the “pig killing” scam, as an important form of illegal stock recommendation and stock market black mouth, is the key target of the special rectification action. Tianjin Securities Regulatory Bureau cited the case of Guiyang police cracking down on a very large “pig killing” case, which involved more than 200 million yuan.
Hefei police also cracked a case of “killing pig dish” fraudulent cases by using the recommended shares. In the three provinces of Anhui, Jiangsu and Hubei, they destroyed 5 companies specializing in fraud, and arrested 38 suspects, involving more than 1000 yuan. In addition, the Shanghai “guxuantang” illegal stock recommendation case, which was exposed earlier, recently declared that the people’s Court of Shanghai Songjiang district ruled that Dai and other five persons constituted the crime of illegal business operation, and they were sentenced to six years’ or less of fixed-term imprisonment, with their illegal income confiscated and a fine of 3 million yuan or less.
The detection of major “pig killing” cases helps to deter criminals, but most of the investors who have suffered before can only swallow their own bitter fruit. Therefore, the best preventive measure is that investors themselves refuse to tempt and will hang up when they hear the stock recommendation calls. From the personal experience of Securities Times reporters in the past half a year, all the wechat groups that have joined through the so-called customer service telephone of securities companies are fraud. Investors also need to abandon the fluke mentality and try to save profits before the crash. This is a “chestnut in the fire”, which is not desirable.