Dialogue with Cheng Wu: where will Tencent pictures, Xinli and Yuewen film and television go?


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Wen / young Yu Qian Dao Dao
Source: Entertainment Capital
“We have a very good IP address in Danbo publishing house, which is called” Yu son-in-law. ” Actor Guo Qilin said solemnly. A lot of audience will smile – isn’t this the stem in “Celebrating the years”?
On October 19, Tencent pictures, Xinli media and Yuewen film and television held a joint press conference in Shanghai. Near 5 p.m., the second season of the most important project of this conference, “Celebrating more than one year”, officially appeared. Guo Qilin, who is famous for his role in fan Sizhe in “Qing Nian Nian Nian”, comes to the scene and mentions the tan Po Bookstore he and fan Xian opened in Qing Nian Nian. “Yu son-in-law” is another screenplay that he just finished.
Song Yi and Guo Qilin, who played sister and brother in Qing Nian Nian, cooperated again in Yu son-in-law. Judging from the trailer, the painting style and rhythm of this work are similar to those of “Qingnian Nian”. Ning Yi, the protagonist, is like fan Sizhe who has passed through from “Qingnian Nian” and is also a business genius. Obviously, this is the cooperation of the three companies after the success of “Qingnian Nian”.
“This is not a simple press conference of three companies, nor is it just a press conference for the film and television field in isolation, but an ecosystem constructed by the entire IP.” Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent group, CEO of Yuewen group, CEO of Tencent pictures and chairman of Tencent animation, told entertainment capital (ID: yulizibenlun), “when the industry develops to this stage, we hope to take IP as the core and unite everyone to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses on the premise of doing a good job in the vertical fields of the industrial chain.”
In 2011, Cheng Wu first proposed the core concept of linking entertainment industry with IP, and then to the second stage, Tencent pictures, Xinli and Yuewen all established the content ecological modularization ability with IP as the core. Cheng Wu believes that in the third stage, Tencent and reading should really integrate and link them together.
What is the signal behind the 56 projects?
Different from previous years, this year’s press conference launched four joint projects – “1921”, “the world”, “the second season of celebrating more than a year” and “Fu son-in-law”.
Obviously, Tencent and Yuewen want to create more “Qingnian Nian”.
Can Qingnian, which is adapted from Yuewen IP and developed by Tencent pictures and jointly undertaken by Xinli media and Yuewen group, be copied? The first mock exam of this model is the second quarter of “celebration of the year”, the 100th anniversary party of the party, 1921, and the son-in-law.
According to Cheng Wu’s plan, after integration, the three companies will have a more clear and clear positioning and become the “troika” for Tencent and Yuewen to deeply layout the film and television business and strengthen the coupling of digital content business.
Among them, Xinli mainly focuses on self-made content of films and TV dramas, positioning itself as top-quality products to create more blockbusters; Tencent film mainly focuses on controlling and investing, supplemented by self-made, pays equal attention to TV series and movies, and cooperates with different excellent creative teams in the industry; Yuewen film and television is upgraded from the original reading film industry, and is more based on the rich online resources of reading articles, through focusing and external cooperation As a partner of joint development, to more systematically promote the network of IP film and television, but also more involved in external key works.
Taking the realistic drama “the world” as an example, this drama adapted from the works of writer Liang Xiaosheng was developed by Tencent pictures and produced together with Xinli media. It tells the epic story of a group of civilian children changing their fate through reading from the early 1970s to today after the reform and opening up.
“There will be more projects to be built by three or two companies in the future.” Cheng Wu told entertainment capital (ID: yulezibenlun) that Tencent pictures had obtained all the film and television copyright of the novel at the early stage of its publication. After that, Tencent pictures found Li Lu, director of “the name of the people” and Wang Hailing, the screenwriter of “Chinese Style Divorce”, and invited Xinli’s team to make creative checks. “No team has unlimited bandwidth and all the capabilities.”.
In addition to holding high the banner of realism, “main melody” is also the main direction of the three joint development projects after integration. For example, the film 1921, which was launched by the Propaganda Department of the Shanghai municipal Party committee and directed by Huang Jianxin, tells the story of the first batch of Communists saving the nation from subjugation and leading the revolution. The main investor and the controller are Tencent pictures, and the film and television reading also participated in the production.
In addition to 1921, “our Southwest Associated University” and “stone blossom” in the film list are also the main melody projects initiated by the competent authorities. The former reproduces the Southwest Associated University during the Anti Japanese War, while the latter is a time report drama about the story of poverty alleviation.
After several years of development, this “government led + head film and television company production” mode has become the norm.
The companies that have the ability to obtain such key theme projects either have been deeply involved in the film and television industry for decades and have rich experience, such as bona film; or they have produced blockbuster theme works with works endorsement, such as Beijing culture. As an internet film company, it is not easy for Tencent to develop 1921.
The other two joint development projects, the second quarter of Qingnian and the second quarter of Fu son-in-law, are more typical. In Cheng Wu’s words, it is “using both the reading IP, Tencent’s master control and planning capabilities, and Xinli’s production capabilities.”. At the scene of the press conference, Cheng Wu joked that his mother, who is in her 70s, often urges the second season of “Qingnian Nian”.
Of course, not all projects are driven by the troika.
“There are so many excellent works in Yuewen, we can’t develop them by our own internal Troika. Only by cooperating with the industry can we form a new model with Chinese characteristics and similar to the ACG Copyright Committee cooperation mode or Disney mode in Japan.” Cheng Wu said.

From this joint conference, it can be seen that the film and television companies cooperating with the “troika” are all over the industry. Among them, there are creative companies established by directors, such as HuangJianXin’s three dimensional film industry, Li Lu’s Hongdao film industry, and video website. The conference was held for more than half. When the vice president of iqiyi and the general manager of the self-made drama development center appeared in the release of “Little Red Lady Tu Shan”, Xie Ying, general manager of Youku Drama Center, introduced the live man under one person to change the drama, many media reporters sent friends circle – the partners of Tencent film industry all over the world?
What’s more surprising is that the film version of “under one person” is actually wuershan as the general director, and the series of films is composed of three films. It hopes to integrate traditional Chinese culture and contemporary reality to create a new type of Chinese film creativity and imagination.
Data show that there are 13.4 million works accumulated in reading articles, which are increasing every year. High quality IP is constantly produced, and good content is not lacking. As Chengwu said, the “new infrastructure” of China’s digital content industry has been basically completed.
But to create more high-level and high-value cultural content, we need to complete the three-level jump from good content to content industry, and then to the coupling of content industry chain. Especially, the coupling between the “content source” of network literature and network animation and the “content amplifier” of the film and television industry. Only by making full use of these unique digital content “new infrastructure” in China and giving full play to the power of “amplifier” of film and television industry can we create more good stories of “with muscles, connotation and temperature”.
“Xinli has important strategic value for reading the text,
It’s not a cash instrument. ”
Before the joint conference of the three parties, Cheng Wu had complained about the “company’s disadvantages” in the reading article.
On September 22, Cheng Wu issued an internal letter to point out the internal problems of reading the text. “Our organization’s centripetal force, struggle power and cultural values have problems, which is more dangerous than external challenges.”
Yesterday in response to the question of internal letter from id:yulizibenlun, Cheng Wu replied again:
“In the past, there are some problems in reading articles. For example, we have made good advantages in paying ecology and the creation of writer IP, but we have not continued to consolidate this advantage. We don’t respond quickly enough to free reading. These are the problems of reading the text. ”
In his view, reading the text before was more isolated. Even after reading the text to buy Xinli, the two did not achieve real linkage and integration.
“We see that Xinli has not finished the gambling. But for gambling, Xinli has important strategic value for reading articles, rather than a realization tool. It should be the most capable unit in IP film and television. ”
How to integrate Tencent film industry, reading literature film and TV, Xinli media in the future? A series of actions have been unfolded.
At present, the decision-making committee formed by the linkage between reading and Tencent animation, the first batch of Internet text diffuse reform projects are in progress.
In August, the creation Committee for film and television business was also established. Cao Huayi, chairman of Chengwu and Xinli media, CO chaired the management of Tencent film industry and the film and television projects of Xinli media and reading literature film and television under reading literature. A team familiar with the network literature industry and film production was configured to promote the development of IP film and television.
“As co chairs, Lao Cao and I will coordinate all IP film and television adaptation, including the formulation of standards, judgment and grasp of the project. There will be different committees below, which IP is suitable for which team, and we will cooperate. ” “It’s a little like how fire and pirates plan their copyright operations, and a bit like Disney and manway’s series of plans for the entire universe,” Cheng said
It’s time to integrate.
In the past, reading literature lacks the ability to systematize the works of excellent network literary writers into films and TV, which directly leads to the reading of the text, although holding a large number of high-quality IP, but not good connection between the upstream and the downstream.
Take “Qing years” as an example, although it is a case of Internet IP film and television explosion in the past year, it is not dominated by reading the text, but under the guidance of Tencent film industry.
Four years ago, Tencent film industry obtained this copyright through market-oriented cooperation, and reached cooperation with Xinli, and finally jointly produced the first season of “Qing years” and achieved success. And it’s been 10 years since the first sale of the right to adapt the work.
This kind of copyright split is not uncommon, especially in the previous years the industry over superstitious IP situation, the copyright side does not respect the long-term value of the work, good IP is sold at will. And in the development phase, the producer issuer only wants to rely on IP influence to make fast money. This led to a period of time when IP works and rough manufacturing were marked equal.
Do the content, “short term doctrine does not play”
The success of the drama of “Qing years” has nothing to do with the respect of IP of the original work by the main creator.
Cheng Wu read the 4 million word work twice in that year, and almost all the original fans in the leading team from directors, writers and actors to actors.
Chengwu remembers that Zhang Ruoyun was not the first choice for everyone to choose the corner. But Zhang Ruoyun, also one of the book powder, has a deep understanding of the characters. In a conference room, after more than an hour of role elaboration, he moved all the people present.
“We don’t use traffic (stars) on purpose.” “Our goal is to create good works, not to make money, it is the first intention,” Cheng said in the face of id:yulizibenlun It is not bad for him to have traffic, but it is obvious that the role fit and respect for the original is more important than the flow heat.
Cheng Wu was also impressed by Chen Daoming, who played “Qing Di”. After a thorough understanding of the script, the old play bone also participated in the design of the style of “Qing Di” imperial study.
“The reason why IP has such a great influence is that a large group reaches consensus. We respect IP and work, but we respect users themselves. ”
Besides respect for the original works, the success of Qing years also benefits from Cheng Wu’s pursuit of long-term doctrine and his awe for the rules of industry.

Tencent pictures got the copyright of “Qingnian Nian” in 2017, and it took three years from the production to the first season. Cheng Wu believes that the content industry can not be realized quickly. A good film and drama series usually need to be polished for 5-10 years. In his opinion, IP is the result of long-term cultivation, not simply buying a copyright and then consuming its influence.
In order to ensure that the value of IP is not consumed, Tencent pictures is also willing to give more business benefits to some partners. Although Tencent pictures has obtained the copyright of “more than one year” in 2017, the effective time is one year later. When he learned that the previous copyright owner might rush to start shooting this work within one year of its expiration, Cheng Wu found the other party and offered an invitation to cooperate. The latter later became one of the producers of this blockbuster.
Cheng Wu believes that the success of the series is due to the success of the novel. Besides the novels and films, there will be more games and derivatives of Qingnian in the future.
In fact, in addition to “Qingnian Nian”, a set of upstream and downstream industrial system with IP as the core has been emerging. For example, another popular IP “once upon a time there was a spiritual sword mountain” realized the path of “from text to diffuse, from diffuse to drama, and then to games and derivatives”.
Half a year before the establishment of the film and television creation Committee, which represents the linkage of the three carriages, Cheng Wu promoted the cooperation between Yuewen animation and Tencent animation in “Internet IP animation”, laying the foundation for IP visualization in the follow-up development of Yuewen IP in the fields of film and television, game, entity derivation, etc.
This path is similar to Disney. Over the past three decades, Disney has also played the role of integrator, from the acquisition of Pixar Animation Company to the acquisition of Lucas pictures and marvel. There are different film and television units within Disney for positioning and developing different IP.
In Cheng Wu’s view, the biggest characteristic of cultural and creative industries is the high failure rate and low success rate. Only the Disney model can integrate the whole industry chain. Through the mutual assistance and combination of different industrial chain contents, it can bring greater opportunities and reduce risks for different industrial chains.
From the cooperation of Tencent film, Yuewen and Xinli, and then to the help of the peripheral cat’s eye and Tencent animation, the methodology of “troika” after integration is undoubtedly in the development of IP with the capabilities of different industrial chains.
“We hope that through IP as the core, based on the market proven user cognition, combined with the capabilities we have built in different industrial chains, we hope to be patient, creative and awe inspiring to do well in our works, hoping to improve the success rate of works than the traditional mode,” says Cheng.
Compared with the previous two years’ participation in the main control project, now Cheng Wu’s energy distribution is more inclined to macro coordination and strategic layout. He admitted that at present, Yuewen and Tencent animation are relatively mature. In the future, he will devote more time to lead the film and television sector to the right track, and he also hopes to recruit more talents on game coordination, peripheral authorization and cultural and tourism cooperation in the future.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)