Lenovo released its first self-developed industrial robot, which can realize self spraying


On October 28, at the 2020 Lenovo innovation and technology conference, Lenovo released its first self-developed industrial robot, named Morningstar industrial robot. Morningstar industrial robot, supported by edge computing power and intelligence, enables workers to accurately carry out remote painting work through robots.
According to Rui Yong, senior vice president and CTO of Lenovo Group, the robot will scan and perceive the entire workshop space, and the data will be built and rendered in real time on the virtual machine on the edge side, and the data will be navigated and positioned through containerized slam technology and moved to the designated spray booth. The robot’s binocular stereo camera collects the workpieces and the surrounding conditions of the operating platform to the edge server in real time. The edge server then pushes the 3D video stream to the AR glasses in real time. The robot is controlled by AR glasses and handle to spray paint synchronously, which is equivalent to visiting the scene. In this way, after a natural teaching operation, the painting ability of the parts is saved on the edge side, and then for the parts of the same specification, the robot can realize self spraying.
In addition, the robot can automatically detect the spraying quality based on computer vision.