IPhone 12 has problems running the UK epidemic contact tracking software


According to reports, some iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro users said they had error messages when trying to use the NHS covid-19 app.
Apple’s new device, which was officially launched on Friday, actually runs contact tracking software in England and Wales.
However, if the application is transferred from an older iPhone via icloud backup data, there is a problem, and this problem is very common.
After a problem occurs, the user can easily solve the problem by changing the phone settings. Users need to:
1. Select notification list
2. Then click on the exposure notice
3. Then turn on the allow notification option
The first time the app is installed, the app asks the user for permission. However, if it is recovered from the cloud, after the transmission is completed, the application will not ask for permission from the user, and the application will not be able to enable the pairing function based on Bluetooth, which will lead to the failure of normal use. Asking if users are granted permission, Apple has designed this feature to better protect their privacy.
Even more puzzling to users, when asked, the app’s official twitter account responded that the iPhone 12 was not a compatible device.
Some users solve this problem by deleting the app and downloading it from the app store again. After re downloading and installing, the app will ask the user for permission. However, re installing the app will cause all previously stored data to be emptied, including where the user has been before.
So far, about 18 million people have installed the covid-19 exposure tracking software released by NHS. In addition to contact tracking, it can also be used to record which restaurants and other leisure facilities users have visited, check symptoms and order new coronavirus detection reagents.
Last week, it was reported that Huawei is also working with NHS test and trace officials to ensure that its latest devices can run the app.