Mobile phone overdue more than 3 months to credit? Telecom users in the province may take the lead in “experiencing”


Original title: mobile phone overdue for more than 3 months, to credit? Telecom users in this province may take the lead in “experiencing”
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On October 10, daily economic news reporters learned that the arrears information of Jiangxi Province of China Telecom will be connected to the personal credit information system, which will be implemented from November 2020. Jiangxi Telecom’s customer service also clearly responded that if the user’s previous use of telecom products owed more than three months but failed to pay off the arrears, or enjoyed the excellent charges of mobile phones and calls, and there was an agreement in the network but failed to perform the contract, the relevant information may be accessed to credit investigation.
If it is only the real-time arrearage shutdown of the current month and the suspension for one to two months, as long as the arrears are paid in time, they will not be connected to credit reference. If there is a bad credit record, personal loans, employment and transportation may be affected. Zhejiang telecom customer service told reporters that mobile phone numbers should be standardized and cancelled.
Screenshot of dialogue between reporter and Jiangxi telecom customer service
However, judging from the current national situation, China Telecom’s provincial branches are not consistent in dealing with users’ arrears. Shanghai Telecom Customer Service told reporters that as long as the arrears have been paid, if not paid for a long time, it will become a grey list of arrears users, did not say that the arrears should be credit.
Chen Jianing, a senior researcher at Suning Financial Research Institute, told reporters that corresponding data fields have been reserved for payment information such as water, electricity and telecommunications in the new version of the second generation of personal credit reporting. It is the next step for the central bank system to communicate with relevant departments such as power and communication to access relevant data.
According to previous media reports, at the beginning of this year, the central bank announced that since January 19, the credit reference center will provide the public and financial institutions with the second-generation format credit report query service.
The boundary problem of information collection in credit reference system has attracted much attention. Does the new credit information collection system collect information on personal water, electricity and telephone charges? At that time, the person in charge of the central bank’s credit reference center gave an answer to the Beijing News.
According to reports, at present, the second generation credit reporting system has not collected personal water and electricity payment information, and only reserved display format in the second generation credit report. However, the second generation credit reporting system will inherit and display the normal payment and arrears information of personal telecommunication collected in the first generation credit reference system. For personal telecommunication information, the credit reference center has always adhered to the principle of “prudent and prudent”, collecting data under the premise of strictly controlling the quality of data.
Why consider including such information? According to the development trend and practice of the international credit reporting industry, the public utility payment information of “consumption before payment” can reflect the borrower’s willingness to repay and help the information subject who lacks credit record to obtain financing. For those who have no credit record, collecting the information of public utility payment of “consumption before payment” can help them establish credit records and promote their access to credit.
The person in charge stressed the premise of data collection. “In the future, when collecting payment information of public utilities such as personal water and electricity charges, the credit reference center will consult with relevant data source units and strictly implement Article 13 of the regulations on the administration of credit reference industry, which states that personal information shall be collected with the consent of the information subject, and shall not be collected without the consent of the information subject.”, Only after the data source unit obtains the authorization and consent of the information subject and ensures the quality and safety of the data, can the data be collected and displayed. ”
How much do you know about personal credit reference? Let’s take a look at the science popularization Office of WeChat official account of the central bank’s credit information center.
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