Weima explosion accident insiders: cause or in the battery related batch of vehicles have been recalled


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Source: Science and technology innovation board daily
“Science and technology innovation board daily” on the 28th, the network said that a Weima electric vehicle in the North Fourth Ring Road Mechanics Institute of Haidian District in Beijing had a fire and explosion accident last night. In response to its blog today, Weima Automobile Co., Ltd. is fully cooperating with the public security, fire control and relevant regulatory authorities in the investigation of the accident. The reporter of the science and technology innovation board daily verified with Beijing Weima service home today that the other party said that “measures have been taken for the vehicles involved in the first time, and invited to enter the store for testing”; another person from Weima sales system disclosed to the reporter that the vehicle involved was a taxi that had just been put in, “it should be the reason for the battery”, the relevant batch of vehicles “have been recalled, and Hangzhou also has several cars to be used.” To replace the battery “. (reporter Deng Hao)