Huawei mate40 series released in China: Standard Version starts at 4999 yuan and pro model starts at 6499 yuan


Sina digital news on the afternoon of October 30, Huawei held a new product launch conference in Shanghai, and officially launched mate40 series flagship mobile phones, as well as its top mobile chip Kirin 9000, as well as freebugs studio headset, Huawei watch GT 2, and other products designed by Porsche.
Huawei’s annual flagship new product launch ceremony in 2020
At the press conference, Yu Chengdong said that in 2020, Huawei’s full scene Smart Life equipment has exceeded 1 billion, and there are more than 10000 smart experience stores in China.
In 2020, Huawei’s full scene Smart Life equipment has exceeded 1 billion
More than 10000 smart experience stores in China
Huawei has already released these products around the world, and it has always been Huawei’s tradition to hold a press conference for its flagship mobile phones in the Chinese market. At this conference, Huawei announced the price of its new products in the Chinese market:
The price of Huawei mate408 + 128GB is 4999 yuan; 8GB + 256gb 5499 yuan; Huawei mate40 Pro 8 + 128GB 6499 yuan; 8 + 256gb 6999 yuan; 8 + 512gb 7999 yuan; Huawei mate40 PRO + 12 + 256gb 8999 yuan; Huawei mate40 RS Porsche Design 12 + 256gb 11999 yuan; 12 + 512gb 12999 yuan; collection version 13999 yuan.
Let’s review some of the new products:
1、 Three mobile phones and Kirin 9000 chips:
Huawei mate40 series consists of four products: Standard mate40, more powerful mate40 pro, top-level mate40 PRO + and mate40 RS Porsche Design with different designs. The back of the first three mobile phones adopts star ring design, that is, the camera part becomes a ring, and all camera modules are distributed on the ring.
Huawei mate40 series
Huawei mate40 pro and Huawei mate40 Pro+
Continuous 88 degree hypersurface circular screen
Huawei mate40 pro and Huawei mate40 PRO + continue 88 degree hypersurface circular screen, and the screen is nearly right angled to create a left and right borderless effect. On this generation of mate40 Pro mobile phones, Huawei has brought back the physical volume buttons, while retaining the virtual buttons, giving users a variety of choices. The screen size of the two products is 6.76 inches. In the front long strip drilling part, it integrates multiple functions such as ultra wide angle shooting, 3D face unlocking and AI space separation control.
Huawei mate40
Huawei mate40 uses a standard curved screen, which is 6.5 inches in size and retains only one opening. The screen refresh rate of the three mobile phones is 90hz, and the high refresh rate can make the mobile phone display more smoothly when watching videos and games.
New color of Populus euphratica in autumn
New color of Populus euphratica in summer
Ceramic black and ceramic white
Glaze white
Huawei mate40 and Huawei mate40 Pro are available in three glass colors: bright black, glazed white and dark silver, as well as two plain leather versions, yellow and green. Huawei mate40 PRO + has launched two versions of high-strength nano microcrystalline ceramics, namely ceramic black and ceramic white, with a more gentle texture.
The difference is that Huawei mate40 uses Kirin 9000e, while Pro Series uses Kirin 9000 chip. Kirin 9000 SOC is the industry’s first 5g chip with 5nm process technology, which integrates 15.3 billion transistors.
Equipped with Kirin 9000 series chips
The CPU of Kirin 9000 has eight cores, including a 3.13ghz a77 super core, three 2.54ghz a77 cores and four 2.04ghz A55 small cores. The main frequency of large core is slightly higher than 3.1ghz of snapdragon 865 +, which is the highest frequency mobile phone processor at present. At the same time, it integrates 24 core mali-g78 GPU, and its architecture surpasses Kirin 990 mali-g76, with half more cores and 60% performance improvement.
Qilin 9000
In terms of artificial intelligence, Kirin 9000 adopts the Da Vinci 2.0 architecture, integrates two large cores and one micro core NPU, and its performance is improved by 100% compared with that before. There are also four core ISPs.
In contrast, Kirin 9000e has been streamlined in terms of GPU and NPU, with only one macronucleus and one micronucleus in its NPU, and 22 after the GPU core. The chip is used in the mate40 phone, making a distinction between the two Pro products.
5g dual card
In terms of 5g, Qilin 9000 series SOC integrates Baron 5000 baseband, and supports dual carrier aggregation technology under SA network. In the sub-6ghz 5g network, the downlink rate is 4.6gbps, and the uplink rate is 2.5Gbps. In addition, the Kirin 9000 supports 5g dual card. The main card can access the Internet with 5g, while the secondary card can access the Internet at the same time.
In terms of image, the three mobile phones also make a distinction:
Mate40 main lens is 50 megapixel, 1 / 2.8 inch super large sensor; 16 million pixel ultra wide angle lens; 8 million pixel long focus lens with 3 times optical zoom capability; and laser focusing device.
Mate40 and mate40 Pro cameras
The main lens of mate40 Pro is 50 megapixel, 1 / 2.8 inch super large sensor, 20 million pixel movie camera, 12 million pixel periscope type 10 times long focus lens and laser focusing device.
Mate40 PRO + camera

Mate40 PRO +, 50 megapixel main lens, also 1 / 2.8 inch super large sensor; 12 million 3-fold optical zoom lens; 8-megapixel 10-x telephoto lens; TOF components for measuring distance and focusing, etc. The most unique feature of mate40 PRO + is a 20 megapixel curved lens to solve the problem of photo distortion. The phone supports up to 100x digital zoom.
Huawei extends AI from static photography to video shooting
In addition, with the capability of Kirin 9000 series chips, Huawei extends AI from static photography to video shooting. Mate40 series supports XD fusion hardware real-time HDR video, with the support of super quad core ISP, it can shoot 4K quality video, and ensure that the highlight is not exposed, and the dark part has details.
Ring flash self timer
In terms of front end, Huawei mate 40 series has a 13 million pixel super sensing camera, with a wider range of views. The mobile phone can automatically switch to three gears for wide angle shooting when taking lateral self photo and group photo, which can accommodate more people and field of vision. Face distortion correction can improve the self portrait distortion.
Super fast charging
4400 MAH capacity battery
In addition, Huawei mate 40 is equipped with 4200mah capacity battery and 40W wired super fast charging. Huawei mate40 pro and Huawei mate 40 PRO + use 4400 MAH capacity batteries, and support 66W Huawei wired super fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging.
Huawei mate40 series also brings more intelligent life functions. Smart connectivity is upgraded, bringing palace format multi map sharing, delay progress voice information, screen sharing, etc.; smart payment, super perception front camera sensing scan code box, payment code automatically pop up; AI subtitle real-time translation, “raw meat” can easily catch up with drama.
2、 In addition to mobile phones, there are watches
The design of Huawei mate40 RS is different from that of the above three products. Inspired by the dynamic flying line of super racing track, it designs octagonal Star Diamond lens module, which is completely symmetrical with respect to the central axis. The super perception Leica film five shots are decorated with circular array layout. The machine has two colors of black and white, and is made of high-strength nano microcrystalline ceramics. The texture is gentle and delicate, and it is as firm as a rock.
Huawei mate40 RS Porsche Design
Huawei mate40 RS Porsche Design
Huawei mate40 RS Porsche Design
Huawei mate40 RS Porsche Design
Huawei mate40 RS porsche design adopts multi line and plane three-dimensional design on the back. The concave convex and zigzag changes are carved on the ceramic body, and different parts have different texture. In addition, the products released this time include two models, Huawei mate 40 RS and Huawei mate 40 RS, which have been added with infrared temperature measurement function. The mobile phone set also includes a leather smart window protection case and Huawei super fast charging car charger.
At the conference, Huawei also launched watch GT 2 Pro smart watch, which uses sapphire glass mirror, titanium metal body and ceramic back shell. In sports, it supports more than 100 sports types, including golf practice mode, watch can record swing data; professional skiing mode can measure sliding distance and slope, and support voice warning.
Watch GT 2 Pro smart Watch
Watch GT 2 Pro smart Watch
Smart watch 2 Pro Watch
Watch GT 2 Pro smart Watch
In addition, the watch supports 24-hour oxygen saturation testing, providing a full day of health management. Huawei’s mobile phone can also charge the watch GT 2 Pro wirelessly in reverse direction. It is officially claimed that it can be charged for 5 minutes and used for 10 hours. In addition, there is a Huawei watch GT 2 Pro ECG version, which supports ECG detection.
Huawei watch GT 2 Pro Series
In addition to the mate40 RS, Huawei has joined hands with Porsche Design to launch the Huawei watch GT 2. This smart watch is obviously prepared for business people. The sapphire glass mirror is engraved with “porshce design” logo. The integral body and strap of titanium metal are all titanium, and the back is made of precision ceramic material. The overall quality and texture are greatly improved.
Huawei watch GT 2 design
In terms of function, the watch supports 50 meters of water resistance, as well as data recording of more than 100 sports types. In addition, it uses the new Huawei truseen 4.0 + heart rate monitoring technology to wear it all day for comprehensive health monitoring, from heart rate, pressure, sleep to oxygen saturation. What’s more, Huawei watch GT 2 is designed to support all-weather automatic blood oxygen saturation monitoring, which is the hottest feature of smart watches at present.
3、 Huawei’s first headset freebugs studio
Previously, Huawei released the freebudd Pro wireless headset, and its selling point is the active noise reduction capability. This time, Huawei’s freebugs studio headset also has an intelligent dynamic noise reduction system, which can identify and judge changes in the external sound field environment, and automatically switch between three highly adaptive noise reduction modes: light, balanced and deep.
Huawei’s first headset freebugs studio
According to Huawei, freebugs studio headphones adopt “tat” double-layer sound insulation structure and double-layer protein leather sound-absorbing ear pad, which can achieve 40 dB physical sound insulation effect at medium and high frequencies, which is passive noise reduction. In terms of active noise reduction, the left and right earphones of freebugs studio are equipped with two microphones to pick up the noise inside and outside the ear respectively, and generate opposite signals to achieve active noise reduction.

In addition, Huawei’s freebugs studio headphones are also equipped with dual transparent transmission mode, which can retain clearer surrounding voice in the voice through mode. The new 6-microphone call array provides a guarantee for high-definition calls. Through the “dual beam fusion noise reduction” directional pickup and enhancement of human voice, the call quality is guaranteed in noisy environment.
In terms of sound quality, Huawei freebus studio headphones use hifi class acoustic devices, and four layers of 40mm composite diaphragm make the frequency response range of the sound generation unit wider and more sensitive, and can cover the high frequency wide sound range of 4hz-48khz. Its built-in hifi level audio decoding chip can reduce the distortion and bottom noise in the audio signal. In addition, Huawei’s self-developed l2hc wireless audio coding and decoding technology is used with Huawei mate 40 or Huawei P40 series mobile phones with emui 11 and above versions. According to Huawei laboratory data, the maximum audio transmission rate is 960kbps.
Huawei’s first headset freebugs studio
In addition, with the support of four channel dual mode dual connection technology, Huawei freebus studio headset can be dual connected with smart devices between Android, IOS and windows systems.
The headset comes in two colors, morning gold and obsidian black. All its control is concentrated on the sensing panel of the right earmuff. It can adjust the volume up and down, and slide left and right to switch songs; tap to answer / end the call, or play / pause songs; and long press for 2 seconds is to refuse to answer the call or activate the voice assistant.
Huawei’s first headset freebugs studio
Huawei’s first headset freebugs studio
According to Huawei laboratory data, freebuses studio can play music for 24 hours with noise reduction turned off after 60 minutes of full charge, and 8 hours with 10 minutes of charging.
4、 Other intelligent peripheral products
In this conference, Huawei also launched Huawei m-pen 2, which supports 4096 pressure sensing and lateral front writing, with a range of 40 days and a continuous writing time of 10 hours.
In addition, Huawei and tivare have joined hands again to launch Huawei sound, a smart speaker product. The full frequency hifi home speaker jointly designed by divaret adopts the acoustic structure design of tivare four speakers. It is composed of a 4-inch bass speaker and three full frequency speaker units. All the four speakers are adjusted by tivare. In addition, it is equipped with two push push push symmetrical passive units, so that the sound pressure level can reach 90dB. Three full frequency horn units are evenly distributed in the lower half of Huawei sound to create 360 degree surround sound effect.
Divaret speaker
Divaret speaker
Huawei sound not only supports Bluetooth 5.0 and dual band Wi Fi wireless connection, but also supports 3.5mm wired audio cable connection, and continues Huawei’s one touch voice transmission function.
Next, Huawei announced some progress of Huawei hicar. Currently, Huawei hicar cooperates with more than 20 car factories and more than 150 models, supporting more than 30 applications. With Huawei hicar, smart phones can quickly connect with cars, giving the computing power of smartphones to cars. In addition, Huawei announced that vehicles supporting Huawei hicar will soon be released on the smart screen, so that old cars can also use Huawei services.
Huawei mate40 Pro price
Huawei mate40 price
Huawei mate40 PRO + price
Huawei mate40 RS Porsche Design Price
Price of Huawei mate40 RS Porsche Design Collection
Huawei mate30e Pro 5g price
Huawei mate40 series has always been the protagonist of today’s conference, but in addition to mobile phones, Huawei also launched many smart ecological accessories. The combination of these ecological accessories and Huawei mobile phones can produce the effect of 1 + 1 greater than 2. After experiencing a series of twists and turns, Huawei has accelerated the pace of 1 + 8 + n strategy and gradually built its own ecological fence around smart phones. For consumers, when they have a certain brand of smart phones, they are naturally more willing to use their supporting peripheral or smart devices. When you have a complete set of smart devices, it will cost you a lot to jump from one brand to another. Huawei is well aware of the truth. In the future, mobile phones will be the core of smart life, and Huawei’s services will cover people’s lives. Let’s just say, wait and see.