Ant group makes a feast: “Taishan meeting” big guy, Zhao Wei and nursery are all winners


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By Xu Yiwen
Source: noma Finance (ID: ymcj8686)
Ant group is about to go public, and the wealth making action is still going on. Not only the partners and employees of ant group have become the biggest beneficiaries of this rich making campaign, but also the “luxury circle of friends” behind Ma Yun has become the winner of this feast of wealth making through the participation of Yunfeng fund and other institutions.
“Migrant workers” and Ma Yun’s “rich friends circle”
Recently, the word “wage earner” has become popular on the Internet. Even some stars and business owners have come to rub against the popularity. For a time, there has been a hot search on “whether a star is a worker”.
The employee stock ownership plan of ant group makes the employees in ant group become really rich workers. According to the prospectus, a total of 3.079 billion shares have been granted under the ESOP, of which 92% or 2.832 billion shares have been granted to incentive objects. 65% of ant group’s employees and consultants benefited. Based on 16660 employees as of June 30, 2020, about 10829 employees and consultants have received equity incentive.
Source: ant group prospectus
If the issue price of 68.8 yuan per share is calculated, the corresponding market value of the employees who have obtained the incentive is 19.8 billion yuan; the employees who have obtained the incentive hold 261500 shares, and the corresponding per capita market value is 17.99 million yuan.
In other words, if ant group is listed only according to the issue price, 10000 employees of ant group will become multi millionaires. These 10000 employees of ant group will become the model of our generation and become the “workers” who get rich first.
As for the senior executives of ant group, noma finance has done an analysis before, and a total of 58 executives have become billionaires. Other state-owned shareholders are also beneficiaries.
In addition, the most beneficial people are ma Yun’s “luxurious circle of friends” hidden behind them, including Shi Yuzhu, Lu Zhiqiang and Zhao Wei (holding shares through family members), which can not be ignored.
Shi Yuzhu, Lu Zhiqiang, Zhao Wei, Miao Pu
Among the shareholders of ant group, the positions hidden by the big men are no better than the cloud front system. According to the prospectus, Shanghai Zhongfu, Shanghai Qihong, Shanghai Qizhan, Shanghai Yunfeng Xincheng and Shanghai Jingyi are all managed by Shanghai Yunfeng Xinchuang, holding 6.43% of the shares of ant group.
Yunfeng fund was founded by Ma Yun and Yu Feng in combination with many big private enterprises. Layer by layer through the above five institutions partners found that they are all Ma Yun’s luxury “circle of friends.”.
According to the enterprise survey data, among the partners of Shanghai Zhongfu and Shanghai Jingyi, Liu Yonghao of new hope group, Shi Yuzhu of giant investment, Wang Zhongjun of Huayi Brothers and Zhao Wei (participated as mother Wei Qiying) emerged.
Source: enterprise inspection
In addition, Lu Zhiqiang and Fu Jun, important members of the “Taishan society”, are shareholders of ant group, and Guo Guangchang of Fosun Group is also a shareholder of ant group. He is also known as Ma Yun’s “good foundation friend”. In addition, Yintai group Shen Guojun, Yuyue technology Wu Guangming, well-known Zhejiang businessman Qian Fenglei, Yuantong yuhuijiao, Shentong Chen Dejun and other Zhejiang merchants all got a share of the ant listing feast through Yunfeng institutions.
The status of “Taishan club” is self-evident in Chinese business circles. In 1993, its president was Liu Chuanzhi. Its member units include Lenovo holdings, Sitong group, oceanwide group, Yuanda Group, Fosun Group, giant group, etc., and some people even juxtapose it with the American skeleton society. The Taishan meeting leaders who participated in the ant group included Shi Yuzhu, Lu Zhiqiang, Guo Guangchang, Fu Jun, etc.
Specifically, Shanghai Zhongfu and Shanghai Jingyi participated in ant round a financing in 2015. At that time, ant’s post investment valuation was 260 billion yuan. So far, this part of investment has increased 8 times. Shi Yuzhu not only participated in ant financing through Yunfeng system fund, but also invested in ant through Beijing Yingyi Internet Technology Co., Ltd. Shi Yuzhu holds 64.76 million shares of ant shares, worth nearly 4.5 billion yuan.
Pan Hai Group Lu Zhiqiang not only became the investment partner of Yunfeng fund through Minsheng trust and Minsheng securities, but also directly held 28.34 million shares of ant group through Tonghai Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd., with a value of nearly 5.4 billion yuan.
As a partner of Shanghai Zhongfu, Shanghai Jingyi and Shanghai Qihong, Liu Yonghao holds 27.18 million ant shares through new hope investment group, with a current value of over 1.8 billion yuan.
Another group is Zhejiang merchants. As the president of Zhejiang Merchants Association, Ma Yun also can not be ignored. Guo Guangchang of Fosun Group is the vice president of Zhejiang Merchants Association. He shares in ant group through Debang Xingrui Investment Management Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Debang securities, with a market value of nearly 1.2 billion yuan.
In addition, Ma Yun’s film and television friends. Famous actor Zhao Wei became a partner of Yunfeng fund in the name of her mother Wei Qiying, with a stock market value of 500 million yuan; Wang Zhongjun, Huayi brother, has a stock market value of more than 1.2 billion yuan.
Well known actor nursery has a market value of more than 700 million yuan. Her husband is Chen Yihong, chairman of China trend, and one of the founders of Yunfeng fund. Tang Yue, CEO of Xiaoying technology, has a shareholding value of more than 1.2 billion yuan.
Among the beneficiaries, it is worth noting that Hu Yuanman is the younger sister of Hu Zuliu, who has been independent director of ant group since August 2020.
In response to a query from the Shanghai Stock Exchange, ant group said that Hu Zuliu did not directly hold ant shares, nor did he hold ant shares through any entity under his control, and that entities controlled by his close relatives held no more than 1% of the shares.
Another identity of Hu Zuliu is the founder and chairman of Chunhua capital, which is also a big winner of ant group’s listing. The three funds managed by Chunhua Qiushi (Tianjin) Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd. hold 0.6575% shares of ant group. In addition, Chunhua capital and CCB forest fund partnership (limited partnership) jointly managed by CCB and CCB trust hold ant group.
Through the above-mentioned partnership enterprises, according to the proportion of shares held by Hu Yuanman, there are about 197 million shares of equity held by Hu Yuanman, and the corresponding market value exceeds 13.5 billion yuan.

Many of ant group’s participants are making a lot of money in the biggest IPO in history. If you want to become a shareholder in ant group, you should not have money, but through the invitation system. When the company decided to start financing, it only invited more than 10 target institutions, which were selected based on the criteria of long-term relationship, business collaboration and strategic support. The cloud front system can be close to the water.
In 2014, when Alibaba launched its IPO in the United States, it was announced that Alibaba launched the “family and friend stock” plan before listing. This so-called “family and friend stock” plan allows Alibaba Group employees and other close associates to buy shares at the IPO price before listing, which should have been provided only to professional investors and a small number of retail investors. Relatives and friends shares are a form of realization of the welfare of employees and their relatives and friends, which does not belong to insider trading.
There was no disclosure of the plan for the listing of ant group. However, from the analysis of the ultimate beneficiaries, Ma Yun’s circle of friends has already got a piece of the pie. After the listing, ant group will still provide nearly 1 billion shares for future employee equity incentive. After listing, other people want to buy ant group’s shares, and no longer need to invite them. They just need to buy through the stock account.
Do you think the ant group worth 2 trillion yuan is worth participating in? Welcome to leave your opinion.
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