NDRC’s response to the unfinished chip project: a prevention mechanism will be established in some localities blindly going to the project


The country of origin is a through train
Reporter Zhou Rui
In response to questions from reporters of China news agency that China is a through train, Meng Wei, a spokesman for the national development and Reform Commission, said that the enthusiasm for domestic investment in the integrated circuit industry is constantly rising. Some enterprises with no experience, no technology and no talents have also joined in. Some localities blindly embark on projects, and the risks of low-level repeated construction appear.
The development and Reform Commission will maintain the order of industrial development from four aspects: first, strengthen the planning and layout, standardize the development order; second, improve the policy system and optimize the development environment; third, establish a preventive mechanism to sort out early, discover early, feed back and deal with early. Fourth, we should guide local governments to strengthen risk awareness and hold accountable those who cause major losses and risks.