Pet eating and Broadcasting: profiteering business with blood


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By Su Qi
Source: shenrancaijing
“I can’t watch it anymore. I feel like vomiting.”
It’s hard to imagine that this is the real reaction of some viewers after watching the pet eating broadcast.
Screenshot of a platform’s favorite eating and broadcasting
In most people’s impression, the pet videos sought after in the online world are either the pet’s eating is particularly good (ditch), or the pet’s eating appearance is particularly cute. Many comments are “don’t want to be a man”, “live not as good as a dog”, “sprout up”, and so on. There are also people who are attracted by the sound of pets eating. In September 2018, a video of Samoye Maya eating watermelon on YouTube played more than 1.2 million, setting off a wave of “dog ASMR” all over the network, and countless people were cured by the sound of dogs eating.
Samoye Maya eats watermelon video source / YouTube
Pet eating is originally a daily topic of pet bloggers, such as dog licking yogurt, evaluating the taste of biscuits, etc. the excrement removing officials behind these videos enjoy the traffic and business opportunities brought by the video age. But since this year, the taste of cute pet eating and broadcasting has changed, and a number of novelty hunting pet eating and broadcasting have suddenly appeared on several short video platforms. Coincidentally, this time was just before and after CCTV criticized the “king of stomach” for its serious waste of eating and broadcasting, and even the protagonists of some eating and broadcasting accounts changed from people to pets.
Nowadays, searching for the key word “eat and sow” on multiple platforms will give a warm prompt of “refuse to waste and eat healthily”. However, there are still a large number of videos of innocent pets being forced to open for business. Their mouths are stuffed with hot pepper, mustard, jump candy, lemon and other stimulating foods. Some pets test 20 kinds of snacks and drinks at a time, or eat food for the next month at a time. What’s more, in the name of “raw meat feeding”, let pets eat raw food and drink raw blood.
“Some people add attractants to their pets in order to make them eat more. Salt is the simplest attractant.” A pet food owner told shenran.
Pets are forced to eat jump candy
In response to big stomach king, these accounts may have noticed the hundreds of billion level business behind pet eating and broadcasting. It is reported that head cute bloggers can earn more than a million dollars a year, and some MCN even advertise: do you want to be the first Li Jiaqi / Weiya in the field of adoration?
Behind the pet eating and sowing, a bloody industrial chain is opening up, and small animals are trapped in it, unable to escape.
Pet eat sow, what dare to feed
Recently, the home page of xiaohongshu pushed a video of dogs eating and broadcasting. In the picture, a Samoye smiles sweetly at a plate of food. On the plate are some uncommon foods: partridge, Australian sheep heart, rabbit spine, rabbit lung, etc., all of which are raw food.
In the face of this large plate of food, the dog ate a clean meal. Compared with other eating and broadcasting, this dog’s food intake is amazing. Some viewers commented, “if the dog eats a meal, I’ll lose my meat in half a month.” “if my dog goes down, he may choke.”. Sharp eyed Netizens found that the dog’s eyes were not right, and asked “how red”, the blogger replied: “choking, it’s OK.”
Comparison of food consumption and species of two pet eating and broadcasting accounts on the same platform
Looking at the anchor’s home page, we can see that this is a new account opened in October this year. The updated content is all about dogs eating and broadcasting, almost maintaining the daily shift. The blogger claims to have two samoys and a cat, but it’s hard to tell which dog is in the mirror just by watching the video.
In eating and sowing, dogs eat different food every time, and they are all raw food. The blogger’s description in the introduction column is “feeding raw bone and meat”. There are not a few pets labeled “raw bone and meat” on multiple platforms. In these videos, bloggers also feed health preserving blood, which often causes discomfort to the audience. “My God, can the raw lung not be eaten? It looks bloody.”
The blogger explained in the message area that rabbit juice concentrate is rabbit blood
Xinxin, the marketing director of a cute MCN agency, believes that such eating and sowing is suspected of abusing animals. “Such a way of eating, let alone dogs, can’t stand it. My cat needs to have diarrhea when changing the cat food. Can you stand this change every day in the video? ”
Pet food owner Ella told shenran that there is a method called food motivation in dog training, that is, animals are naturally interested in higher-level food, and even if they are full, they will continue to eat a piece of meat. “Especially if you only eat dog food and cat food, you will be wild at first. Some people will feed attractants in order to make their pets eat more. Salt is the simplest attractant Ella said.
Recently, deep burn searched the little red book for “pet eat broadcast”, and found that this keyword has been blocked. However, after changing the search terms to “what pets eat” and “small animals eat”, a large number of similar accounts will appear, and most of them have been updated frequently since April to May this year.
One of the accounts, in August 2018, was still in the style of online Red picnics. The traffic was flat, and the period was almost broken. Until March this year, it suddenly began to update the dog’s raw meat and bone eating and broadcasting. The owner had two silly Alaska and a fadou, with 75000 fans. The account of the same name has been registered in 725 thousand fans, and has been praised 4 million 251 thousand. Tiktok does not sign the company.
The same account before and after the style change, traffic is also bipolar
Similar eating and broadcasting has been extended to more and more types of pets. One blogger keeps two snails. In his video, snails are fed lemon, snail powder, QQ sugar and even devil pepper. Some critics said, “snails can’t eat stimulating food. In order to kill a small life by shooting videos, I also raise snails. It’s really a bit…”
There are videos of feeding pets to eat peppers on all platforms
Pet lovers can’t stand such videos. Li XiMao, a big V who has been doing pet content on Weibo since 2016, said that she couldn’t bear to toss about her dog like this. “Regardless of the cost of feeding, if I don’t raise my pet scientifically, it will cost much more to see a doctor than to eat and drink.”

At the same time, a blogger like her, who has grown from 0 to 1.86 million fans on the social platform, knows that it’s not easy to have pets all the way. Therefore, she specially sends microblogs to resist this kind of eating and broadcasting, and discusses with readers the mentality of this kind of audience. Finally, it comes to the conclusion that some of them are cloud pet users who usually have to go to work for classes, and watch such short videos unintentionally or curiously And once users click on such videos, more similar videos will be recommended after the platform; other people are out of boredom or novelty seeking, without considering the consequences of pets.
This kind of pet eating and sowing is popular, which can also cause serious misunderstanding. Those who are not able to support pets will think that the fun of pet rearing lies in this, and they have absorbed the wrong knowledge of conservation and formed the habit of watching and watching cute pets in a strange way. This is how a terrible vicious circle begins.
Buying accounts and pets
The next step is to perform eating
There is nothing wrong with “eating and sowing” in the past. It is just that after the “king of stomach” eating and broadcasting was named in this year’s epidemic, many practitioners came into the field with a sidekick. Pet’s big stomach King eating and broadcasting or hunting for novelty eating and broadcasting rose rapidly. Deep burning observation found that behind this was a set of extreme playing methods.
In the first half of this year, a MCN organization saw Li Ximao’s account on the jitter. He consulted directly whether he wanted to sell the number or not. After receiving a negative reply, the other side claimed that he could take the pet to his company to shoot videos, and other matters need not be controlled, and the monthly salary would be settled tiktok. It’s clear that animals have become actors, Li said.
Li XiMao refused, but many of them have pets, and they can’t manage accounts or edit videos. They also want to let others see the owners of their own small animals, so they inevitably accept such suggestions. “He doesn’t necessarily know what his pet will face.” Li XiMao sighed.
The source of this kind of account may be the favorite account directly taken over by the blogger / MCN behind it, or it may be some small accounts recycled, such as the former personal number or the beauty life account that has not been made. The cost is very low when it is recycled at a low price and then transformed.
In Li XiMao’s opinion, these teams have more than one account number, “one has been banned, the others can make money”, and at the same time, there are more than one animal.
Shenran learned from Ella that most of the alternative pets come from the low-cost pet market in the second and third tier cities. Although it can meet the needs of food bloggers to control the cost, most of these pets have defects and their lifespan is not long.
Ella has seen a blogger who often gives husky something to eat, “give him spicy food or even wine, and change his pet to another one after he dies.” she also sees some audience questioning, “this dog has changed and become less like the original one.”.
After finding the account number, buying a pet, the next step is to perform eating. This kind of pet eating and sowing mainly takes two routes: eat more and eat wild.
According to Li Ximai’s observation, an adult cat’s daily food intake is about 60-70 grams of cat food, or 150-200 grams of canned staple food. A 26 Jin small and medium-sized dog can be satisfied with 250-350 grams of dog food per meal. And pets in short video platforms often overeat.
Overeating will cause kidney and stomach burden, “some pets will show vomiting, dogs and cats have relatively developed vomiting nerve itself, a long time will damage the esophagus and digestive tract, may also defecate bleeding.” When you eat too much, get too fat, and your limbs can’t support your weight, your pet’s joints will be damaged, Ella said.
In extreme cases, if you feed something that can’t be fed, it will directly threaten the life of the pet. Ella mentioned that many pet owners now take them for allergen testing. Pets also have common allergy to dust mites and alcohol, but they dare to put anything into their pet’s mouth in order to catch their eyes.
Like the king of stomach eating and sowing, there are real eating and fake eating for pets. “Some pets can’t eat all the food at one time. As long as the plane seat remains unchanged and the dog basin doesn’t move, they can eat it in several meals. After editing, the audience can’t see it.” Li said.
Before that, a pet blogger asked the dog to eat a whole basin of chicken legs, which was doubted to be wasted. On September 11, the author of the video came out to clarify that the video was not wasted after the late editing. A basin of chicken legs is the meal of more than 20 dogs, which also confirms the video clip.
Video fraud is as like as two peas in pet videos. For example, bloggers usually keep two identical dogs. Many viewers are stupid enough to tell if they are not eating. Some users reported that “sometimes when the big dog is half eaten, the owner will say,” it’s going to play, “and the other dog of his family will come and finish the rest.
Many bloggers also use raw bone and meat feeding, which is a new and minority way of feeding. The word “raw bone and meat” has no relevant entry in Wikipedia and Baidu Encyclopedia. According to the literal interpretation, it is: feed raw food, including meat and bones.
Ingredients of raw bone and meat set meal in Taobao store
This way of feeding has been controversial in China. Proponents believe that dry food is similar to biscuits for pets, with low nutritional value and insufficient water. If eaten for a long time, it will cause problems such as chewing function and digestive function degradation, while raising raw bone and meat is in line with the eating habits of animals in the natural environment. In the view of opponents, there are health risks in raw meat and bone feeding, including parasitic infection, bacterial infection, nutritional imbalance, tooth and digestive tract problems.
Comments on raw meat feeding videos are also often controversial
Despite the controversy over the feeding method itself, many food sows are now under the banner of raw meat, but only the combination of raw meat is given to pets, because the production and matching of raw meat are difficult.
Zhihu user meow Gewu released a reference map of raw meat (calcium powder instead of bone) recipe for adult cats. Because of more knowledge, raw bone was omitted and bone meal was used instead.
The recipe of raw meat for adult cats is shown in the figure of picture source / Zhihu @ meow

“Feeding raw bone and meat has not been fully studied. Long term feeding will cause problems. For example, long-term unscientific nutrition ratio will lead to pet hip joint dysplasia, nerve damage Ella said. In order to satisfy the nutrition, the ingredients and processing methods need to be changed frequently, and one kind of meat can not be eaten all the time, which also leads to the soaring cost of raw bone meat feeding. According to the tiktok pet V White meow’s Taobao store price, 728 yuan monthly, 3 start.
Mr. White’s meat shop
And it’s impossible for owners to pay such a high price for their pets to eat and sow for a long time.
The way of “encircling money”
In the eyes of some pet bloggers, the number that attracts traffic through the content of eyeball is called marketing number. A large number of pet eating and broadcasting marketing numbers enter the short video platform to suck powder violently. The most fundamental reason is that there is a 100 billion market behind the cute pet content. Although the flow and income ceiling of adorable track is not as good as that of beauty and mother and baby, its cashability can not be underestimated.
According to Li XiMao, the realization methods of cute pet content are mainly divided into three parts: the first is the flow income, Li XiMao operates 13 platforms at the same time, and the input-output ratio is stable; the second is advertising revenue; the other is the activity bonus of the platform, ranging from several hundred to tens of thousands.
In addition to cat food and cat products, cute pet bloggers can connect with digital home appliances. “Mobile phone manufacturers like to find cute celebrities to advertise. Vivo, Huawei, oppo and Samsung have all visited us. It is a very practical and attractive function to shoot pets with mobile phones. Home appliances are also a big category, and Dyson vacuum cleaners have been put into use for three or four times. ” Xin Xin said.
Xinxin makes an account for shenran. She has 8.1 million fans and 23 million fans in the second tier. In the peak season, she can receive six or seven advertisements a month, and two or three million in the off-season. “Our head is a single ad 100000, the highest is 149000, mainly depends on the number of fans.”
Shuangxi, a head pet blogger, said that the head blogger now has at least one million yuan of income a year, and the waist has 300000-500000 yuan a year. However, those who have just entered the industry still have negative assets. Double happiness tiktok master, for example, in the 10 thousand of the master MCN, after being sold by agents, MCN, and platform, the only way to reach the top is about $2000.
Some bloggers have expanded to the YouTube platform because videos that can be understood without subtitles on YouTube are very popular, and the amount of broadcast and advertising revenue will increase accordingly. To some extent, Li Ziqi’s videos and cute videos have such advantages. Shuangxi mentioned that if 20000 people watch a 2-minute video, the income is only a few dollars, but a 10 minute video with 20000 people watching it will earn more than $100.
In addition, some of the more well-known pet eating and broadcasting people, almost everyone has a Taobao store, and some will use their own pet IP to establish the brand with the same name. Xin Xin hands of the talent “do well, income far exceeds advertising income, even can be as high as 5 times.”.
Tuyuan / red funnel
The huge market and various business models make many people envious. However, in order to make money, the pet eating and broadcasting marketing number focuses not on how to do the content, but on the realization, which in disguise “blocks” more diversified commercial paths. “Because this kind of marketing number does not have the flow income of the platform, so it can only rely on the attention of the eyeball constantly, and realize by attracting advertisers or bringing goods.” Li said that at the same time, because no one appeared on the screen, pet eating and broadcasting could receive mainly food advertisements, with snacks in the majority and limited commercial value.
At the same time, in order to get started more quickly, such accounts tend to choose short video platforms instead of long video or news social platforms, which means shorter production cycle and lower content cost.
According to Li XiMao’s analysis, such a number is not popular on conventional social platforms and will be criticized by netizens. However, in short videos, news media and shopping platforms, the audience does not necessarily pay attention to who the publisher is, but more as a novelty seeking video for entertainment. “On the short video platform, as long as a video is on fire, this number is on fire.” She said.
Fast start volume, gain eyeball, these marketing for flow unscrupulous means. “I don’t even think it’s OK to be scolded by fans. Because advertising mainly depends on the amount of interaction, the activity of the account and the viscosity of fans, so black powder is also powder. ” Li said.
More than one person in the industry said that this kind of marketing account will always have a live connection, but it is difficult to go long-term. Some individual bloggers are worried about the quality of their products, and they will have a choice when they receive advertisements. The marketing needs of those abandoned products fall into the hands of marketing numbers.
In the short term, the advertising revenue of these marketing numbers may be higher than that of some popular bloggers because they can be “just rotten”. However, once this account goes wrong, it will be a big problem, which may directly lead to the closure of the number.
At the request of the interviewees, Xin Xin, Ella and Shuangxi are pseudonyms.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)