Storm video software, official website update, 0.99 yuan VIP online, who is behind the force


Author: Yu Mengmeng
“I actually received the upgrade prompt of windstorm audio and video, and I also launched a new VIP service. Is this software still in charge? ”
Recently, some netizens sent out the above questions to zhongzhengjun. On Weibo, someone also posted a screenshot of Fengfeng’s official website and asked: is storm audio back?
On August 28, Fengfeng Group received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s decision to terminate its listing. On September 21, it entered the delisting consolidation period, and its stock abbreviation was changed to “Fengfeng exit”.
According to the company’s announcement and media reports, the storm group has long been empty. So who’s behind it?
Netizens’ doubts
Originally thought that with the wind storm group delisting, the storm video player has no one to manage. But recently, some netizens said that the windstorm video player installed on his computer popped up a prompt window for upgrading, and the banner advertisement of “download the new version of 0.99 yuan to open monthly membership” appeared on the right box interface.
Source: software screenshot
On October 9, the netizen logged into the official website of Fengfeng video and found that the latest update time of win version on computer terminal was September 26. On October 10, zhongzhengjun logged into the official website and found that the latest update time of the win version of the computer terminal was October 9, and there were two updates within half a month.
According to the official website, the latest update time of the Android version of the storm video app is September 26, and the latest update time of the IOS version is September 30, both in the near future.
The details of these three versions all include the new launch of VIP members and the optimization of operation experience.
Photo source: Official Website of windstorm
In addition, someone posted a screenshot of Fengfeng’s official website on Weibo and asked questions.
Photo source: microblog
Zhongzhengjun found that compared with the previous, the official website of Fengfeng audio has no channel content and official mall, and only retains the contents of player download tips and VIP member advertisements of various versions. In the current online video market, the member price of 0.99 yuan / month can be called “cabbage price”.
Photo source: Official Website of windstorm
Zhongzhengjun downloaded the new version of windstorm video and found that its interface is more concise than the previous version. The box function on the right side can play the relevant film and television content provided by the storm. For example, the cinema film “1917” in the year can be viewed, but the whole film can only be viewed after paying a fee.
It is worth noting that storm audio and video can be played at present, and the words “popular” are displayed in the upper right corner of the video content. According to this, the video copyright may come from the popular network.
This should be the answer to the question.
There are also listed companies behind the power generators
In fact, before delisting, windstorm group has disclosed that it will hand over the storm video to the popular online agent operation. However, many netizens did not expect that the popular online will have such a force.
Fengfeng Group announced that on February 10, the company signed the cooperation agreement between Fengfeng Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing FengXing Online Technology Co., Ltd., the power of attorney for advertising business, the power of attorney for acting operation and the letter of authorization for brand. The two sides will cooperate in the field of Internet audio-visual services for a period of 15 months.
Fengfeng Group will entrust the operation rights of Fengfeng AV app, Fengfeng AV PC client and Fengfeng AV advertising system to Fengxing online for exclusive operation. The operation period is 15 months from the date of signing this agreement, from February 10, 2020 to May 9, 2021. After the expiration of the contract, if Party A decides to continue to operate the products in the mode of agent operation, Party B shall have the exclusive right to renew the contract.
The eye poll shows that the largest shareholder in the popular online company is A shares listed company trillion Chi shares, the shareholding ratio is 66.8%; the second largest shareholder is A shares listed company Oriental Pearl, the shareholding ratio is 16.2%.
Zhaochi shares semi annual report shows that the net profit of vogue online in the first half of the year is about – 3524.8 million yuan.
Photo source: semi annual report of zhaochi shares, unit: Yuan
According to Huawei’s application market information, the number of downloads of windstorm video app has reached 200 million. Although we can’t confirm how many users are left in stock, the old user resources of the storm should be intensively mined online, which is the latest series of action.