Oppo releases the first smart TV s1:4k quantum dot screen, jointly built by Dana sound


Sina digital Yuze
Sina digital news on the evening of October 19, oppo held an oppo Zhimei life conference in Shanghai, and officially released its first smart TV products, namely s series and ordinary R series.
Oppo released its first smart TV new product, which is undoubtedly a blockbuster for the industry. From Xiaomi to Huawei glory, mobile phone manufacturers have flocked to the television field. As one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in China, oppo is also actively laying out its own IOT ecosystem in order to strengthen its future competitiveness.
Oppo’s first smart TV series are s series and R series respectively. Among them, s series is the flagship, with 4K resolution and 120Hz high-speed screen, which can bring better viewing experience; R series is oriented to the people and has very good cost performance.
The S series is currently available in only 65 inches. In terms of image quality, oppo smart TV S1 adopts a 65 inch 4K qled quantum dot screen, supports 120Hz super sensitive refresh rate and NTSC 120% ultra wide color gamut, 210 partition dynamic backlight, and the maximum brightness reaches 1500nit.
In the interface part, it is equipped with two HDMI 2.1 interfaces (and an additional HDMI 2.0 interface). With the 4K 120Hz panel, it can achieve 4K 120Hz screen input, and support VRR variable refresh rate and automatic low delay of allm, which is fully prepared for the perfect match of ps5 / Xbox series X sub era game machine.
In the sound quality part, oppo acoustics team and Dana, a famous sound brand, jointly built “5.1.2 surround sound box system”, with a total output power of 18 channels and 85 watts.
The biggest highlight in the design of oppo smart TV S1 is the suspended base. The thin supports at both ends of the base support the huge body. I believe that oppo has made great efforts in the engineering structure, especially in the dark scene, the whole screen has a sense of suspension in the air.
Oppo smart TV S1 is equipped with coloros TV system and supports oppo share with you function. The overall UI interface is close to that of mainstream TV manufacturers. In terms of content, it supports Tencent video (Aurora TV), iqiyi (Kiwi), Youku (kumeow) and mango TV, basically covering the needs of mainstream users.
When mobile phone manufacturers enter the television field, they have great ideas in the interaction with mobile phones. Oppo smart TV S1 has a built-in 2K level resolution lifting camera. In addition to linkage with its own mobile phone, watch and other IOT devices, it is also “magnanimous” compatible with gifted smart watches. At home, they can make video calls with children playing outdoors through oppo smart TV and share their children’s location in real time.
The built-in camera also provides many home-based scenarios, such as wechat video, AI fitness and karaoke. What’s more interesting is that the oppo smart watch can be turned into a “remote control” to directly control the TV.
S1 price
For the price part, the price of oppo smart TV S1 is 7999 yuan, and the price of R1 55 inch is 3299 yuan and that of 65 inch is 4299 yuan.