Li zaireng faces the risk of imprisonment and is unable to succeed the chairman of Samsung Electronics in the near future


Jay y. Lee, vice president of Samsung Electronics
It is reported that Jay y. Lee, vice president of Samsung Electronics, may not be able to succeed his father, Lee Kun hee, as president of Samsung Electronics in the near future due to the potential prison sentence.
Li Zai Rong is the logical successor of SamSung group. For decades, he has been trained in this direction. The SamSung group was founded by Li zaireng’s grandfather, who became a technology giant by his father. However, although Li Jianxi passed away on Sunday, his only son, Li zaireng, may have to wait for some time before he can succeed.
At present, Li Zai Rong is facing two legal proceedings, accused of using bribery and accounting fraud to seek a smooth succession. Although Li Zairong has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, he will face the possibility of returning to prison if he is found guilty.
Analysts said Samsung may postpone the appointment of Li zaireng as chairman of Samsung Electronics as his father’s successor. At least wait until the end of the first trial in the next few months to avoid the new president facing prison as soon as he takes office.
That means Samsung will operate for months without a chairman. For many companies, the lack of clear leadership can affect company performance. Of course, Samsung Electronics also has some other respectable executives, and Li has the title of vice president. He believes that he can make more extensive strategic decisions as needed.
Lee sang Hun, an analyst at hi Investment & securities, an investment firm, said: “I think Li is expected to be promoted to President early next year. Of course, it may also wait until the bribery case is closed. ”
Samsung declined to comment. So far, Samsung has not said who will take over as president of Samsung Electronics and when.
Analysts said Li’s two legal cases could be delayed for several years. A retrial of bribery and corruption charges will begin this year and a decision is likely to be made early next year. The new case of suspected accounting misconduct will be heard again in January, which may take several months.
For this reason, Chang sea Jin, a professor at the Business School of the National University of Singapore, believes that Li should take over the presidency now.