Apple’s first self-developed computer chip will be unveiled on November 11


Sina digital news in the early morning of November 3, Beijing time, apple just released the invitation letter, confirming that it will hold a press conference in Apple park on November 10, 2020 (2:00 a.m. Beijing time on November 11, 2020), which is also the fourth online conference this year.
The first MAC with self-developed chip is coming?
As for the content of this conference, the most concerned one may be Apple’s first self-developed computer chip. The information about Apple’s first self-developed computer chip was announced at the WWDC developer conference. Apple believes that the chip is the core of hardware and the foundation of the product. Apple’s self-developed chip will adopt arm architecture. The official said that the new chip will have higher scalability, high-performance GPU, stronger professional ability and stronger neural engine.
Apple’s first self-developed chip Apple silicon processor
The chip of arm architecture has the characteristics of low power consumption, low heat, long endurance and real-time connection. From Qualcomm snapdragon to Samsung Orion, from MTK to Hisilicon, these customized SoC Based on ARM architecture lead the development of smart phones. These SOC are the cornerstone of the development of smart phones, and arm architecture is the heart of these SOC. Apple’s A-Series processor is an excellent student in arm architecture, which is the kind of kid with the best performance. So for apple, the last thing to worry about is the performance of the product when it moves from x86 architecture to arm architecture. In addition, the computer chip based on ARM architecture has an advantage, which is more suitable for applications such as iPhone and iPad.
At the developer conference, Craig built a Mac with MacOS Big Sur system based on a12z bionics. He showed off Photoshop, an image software made by Microsoft for Apple’s office and adobe, as well as his own Final Cut Pro X and logic Pro X. These are all native apps, which run well on the mobile chip originally based on ARM architecture. This shows that the chip + MacOS Big Sur can be used in daily life instead of just being a system that nobody uses. By the way, I showed that I’m not alone and I have partners.
The first MAC with Apple’s own chip will be on the market at the end of the year, and the launch coincides with the time point. By the way, MacOS Big Sur has not yet been released, or has been officially launched with this launch.
Tracker, airtags, and the show?
Airtags, which has been around for nearly a year, may also be launched this time. Airtags or built-in U1 chip can reduce the positioning accuracy to about 10cm by using UWB, which can achieve accurate positioning in theory. Airtags can be used in positioning between people and equipment, between equipment and equipment.
May airpods studio be released?
Apple’s airpods studio, which has also been around for a year, is likely to be announced at the launch. It is rumored that airpods studio will be the most advanced product in the airpods wireless headset, with professional sound effect.
About the content of this apple conference, pay attention to the first information that sina technology brings to you. Coming soon.