Liang Jianzhang: Ctrip will not give up the strategy of Globalization


Sina Technology Zhang Jun
In the face of different epidemic situations at home and abroad, Ctrip is speeding up the adjustment strategy to strive for the maximum recovery.
At the recent global partnership summit of Ctrip, a number of senior executives, including co-founder and chairman of the board of directors of Ctrip, Sun Jie, CEO of Ctrip, and other senior executives appeared together and put forward a brand-new strategy of deepening domestic and global awareness.
In an interview with sina science and technology and other media, Liang Jianzhang said that this year and next year will be the window period for the development of domestic tourism industry, which is most suitable for investment and construction in software and hardware, marketing and other aspects. After a year or two after the recovery of the international market, the operation of domestic scenic hotels can reach the world’s advanced level, and China’s tourism market will be able to attract more foreign tourists.
At that time, Ctrip will also accumulate experience in the domestic and overseas markets.
Four directions to deeply cultivate the domestic market content is the key point
At the summit, Liang Jianzhang made clear four directions for deepening the domestic market: content, high-quality products, supply chain and quality. The content can be said to be the focus of Ctrip.
In Liang Jianzhang’s view, Ctrip’s previous positioning was a trading platform, but now it has to be built into a content + trading platform. Under the epidemic situation, domestic tourism is moving towards depth and quality. Ctrip needs to introduce new play methods with content, inspire users’ inspiration, and better realize closed-loop trading.
In fact, Ctrip has made some attempts in content. For example, as early as the end of 2018, the travel shooting function enables users to publish photos and videos along with location and text.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, live broadcasting has been a new way of playing content under the leadership of Liang Jianzhang. The data shows that the transaction volume created by Ctrip’s live broadcast matrix, including boss live broadcast, has exceeded 2.4 billion yuan, with more than 150 million viewers watching.
Sun Bo, the chief marketing officer of Ctrip, announced at the meeting that it would upgrade the live broadcast channel of Ctrip boss to Ctrip live channel, invest in the flow entrance of Ctrip app home page, open three systems of official live broadcast, KOL live broadcast and merchant live broadcast, so as to build a live travel ecology.
It is reported that Ctrip content platform and community products will also be upgraded in a few weeks. “We’ve expanded more content product types and social light features, introduced 70% of the creators of the head travel industry, and set up more incentive policies to cultivate more people who can play.” Sun Bo said.
In fact, with the domestic epidemic situation under control, Ctrip’s performance has gradually recovered.
Sun Jie said that Ctrip’s traditional advantages in the domestic market have been restored; even under the background of “outbound users returning to the domestic market”, some business lines of Ctrip have also achieved growth.
She introduced that during the National Day holiday this year, Ctrip’s hotel room night volume recovered by more than 100%; air ticket booking recovered by more than 100%; train ticket orders increased by more than 300%; private group tourists increased by 100% year-on-year; ticket booking increased by more than 100%; Ctrip’s car rental increased by more than 50% year-on-year.
Globalization will continue
Ctrip put forward the G2 strategy in 2019, and globalization is one of the key points in the future. However, in the current post epidemic era, how to continue globalization has become a widespread concern of the outside world.
Liang Jianzhang said that it is not necessary to give up overseas market to cultivate domestic market. Ctrip’s global journey will continue, but the focus will change. The first is to speed up the construction of domestic tourism industry in terms of products and marketing with the help of the opportunity of domestic market recovery, so as to keep up with the level of overseas market. Once the international tourism is restored, the domestic market can also attract more overseas tourists; secondly, the domestic and local tourism in some overseas markets is also recovering. For example, in Japan, Ctrip’s business in the local area is also recovering quickly; finally, it retains the business of many languages and multi currencies. Once the international tourism is fully restored, Ctrip can quickly open overseas business and accumulate domestic experience And ability to replicate to overseas markets.
In fact, during the epidemic, Ctrip’s action has begun. After opening boss live broadcast in China, Ctrip copied the local game of live broadcasting with goods to overseas markets. According to Sun Jie, Ctrip’s overseas live broadcasting has achieved five supporting languages for multi platform live broadcasting, more than one million nights for Gaoxing hotels, more than 100 million goods for overseas high star hotels, and more than 100% year-on-year growth of overseas local hotel bookings.
This is what Ctrip has always played in the international journey. Liang Jianzhang believes that compared with the leading OTA in the world, Ctrip is no different from the world’s leading OTA in terms of technology, products and business model, and has unique advantages in terms of service. This kind of competitiveness is cultivated in the process of serving Chinese users.
Sun Jie also said that in the post epidemic era, Ctrip may be able to win the first online tourism platform in the world more quickly.