The pilot project of digital RMB red envelope closed with 47600, and 8.76 million were traded with red envelope by the winning bidder


Beijing News shell finance news (reporter Cheng WeiMiao) according to the “Shenzhen release” on October 19, the Shenzhen Municipal People’s government and the people’s Bank of China launched the “enjoy Luohu digital RMB red envelope” activity successfully. As of 24:00 on October 18, 2020, 47573 winning individuals have successfully received digital RMB red envelopes, with 622788 transactions and 8.764 million RMB transactions. According to the data, some winning individuals also recharge their digital wallets with a consumption amount of 901000 yuan.
The reporter learned from authoritative channels on October 16 that after the completion of Shenzhen digital RMB red envelope pilot activity on October 18, users who have downloaded the digital RMB app can continue to use it after self recharge. At present, the digital RMB app supports the binding of bank cards of the four state-owned banks of China Construction Corporation of industry and agriculture. Through the “charging wallet” function, the self recharging amount can also be withdrawn back to the bank card.
A total of 50000 RMB 200 digital RMB red envelopes were distributed in this activity, with a total amount of 10 million yuan. Since 0:00 on October 9, appointment registration has been started. As of 8:00 on October 11, more than 1.91 million people have made appointments. From 8:00 to 9:00 on October 11, 50000 winners were selected. From 18:00 on October 12, SMS and download links were sent to 50000 winning individuals. From 18:00 on October 12 to 24:00 on October 18, the winning bidder can consume without threshold in 3389 merchants who have completed the transformation of digital RMB system in Luohu District of Shenzhen, and the RMB 200 red envelope can be used in several times. The unused red envelope beyond the validity period will be recovered by the digital RMB system. According to the latest announcement, 47573 winning individuals spent 8.764 million yuan on red envelopes during the event.
This is the first large-scale pilot project of digital RMB for the public. In the announcement, Shenzhen officials called it a “externally controllable pilot project of digital RMB”, which is not only an innovative practice of stimulating consumption and stimulating domestic demand during the normalization of epidemic prevention and control in Shenzhen, but also a routine test in the process of research and development of digital RMB.
In terms of security work, the organizers of the event opened 12345 government service hotline to the reservation personnel to ensure the reservation; set up a service hotline 4001391000 to the winning bidder to timely answer any problems encountered in the process of downloading “digital RMB app” and receiving red packets. As of 24:00 on October 18, the total number of calls from 12345 hotline and 4001391000 service line was 6652, including 2698 manual calls and 2679 manual calls, with the connection rate of 99.3%. All relevant questions were answered to the public.
Shenzhen officials said that this activity is also a concrete measure to implement the “comprehensive reform pilot implementation plan for Shenzhen to build a leading demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics (2020-2025)” with practical actions, and to support Shenzhen in promoting reform and opening up at a higher starting point and promote the construction of the first demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics.
Cheng WeiMiao, shell financial reporter of Beijing News