“Second light” of vaccination point source: is about playing influenza vaccine comparable to grabbing tickets in Spring Festival?


Original title: vaccination point source “second light” about influenza vaccine, comparable to spring festival transportation ticket grabbing?
Beijing, October 11 (reporter Zhang Ni) since September, many places across the country have started the annual influenza vaccination work. After the National Day holiday, vaccination sites in Beijing and other places have ushered in the vaccination peak.
However, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has been increasing this year. The public has been very pleased to have the flu vaccine. Many places have been vaccinated with “dot light”. Many netizens even lamented: booking influenza vaccine is comparable to grabbing tickets in Spring Festival.
Beijing residents are vaccinated against influenza at community health service centers. Photo by Zhang Ni of China Singapore network
Influenza vaccination needs to be launched quickly
On the 9th, the first day of work after the festival, Ms. Wang, a Beijing resident, went to the dahongmen community health service center in Fengtai District near her home to receive adult influenza vaccine. It’s not easy to tell her this year.
“Because I had children at home, I used to get influenza vaccine every year, but I didn’t have to rush for the number in the past, but this year I have to fight for speed. The number of community hospitals in the morning is almost” second light. ”
Ms. Wang said that this year, it was obvious that there were more people around who wanted to get the flu vaccine. Because of the special reason of the epidemic situation, I prepared ahead of time. I grabbed a number source on the Internet and came from the unit to vaccinate influenza vaccine at noon. For her family with children, getting a flu vaccine this year is an extra guarantee.
The reporter saw in dahongmen community health service center that there was an endless stream of people vaccinated with adult influenza vaccine. Many of them were family members, and Ms. Li was one of them.
“I have been paying attention to the information of influenza vaccine launch since September. I was afraid that public hospitals would not be easy to arrange. I consulted two private hospitals first. As a result, one of them told me that it would be arranged to November as soon as possible. The other said that they would like to make a reservation first and wait for notice when they can be launched.”
Ms. Li tried to make an appointment for the vaccine in the community hospital. She said that she was on time at the time when the number was released by the mobile phone.
And it’s not just in one vaccination site.
In Haidian District of Beijing, a staff member of the health care department of Zhongguancun hospital said that the number of adult influenza vaccine appointments in the hospital this year is far higher than in previous years. If people in the jurisdiction want to get the vaccine, they have to wait for the system to release the number every day to make an appointment to grab the number, which is not the case in previous years.
“Since the vaccination started on September 25, we have vaccinated nearly 100 children under the age of 3 and more than 200 adults, far more than in previous years.” Fengtai District dahongmen community health service center health care section chief Zhang Qing was interviewed by reporters.
Zhang Qing said that the community health service center last year’s adult influenza vaccination volume was about 800 doses, but judging by the number of people’s appointments this year and the number of people in the area, it is expected to double the number of last year.
Photo by Zhang Ni
Add vaccination sites, enterprises increase supply, vaccine is on the way!
Novel coronavirus pneumonia and flu symptoms were hard to be differentiated from WHO in August this year.
Tao Lina, a vaccine expert, also stressed in an interview with zhongxin.com that in autumn and winter this year, the vaccination of influenza vaccine is important, mainly considering two factors: one is from the perspective of the whole epidemic situation control, if patients get fever after vaccination with influenza vaccine, they can take less consideration of influenza factors and reduce the interference to the judgment of the epidemic situation; second, there is evidence to show that if there is a The novel coronavirus pneumonia and flu double infection, the symptom will aggravate.
Obviously, in autumn and winter this year, people’s demand for influenza vaccine has increased sharply. In the face of the problem of “one dose is difficult to obtain”, all departments are actively taking measures to alleviate the shortage of vaccine supply.
At the national level novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control mechanism group issued the 2020 edition of the national influenza prevention and control program in late September. Among them, it has been clearly proposed that we should provide convenient services for the masses by increasing the number of primary influenza vaccination sites, starting vaccination early, extending the vaccination cycle, and increasing the daily service time.
This year, the supply of vaccines has been adjusted all over the country.
Take Beijing as an example. This year, all vaccination work is scheduled. In order to facilitate public vaccination, Beijing has set up 446 free influenza vaccination sites and 480 self funded influenza vaccination sites in medical and health institutions. In addition, the purchase of free influenza vaccine in Beijing this year has increased by 21% compared with that in 2019, and the purchase amount of self paid influenza vaccine is 2.1 times of that of last year.
In Hubei Province, the planned supply of influenza vaccine in Hubei Province has increased from an average of 600000 in recent three years to more than 3 million this year.
“Our daily appointment number source has more than doubled compared with the past. In addition, we have made plans in advance, and the amount of vaccine received this year is about double that of last year. For students and the elderly, the number of people receiving free vaccination has also increased by about a third. ” Zhang Qing told reporters.
She explained that because the vaccines are arriving in succession and need to be applied for one period at a time, people still need to wait patiently.
On the supply side, in the face of this year’s high incidence of influenza, major vaccine enterprises are also operating at full capacity and working overtime.
Xie Junmin, director of Hualan biology, said recently that the company is working overtime to produce influenza vaccine to meet the current shortage in various regions. It is predicted that the company’s production of trivalent influenza vaccine will be nearly 3 million, and the production of tetravalent influenza vaccine will increase from the planned 16 million to 20 million.
According to the relevant person in charge of Kexing biology, as of the end of September this year, the number of batches of trivalent influenza vaccine issued by the company has exceeded 2.95 million, and the batch issuance volume of tetravalent influenza vaccine has exceeded 960000.

Sinopharma China biology disclosed that after being informed of the recommended strains of influenza vaccine for the new year released by who, it quickly started the production of split influenza virus vaccine to meet the demand of the coming influenza season. As of the end of September, the number of trivalent influenza vaccines approved and issued this year exceeded 2.05 million, and that of tetravalent influenza vaccines exceeded 3.08 million.
Photo: senior citizens over 65 years old in Tuoyun ranch of the third division of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps were vaccinated with influenza vaccine free of charge. Photo by GE Mengli
The vaccine does not need to be inoculated in groups, so it is more important to do well in the epidemic season!
Although the demand for influenza vaccination has increased this year, disease control departments around the country have also warned the public that there is no need to pile up for vaccination!
Previously, the Guizhou Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that the willingness of people to vaccinate influenza vaccine has increased this year, and the vaccination peak has been advanced. It is expected that the supply of influenza vaccine will reach its peak from October this year to January 2021.
At the same time, the CDC of Guizhou Province advised the masses not to mass vaccination. Vaccination can be made in the whole epidemic season. Vaccination can be made through network, telephone and other forms. Community health service centers, township health centers and other vaccination units can carry out vaccination services.
Experts from Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention also said that influenza vaccine is a non immunization program vaccine, which is self funded and voluntary. It is recommended that people with influenza vaccination plan call the nearest vaccination clinic in time, consult in time, take an objective view, and vaccinate orderly.
In addition, experts stressed that in the case of a shortage of vaccines, people who have not been vaccinated need not panic. Maintaining good personal hygiene habits is an effective way to prevent respiratory infectious diseases. The public can prevent influenza virus infection by frequently washing hands, more ventilation, wearing masks, less going to places where people gather, and strengthening physical exercise in autumn and winter.
In order to prevent the public from flocking to the hospital for vaccination, resulting in personnel gathering, each vaccination site has also taken the way of appointment by time.
“At present, we take every half an hour as a time period, and only seven to eight signal sources are put in the same period, so as to ensure that the public can go to the hospital in batches and orderly.”
Zhang Qing told reporters that in order to reduce the risk of epidemic transmission, the community health service center has strictly controlled the flow of people in each period. She also reminded the public that there is no need to panic over the lack of an appointment for influenza vaccine in a short period of time. They should do a good job of personal protection and make an appointment in order to wait. (end)