Please stop thanking Tesla for your attention


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By Hao Daxing
Source: Planet Business Review (ID: xqnews)
In the winter of 1672, the 18-year-old Emperor Kangxi held his breath in the Forbidden City and watched the new “car” made by Belgian missionary Nan Huairen.
This 60 centimeter long car, driven by steam, is a real car. At that time, Watt’s grandfather was not yet born, so-called car inventor Karl Benz would have to wait 200 years for his appearance.
At 7 o’clock yesterday morning, a red Tesla Model 3 suddenly lost control in the street of Beijing, turned right from the lane and directly hit the bus stop of TE2.
Beijing “special” starts with double decker buses. Because Chang’an Street can’t run double decker buses, special No.1 bus is in name. The big brother with special prefix is now special No.2 bus.
After a loud noise, four groups of guardrails were hit and fly, and a bus guide was also knocked down, with multiple comminuted fractures of the leg.
The Chongwen gate, where the incident happened, was not too far away from the former site of the Belgian Embassy in nanhuairen’s hometown.
After the accident, Tesla driver’s husband, Mr. Wang, posted a video of the incident on his micro blog. He said that his wife’s brain was blank at that time. He did not remember whether he was driving with automatic assistance and whether he had stepped on the brake at that time. However, one thing is very certain
The steering wheel is heavy and I can’t feel it turning.
In addition to the problem of steering wheel, he also raised another doubtful point. Tesla will automatically start emergency braking when there is an obstacle or impact in front of Tesla. Why does it fail?
That night, Mr. Wang announced his communication with Tesla service center. He said Tesla confirmed that the driver was not using autopilot and acknowledged that the emergency brake was not activated, but that the driver stepped on the brake. It was also said that the steering wheel of the vehicle involved:
The signal is normal.
Interestingly, Tesla didn’t explain to the owner why the steering wheel didn’t turn.
Today, the @ Tesla customer support account released the progress of the investigation. Big star took a look at it. They only endorsed the saying that the car owner did not use automatic assisted driving. They didn’t say anything else. They even said that they didn’t find any fault with the steering system.
After that, the reply jumps directly to:
Thank you for your attention.
There were 139 words in this reply, and half of them didn’t mention their responsibility.
After Tesla replied, Mr. Wang tweeted again. He affirmed the enthusiasm of Tesla employees and the company’s open and transparent attitude. He and his wife are engaged in aviation engineering work, to put it bluntly is to deal with aircraft. Tesla gave them the data because they could read it, he said on his microblog.
In his data interpretation, within a few seconds, the steering wheel was 8 ° to the right for 6 seconds, then turned to 3 ° to the right, and then suddenly left more than 40 ° to the left.
He also took the initiative to explain to Tesla that some parts of the aircraft sometimes have intermittent faults, and it is normal to detect them afterwards. In a post tweet, he said Tesla is a great car:
Drivers need to improve their ability to deal with emergencies.
Everybody, where can I find such a good car owner! Other electric car brand accident can be pulled banner, carry the family to find the manufacturer to make trouble.
On September 5, a Tesla runaway collision occurred in Nanchong, Sichuan Province. Two people were killed and six others were injured. Big star remembers that Tesla promised to cooperate with the police to investigate the cause.
As vehicle owners and engineering professionals, Mr. Wang and Mr. Wang can communicate until Tesla intervenes in investigation, maintenance and insurance.
But as a car factory, Tesla is finished by saying “thank you for your attention”? At least give the special 2 platform guardrail brothers a statement.
Fortunately, at the time of the incident, a special No. 2 bus had just left the station, and no one was on the platform except the guide. I don’t know if the next Tesla with “no fault” will be so lucky.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)