Luo Yonghao and Zhou Hongyi talk with Taiwan for the first time on how to solve the trouble of frequent search


On the spot of 2020 super red people’s day-v influence summit, under the chairmanship of Zhang Peng (microblog: @ Zhang Peng), founder of geek Park, Luo Yonghao (microblog: @ Luo Yonghao) and Zhou Hongyi (microblog: @ Zhou Hongyi), two online celebrities famous for “meeting people”, had the first dialogue with Taiwan. It talks about how to treat the identity of online celebrities and the views on microblog platform.
Luo Yonghao, who is frequently searched, also has troubles. Zhou Hongyi’s advice
From New Oriental to Niubo, from hammer mobile phone to today’s live delivery, Luo Yonghao has always been a hot spot on the Internet, and microblog hot search continues.
He claimed to be the “Yuan master level” online celebrities, and in 2005 he was listed with sister Furong and others on the annual Top 10 Internet Celebrities. But recalling the scene of that year, Luo Yonghao’s feeling is very angry.
That year, Luo Yonghao was also an English teacher in New Oriental. “I feel that I am a teacher of the people and a dignified and decent job. All of a sudden, I was named the top ten Internet Celebrities of the year, and nine of them were listed in parallel. Generally speaking, they were regarded as ghosts and monsters. Only I, the people’s teacher, put it there
Although they think that they are defined by the outside world, but the identity of online celebrities has been accompanied up to now. The identity of online celebrities also laid the foundation for Luo Yonghao to enter the live broadcasting industry with goods. With the attribute of his own traffic, he sold more than 100 million yuan in the first live broadcast with goods, and became one of the top anchors.
In fact, micro blog is not only the main public opinion field of Luo Yonghao’s external voice, but also his every move attracts the attention of microblog netizens.
Before joining the live broadcast with goods, the microblog is an important propaganda position for Luo Yonghao. The netizens have a heated discussion under the relevant microblogs. Among them, Luo Yonghao has read nearly 1.2 billion topics, and Luo Yonghao has returned 400 million and read more than 500 million microblog topics.
Zhou Hongyi, who focuses on safety, is also a popular microblog in the field of science and technology. As early as the 2015 World Internet Conference, he and Lei Jun’s picture of the venue that was captured were widely circulated on the microblog, and even gave rise to such a topic – “help Lei Jun Zhou Hongyi to match dialogue”, which triggered the second creation of netizens. Zhou Hongyi’s old business, Zhou Hongyi said that some software would secretly open the camera and read more than 300 million.
However, every popular microblog may face a problem: both loyal fans who like themselves and black powder who “pick mistakes” everywhere. Asked by Zhang Peng how to deal with the comments of microblog netizens with mixed reviews, Luo Yonghao said frankly that it is difficult to stay calm. He used a microblog setting that only fans who have followed for more than three months can comment on it. “After using this, 99% of the keyboard man attacks have basically disappeared. Occasionally, one sees it and then pulls the black. I have already hacked 120000 people.”
Compared with Buddhism, Zhou Hongyi said that it was better to be objective than angry. He also advised Luo Yonghao: don’t care too much about the evaluation of the outside world, and make yourself stronger. “There will always be people who disagree with you, and you can’t use other people’s evaluation criteria to dominate your life. People who are really confident will not care about other people’s gossip. ” He said.
Zhou Hongyi even launched a campaign for Weibo, saying that maybe Weibo can develop more functions based on this in the future, which will win new users and more business opportunities for Weibo.
Support and opening up, build multi ecology of micro blog
In addition to the dialogue between Luo Yonghao, Zhou Hongyi and Zhang Peng in the field of science and technology, the super celebrities who participated in the V influence summit also covered 48 different fields such as beauty, medicine, entertainment and games. Among the 53 celebrities, @ Weiya viyaaa, @ Li Ziqi, @ zuojiejia and other famous celebrities made wonderful appearances.
Cao Zenghui, senior vice president of microblog, revealed in the V opening session that in the past year, with the promotion of relevant policies such as “V creation center”, “V light plan”, vertical field content support and MCN support, high-quality content creators have been given more incentives, and the scale of head users has continued to grow.
Media upgrading is the common theme of this year’s content platform. From 140 word pictures and texts to long microblogs, articles and videos, microblogs have been upgrading user experience with continuous product iteration and function updating, providing more smooth expression paths and Realization Channels for creators.
In July this year, Weibo officially launched the “video number plan”. As of August, more than 500000 video accounts have been opened, including more than 5000 million fans, and 1100 more in two months.
Diversified content carriers are also the premise for microblog ecology to move towards a more prosperous state. When hot topics meet with enough rich expressions, “discover new things anytime and anywhere” is not just a slogan, but a reality with the participation of hundreds of millions of microblog users. Luo Yonghao is one of the big V’s which open the video number, and the highest broadcast volume of its video content reaches nearly 10 million. The form of video number is also naturally related to Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast with goods, which has become an auxiliary means for his promotion and preheating of live broadcast with goods. Meanwhile, compared with pictures and texts, it also opens up more possibilities for commercialization.
In fact, in addition to fan operation and traffic support, micro blog is also further increasing the realization measures based on social resources. Cao Zenghui said that microblog will greatly improve the advertising sharing ability of the platform in the next three years, increasing the sharing and subsidy amount from blog posts and videos. It is estimated that the annual share amount of microblog for content creators will reach 1 billion by 2023.
With the improvement of microblog ecology, a large number of authors are active on the platform to continuously create high-quality content for netizens and fans. High quality authors get more incentives on microblogs, and the number of top authors continues to grow. As of August, the number of microblog head authors has exceeded 1 million, including nearly 80000 large V users, further consolidating the positioning of microblog as the first platform for incubation.
Hosted by microblog, the super red man festival is the annual top industry event in the field of red men in China. It is also a vane for the economic development of red men. It is known as the “Oscar of the red people”. For the first time this year, Weibo has translated offline activities online, strengthening netizens’ sense of online participation and interactivity. As the core of super red Festival, the V summit will make complaints about V, V collision, V power, V Tucao and the 5 main themes of the story behind the scenes, 36 dialogues and speeches, and 53 super red men appearing in succession to talk about the development of the industry.