Byte beat, how to do education?


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By Qi Jielun
Source: haikecaijing
This time, can great efforts work wonders?
On the afternoon of October 29, 2020, Chen Lin, senior vice president and former head of education business, has a new official status: CEO of vigorously education.
People in the industry can see at a glance that the “great effort” here comes from an important entrepreneurial methodology that Zhang Yiming duo, founder of byte beat, once mentioned to the outside world – “energetically makes a miracle”.
Vigorous education, easy to remember, energetic, symbolizes a great future, can be said to be rough and beautiful, but such a name with distinctive tagging features, in fact, comes from Chen Lin’s own contribution. It is said that he didn’t think about it, and the name came out of his mind.
Chen Lin told Haike finance and economics that the launch of vigorous education does not involve the adjustment of organizational structure, it is just a new name.
As a brand new independent brand, vigorously education will continue to undertake all the education related products and businesses under bytecomb, including a high-profile hardware product launched by vigorously education official on the same day, namely, Dali intelligent work light.
Yang Luyu, head of Dali intelligent team, told Haike finance that he often told the team that he wanted to build a huge online classroom with desks distributed in each user’s home.
Energetically intelligent work lamp first draws on the inspiration of shadowless lamp in operating room, and uses the design of double wing lamp cap to solve the problem of shadow under the lamp when children write. On the surface, it is only a high standard eye protection lamp, but it is also equipped with AI camera. With the help of AI and related technologies, it can realize intelligent fingertip word search, intelligent English follow-up, intelligent calculation problem explanation, etc. it has multiple functions such as homework guidance, homework inspection, sitting posture monitoring, voice interaction, video call and so on. In fact, it is an intelligent learning assistant in the family scene.
If we must apply the gene theory of Internet companies, then byte skipping really has no educational gene; if we talk about the practical experience of educational track further, it will be only one year and three months for byte skipping to launch the education version in strict sense since July 2019. The catch up from behind the tiktok education business is a miracle. If we can reshape the education industry like the brink of its brother products and sweep the short video industry, we must say that this is a miracle.
This, of course, is why byte hopping sets education as a new business direction and continues to add code. In short, byte beating to do education vigorously is not a follow-up action, but after confirming the great social and commercial value of education, it is determined that with its advantages in technology, products, flow and other aspects and continuous innovation, it can bring breakthrough changes to the industry.
In his speech entitled “great education and great responsibility” delivered on October 29, Chen Lin said that what great education should do is “big education”. The so-called “big education” refers to the establishment of a complete education ecosystem and continuous optimization. He believes that big education is an education that keeps pace with the times and focuses on the growth of “people” It should not only be satisfied with teaching knowledge, but also should have a new way and cognition to cultivate people and pay attention to their overall quality.
In Chen Lin’s view, the education industry has a great responsibility and can’t be opportunistic. He hopes to invest in education for a long time without seeking short-term returns. He will not blindly pursue those beautiful data, but really polish it as a career.
Multi product development
The direction of education is expected by byte jump, which can be seen from the comprehensive attack on the product side.
It can be seen that at present, vigorously education has a rich product matrix involving a variety of subjects and courses. These products can provide professional and high-quality education services to users of different ages such as pre-K, K12 and adults. Gogokid, guaguagualong and Qingbei online school are among the educational brands that have formed greater market appeal.
In terms of the birth background of products, the products of vigorously education can be roughly divided into three categories: independent development, wholly-owned acquisition and investment cooperation.
The educational products independently developed by bytecomb include gogokid, opening English, guaguagualong English, etc. in English discipline, guaguagualong thought and you have taken a photo with you in mathematics discipline, and Qingbei online school in K12 track.
In terms of to B, there are Jike big data, Xiaoyang education and the original Bajun b-end business AI.
In terms of hardware, in addition to the vigorous intelligent work lights that have been launched, more innovative hardware products will appear in the future. According to Yang Luyu, in the first half of 2021, there will be a very innovative educational intelligent hardware product to meet the public.
The first mock exam is the online teaching of one byte to one, two teacher’s classes, AI classes, etc. the GOGOKID is a one to one mode of online teaching in North America, similar to VIPKID. Qingbei online school, which mainly teaches by famous teachers of Tsinghua University and Peking University, adopts the double teacher large class mode, that is, one teacher is responsible for classroom live teaching, and the other tutor is responsible for the connection between students and their parents before and after class, including answering questions and correcting homework, which is similar to the current homework group, who to learn from, Netease Youdao boutique course, etc.; guaguagualong series of enlightenment products, including guaguaguagualongying Language, guaguagualong thinking, guaguagualong language, all adopt the mode of AI class, which is close to zebra AI of ape guidance.

The first mock exam mode is better for children than the other. However, it has a “scale economy” problem. In other words, its marginal cost does not decrease with the expansion of user scale. This is a challenge for the platform side, and this is the common pressure of VIPKID and GOGOKID. But it is clear that byte hopping is still pushing in this direction and has never given up. Now, looking at the whole industry, the mode of double normal university class and AI class has gradually become the mainstream.
In July 2020, Chen Lin mentioned in his speech that byte skipping will try to link gogokid with guaguagualong, mix live and record broadcasting products, or transform users from recording and broadcasting to live broadcasting classes, which have great opportunities.
Three months later, Chen Lin talked about business collaboration again. He said that in fact, every business has great value. Whether or not to connect the business is more from the needs of users, which is a icing on the cake. The focus is to make the user experience better and make the students’ growth more systematic.
At the same time, the competition for high-quality teacher resources is constantly upgrading.
In May 2020, in order to attract first-class teachers to join in, Qingbei online school offered a preferential treatment of “annual salary of 2 million, no ceiling”. Once the recruitment notice was launched, it quickly triggered hot discussions.
Chen Lin forwarded the recruitment notice, and said that a good teacher can bring students not only knowledge, but also a good way of thinking, correct outlook on life and values. Qingbei online school continues to recruit primary and secondary school teachers, and the salary is not a problem, because the value created by enough excellent teachers must be greater than the reward given by the platform.
Strategy is decisive
Zhang Yiming sent a letter to all staff on March 12, 2020, the 8th anniversary of byte skipping. In his letter, in addition to announcing an organizational upgrade, he also mentioned that he would spare energy from the daily operation of the company, focusing on three things: To study how to better improve the management of super large global organizations; to study how technology companies can create more social value; and to think and plan new strategic directions such as education.
Zhang Yiming established education as a new business direction of the company’s cross-border attempt. He mentioned that he visited Mr. Yu Yong of ACM class of Shanghai Jiaotong University for a period of time in 2016. The success rate of ACM class in Shanghai Jiaotong University and his research on Minerva project made him realize directly how key education is to stimulate people’s potential, and education itself has great potential. He said that he was not anxious and patient with the education business related to byte beating, which is still very early, and there must be more fundamental innovation, of course, on the premise of a deeper understanding.
This set the tone for the development of byte beating education business.
Chen Lin said in a sharing for all members of byte hop education team on July 22, 2020 that the biggest advantage of byte skipping in education is not flow, product and technology, but strategic determination and organizational culture; in the next three years, education business will continue to invest heavily, regardless of profit. At the same time, he said that the mission of byte beating education is to “innovate education and achieve everyone”.
On October 29, Chen Lin was asked again about the profitability of the education business. He said that three years of non-profit is an expression of determination. Byte leaping education business is likely to be unprofitable for a longer time, because it is difficult for educational products to come out in the short term, including product polishing or cognition, it takes longer time. As for the reason why the previous discussion was that it was not profitable for three years, his answer was that the internal BP of the company was 3-year BP.
More importantly, vigorous education is a wholly-owned subsidiary of byte jump. Its strategic support, especially the mobilization and supply of capital, technology, flow and other resources, can help vigorously education at any time. There is no risk of action change for the business team in the front line.
The organizational culture of byte skipping can also provide the underlying support for the development of vigorous education. For example, byte skipping pursues talent density and internal information flow, and pursues context not control; for example, it encourages different functional lines to collide, cross-border, and collaborate to generate innovation in a larger range; for example, it adheres to user orientation and is not self interested.
Chen Lin was once the CEO of today’s headlines. He has a set of strategies that can be reused to vigorously educate on how to realize the development and mining of a new business. Moreover, Chen Lin’s uncle and mother are both teachers. He has been influenced by his childhood and formed a profound understanding of education that is different from many people. Moreover, his admission to Peking University from Hunan rural areas is a typical example of education changing fate. He knows the extreme importance of education, and has always had profound insight into how to do education well.
Team willpower and combat effectiveness is also an important link. Chen Lin used the word “all in” when he talked about pushing off other businesses on hand and focusing on education in July 2019. This is a word that is close to breaking the ship and achieving the mission.
Or create new possibilities
Judging from the trend, there is still a broad space for development of the domestic education industry.
According to the “Research Report on China’s online education industry in post epidemic era” by market research organization AI media consulting, it is estimated that the scale of China’s online education market will reach 485.8 billion yuan in 2020; due to the special impact of the epidemic, the public online education consumption will further accelerate, and the online education market will usher in a key development node; under the background of the continuous cultivation of user habits, it is expected to reach 2021 By the end of the year, China’s online Youth English market penetration will reach 37% and 51% in 2022.
Here we need to talk about the boundary of byte leaping business expansion, that is to say, why should it do education and establish education as one of the important strategic directions in the future?

At the end of 2016, Zhang Yiming mentioned this in CCTV’s dialogue program and in an exclusive interview with Caijing magazine. He said that in terms of business expansion, byte skipping should try not to do what others have done well. If you can’t do better than others, you should not do it, unless it is a key point of business defense.
Take this sentence and put it in the education industry, so it can be understood that there are still some opportunities for innovation in the field of education.
This is a difficult and correct thing. Once barriers are made based on enough innovative models, the value is huge. This is consistent with Zhang Yiming’s concept of “delayed satisfaction”. Zhang Lei, founder of Hillard capital, who holds a long-term position, once praised Zhang Yiming’s “sense of delayed satisfaction” in his book value. Based on this, he commented that “we can’t imagine bytes jumping the boundary of this company”.
According to the current situation of domestic education track, there are still many problems to be solved.
Chen Lin once shared his observations in this respect: for example, at the social level, high-quality education resources are still unevenly distributed. Some rural children do not even have desks. Students have to go a long way to school, and there is no guidance. All of them rely on self-study. For example, at the school level, teachers often fall into a lot of repetitive mechanical work, and their time and energy are often occupied by trivial matters, so it is difficult to make more progress More attention is paid to teaching students; for example, at the family level, many parents lack the tools or even knowledge to help their children.
At present, many of these problems can be solved through technical means. And the opportunity of byte beating education may lie in these unsolved problems and obstacles.
“We are climbing a very high mountain. I believe there will be some tips for climbing, but there is no shortcut. I don’t know how long it will take. But when we climb up, there will be the best view on the top of the mountain. ” Chen Lin said.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)