Speaking at the Bund financial summit, Ma Yun called on China to build a healthier financial system


On October 24, Ma Yun attended the Bund financial summit held in Shanghai. Ma Yun said at the meeting that the world is looking forward to a new financial system that truly considers the future and calls on contemporary people to establish a healthier financial system.
Unlike Europe, where the financial system has been operating for decades, Ma said, China is not a financial systemic risk, but a risk of a lack of a healthy financial system. He said that only when experts and scholars are combined, and only when theory and practice are combined can we truly innovate and solve the problems of today and tomorrow.
This is the second time that the Shanghai Bund financial summit has been held seven years later. The summit has always adhered to the “unofficial” positioning and invited global financial and political leaders to promote consensus with an open attitude. At the first Bund summit, Ma Yun said bluntly that China’s finance should serve 80% of those who have never been served, rather than make money for themselves.