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Sina Technology Baifeng big head
The annual National Day golden week has come to an end. This year, thanks to the “blessing” of the Mid Autumn Festival, the golden week spans as long as 8 days. In addition, the overall situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control is getting better, so holiday travel has become the first choice for many people. Many netizens jokingly said that this year’s National Day holiday was as lively as the Spring Festival – “the spring festival may be late, but it will not be absent.”.
According to the calculation of China Tourism Research Institute (data center of the Ministry of culture and Tourism), during the eight day holiday period, a total of 637 million domestic tourists were received, and the domestic tourism revenue was 466.56 billion yuan.
Among the 637 million tourists, many of them buy air tickets, hotels, tickets and other related tourism services through the Internet. Online tourism has become one of the main modes of domestic tourism industry. While enjoying convenience, many consumers encounter various worrying problems.
Source: complaints from black cat
According to the statistics of sina black cat complaint platform, during the National Day holiday in 2020, four mainstream online tourism platforms in China received more than 100 complaints, and the same journey tourism received the most complaints from netizens, with 349 complaints during the national day alone.
Travel: train tickets are hard to grab, flights are difficult to return
With the improvement of transportation network construction, many people choose to travel by high-speed rail, plane and other means of transportation this year. Online ticketing has become the preferred way.
Sina Technology found that during the golden week this year, in addition to the traditional consumption problems such as “ticket price increase” and “train ticket price increase”, some new problems also appeared.
Netizen Zhu long complained about the same journey travel on the black cat platform, saying that “after getting the ticket by adding money on the same journey, he wanted to refund the ticket but was told to go to the station to handle it.”.
Coincidentally, another netizen bought a ticket on, and later had to refund the ticket due to the change of the itinerary. However, there was no refund option on, and the customer service told him to return the ticket at the station. And 12306 customer service said that all tickets on the website can be refunded online.
If the train ticket refund is only more difficult, then some netizens are directly “losing money”.
Yang Deng complained to Feizhu customer service: “it has always been more expensive to have a holiday ticket, so I bought it in advance. Now it is approaching the holiday that the price has been greatly reduced. The original 675 yuan ticket has been reduced to 350 yuan, and the original 770 yuan ticket has been reduced to 550 yuan. Each two tickets have made me lose a total of 1090 yuan. So what am I buying in advance?”
Yang Deng said that because under normal circumstances, the earlier the ticket is, the cheaper it is, so it is better to start early. Did not expect that the National Day approaching, the same flight tickets have been substantially reduced, which makes him very angry.
During the national day, ticket prices are not an exception. Another netizen Zhou Dong complained about Capital Airlines on the black cat platform. He disclosed that he had bought a double round-trip ticket of “Xiaoshan Meilan” on Feizhu before the holiday, and the specific flights and information were: Capital Airlines jd568x 06:30 xiaoshan-09:20 Meilan, the purchase price was 1205 yuan / person, and the price was reduced to 802 yuan; Capital Airlines jd566x 07:20 meilan-09:55 Xiaoshan, the purchase price was 1150 yuan / person, and the price was reduced to 921 yuan. The price difference involved is 1264 yuan.
This kind of price reduction not only breaks the previous experience of consumers in purchasing tickets, but also makes the consumers who have already purchased tickets “suffer obvious losses” due to the high fees to be paid for refund and change of tickets.
Accommodation: some B & B rooms are not guaranteed and some hotels do not give rooms
In addition to travel, accommodation is also an important part of tourism. In recent years, the rise of B & B has transformed the traditional accommodation industry from the monopoly of hotels and guesthouses to the tripartite situation of hotels, hotels and B & B. Before that, the National Day holiday is coming. Don’t step on these holes of B & B! |In the article, sina science and technology listed a variety of possible consumption problems of B & B in detail.
However, during the national day, there are still many netizens stepping on the pit. Sina Technology found on the black cat platform that a number of netizens complained that the price of B & B had increased significantly during the national day, but the high price did not bring high-quality service.
Some legal sources said that because some of the B & B facilities are not qualified for operation and operated by private operators, the hygiene conditions, safety conditions and authenticity of B & B facilities are deficient, so consumers can only appeal to the B & B platform for the above problems. For traditional hotels and hotels, due to the complete business license and health license, the authenticity of housing resources and the protection of consumers’ rights are more guaranteed.
However, this does not cover up the problems that may be encountered in the process of online hotel and hotel reservation.
Netizen Yibin told Sina technology that he placed an order for a room in Moganshan Hotel on a certain accommodation platform, but was told that there was no room available after placing the order. When applying for a refund, businesses charge a 10% commission. During the whole process, the hotel showed “room” on the platform.
It is understood that, in addition to the obvious “substantial price increase”, some B & B and hotels tell consumers that they have no room. In fact, they will empty their rooms and rent them out at a higher price.
In addition to price hikes, claims of “no room” and inconsistent housing resources, there are also some cases of “red packets that conform to the rules but can not be used” and “websites claim to book hotel cash back but no cash back” when booking rooms on major Internet platforms.
Scenic spot: one ticket destroys everything
This year’s National Day golden week, many famous scenic spots ticket difficult to obtain. According to surging news, tickets for the Forbidden City and Yungang Grottoes have been sold out before the National Day holiday. Many consumers are really upset by the tickets.
Some netizens said that due to the restrictions on the flow of scenic spots this year, it is difficult to get one ticket. Many ticket booking websites forcibly sell “bundled tickets”, that is, on the basis of scenic spot tickets, bundle sales of archery, shadow play, cruise and other service tickets in the scenic area, instead of providing core tickets for scenic spots alone.
Sina technology takes Shanxi 5A class scenic spot Yungang Grottoes as an example. The survey found that the scenic spot launched preferential policies this year, free of charge on weekdays, tickets for national day 120 yuan / person, and the official WeChat official account can be booked for the original price. Before the end of the National Day holiday, Ctrip only offered a package ticket of 136 yuan (including 120 yuan ticket + archery / shadow play, etc.).
On October 9, when Sina technology again inquired about Yungang Grottoes tickets, Ctrip no longer provided package tickets.

Some consumers also reported that even if they bought tickets to the scenic spot, they had to refund their tickets because of traffic congestion, traffic restriction and mobile phone power failure, and sometimes they couldn’t get into the scenic spot even if they bought electronic tickets. But in many cases, a successful refund is no easier than grabbing tickets.
Sina science and technology learned that most scenic spots hope to increase the income of scenic spots through the golden week, many scenic spots have launched the policy of time limited refund or refund charging service fee, and some scenic spots even directly close the refund channel. This is depressing for consumers.
Netizen Lu Yu complained on October 4 that he bought a scenic spot ticket marked “automatic refund after expiration” in meituan on October 3, but found that the refund condition on meituan had been changed to “full refund after 18:00 on October 3”.
In addition, some consumers also encounter many other problems, such as: some scenic spots refuse to hold annual tickets / monthly tickets for the reason of “not receiving annual / monthly tickets on holidays” during the national day; there are too many tickets sold online, and the scenic spots / facilities have limited bearing capacity, so they can not provide services, so the website refuses to refund their tickets; a huge refund fee / handling fee is charged for refund in advance.
Lawyer: if the hotel has a room but no room, it is suspected of fraud. If the ticket is not consumed or issued, it can claim a full refund
Sina Technology consulted relevant legal professionals on several key issues encountered by the above consumers. Among them, Lawyer Wang Beibei, senior equity partner of Beijing Yingke Law Firm, believes that “the price of air ticket fluctuates within a reasonable range” belongs to normal price behavior; however, there are fictitious facts and concealment of the truth in “hotels refuse to check in with consumers on the ground of no room, but rent again at a high price”.
In addition, Wang Beibei said that according to Article 55 of the law on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests, if a business operator commits fraud in providing goods or services, it shall, at the request of the consumers, increase the compensation for the losses incurred by the consumers by three times the price of the goods purchased or the expenses for receiving the services; if the amount of compensation is less than 500 yuan, it shall be 500 yuan. Where otherwise provided by law, such provisions shall prevail.
On the issue of scenic spot tickets, Wang Beibei said, “tickets not consumed or not issued can be fully refunded to businesses.” But he added, “from the perspective of contract law, the nature of tickets or tickets belongs to contracts or contracts. If the ticket has already been issued, the unilateral refund of the ticket by the consumer is similar to unilateral termination of the contract or unilateral breach of contract. Therefore, businesses need to collect corresponding “liquidated damages.”
The rare long holiday, let everyone’s travel enthusiasm sharply rise, or for the sake of relaxation, or reunion, the constant is to pursue happy, comfortable travel experience.
However, in the process of product selection, it is inevitable to encounter a variety of pits. Therefore, consumers must carefully read the promises and instructions of relevant platforms and travel companies on Ticketing and service, and can keep key information by taking screenshots when necessary. When their own rights and interests are damaged and the negotiation fails, they can complain to the local consumer association or the industrial and commercial department.
In any case, the holiday balance in 2020 is already zero, and we still have to return to work and study. But in retrospect, do you have a good time in this golden week of being “bundled” by online platforms?
Note * in order to protect the privacy of the interviewees, the names involved in the article are pseudonyms.