Usher in a major revision! Zhihu video “independent”


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By Tan Xiaohan
Source: Alphabet (ID: wujicaijing)
If the video creator recruitment plan launched by Zhihu in May this year looks more like the assembly number before the dispatch of troops, then the recent actions of Zhihu show that it is launching a general attack on the mountain of video. The vast array and the heavy investment of troops are rare in Zhihu’s development process.
Recently, the alphabet exclusive learned that Zhihu will usher in a major revision, the home page will add independent video entrance.
Four tips of Zhihu video battle
Add independent video entrance to the home page.
Sign big V to encourage the production of video content.
‚óŹ unprecedented cash flow reward for video content.
Online video creation tools.
A person close to Zhihu told alphabet that Zhihu has recently signed up a group of creators to provide flow and cash subsidies to encourage them to publish video content. Zhihu has set a goal internally. Before the end of the year, it is necessary to cultivate benchmark accounts in the video field and create a top stream of video IP “made by Zhihu”.
As competition for high-quality video creators has become a consensus in the industry, Zhihu’s attitude has finally begun to change. In May this year, Zhihu launched the first phase of video creator recruitment plan, and launched the second phase in mid July. The publicity page shows that the official will provide flow support (exclusive flow of 2 months, official recommendation) and cash subsidies (activity reward of up to 10000 / person, monthly list reward of up to 3000 / person, and incentive fund of partition).
According to the alphabet search, the recruitment plan released by Zhihu in mid July revealed an additional piece of information: the internal positive internal test creator incentive system, which will be opened to more creators in the near future. In other words, incentives for video creators will be normalized.
With the increasingly clear trend of content ecology migrating from text to video, various platforms have strengthened their support for knowledge video content. Luo Xiang, half Buddha immortal, wizard finance and economics become the first to taste the sweetness of this wave.
Tiktok said in the article “WeChat station’s B station robbed WeChat”, WeChat and know are the most important platforms in the content and content era. They produce most of the high quality content, and create a lot of high level authors. But when the competition between content and ecology is dragged into the video track from the pictures and the dragging, the WeChat and Kwai’s response is relatively slow, so that the B station that takes the lead in the contest will steal the lead.
When Kwai started to exert power, many companies have been running ahead: tiktok B station up main video and vibrato combat effectiveness, WeChat video number, fast hand, Baidu, these side camp allies are all thinking.
Do you know if you can catch up?
Zhihu was once the leader of knowledge video. As early as two years ago, Zhihu launched the “video” zone on the home page.
Kwai Chung tiktok tiktok DAU has already entered the club of 100 million clubs. The habit of user consumption video content is developing, but the trembling is still in the “15 second” era. The 5 minute permissions were opened to knowledge creators in March of next year.
Tiktok and Kwai led the short video big bang, but strictly speaking, most of the short video content belongs to entertainment category, and knowledge video was almost negligible.
Entertainment video content is like the hot search of microblog. The content seems to have no nutrition, but it can quickly get the attention of users. Tiktok, Kwai Fu entertainment video, we see that this kind of content production industry is relatively mature, and its content library is huge and easier to be transported. But some of them know that old users are naturally disliked by such limited information content. At that time, due to the low attention of users, incomplete commercial path and high production threshold, the supply of knowledge video was insufficient and high quality works were limited.
Zhihu opened a video zone, the original intention of which was to transfer Zhihu users who used to consume graphic and graphic content smoothly to the special video venue. However, the consumption habits of users at that time had not yet taken shape. In March 2019, the home video zone will be offline, and the video answer entrance will be launched. Video answer and graphic answer have the same status. Zhihu users and product manager “two bowls of noodles” have mentioned that in many vertical fields, some contents are naturally more suitable for short video presentation, such as: what is the experience of living in a luxury house? The answer presented in the form of video can be called dimension reduction compared with the text answer. For more professional knowledge problems, video is also easier to let the Creator with a more personalized image.
It’s not urgent to change users’ habits. It’s also suitable to integrate video stream with answers. With the B Kwai, the tiktok and the fast hand all deployed to the knowledge video this year, the video creators’ ecology has greatly improved, and user habits are also reversing. Zhihu announced in May that the daily video playback volume of the platform reaches 100 million, and almost half of the users are browsing the video content.
Different from the past, compared with the middle of 2018, the time to do knowledge video is now mature, even a little familiar. If we don’t catch up with the content platform of video express, we will be left in place in this wave of media upgrading. Zhihu urgently needs an independent video portal to give users a unified product cognition, and a strong strategy is needed to make video to Zhihu big V communication platform Business determination.
As a matter of fact, previously, it has been known that a hidden video content entrance has been set up on the home page – there is another “video” in the vertical category of the homepage hot list, but it needs to be added manually by users. Video independent entrance online means that video in Zhihu’s strategic position has been improved.
For Kwai B, watermelon video, jitter and tiktok, knowledge video is a war in the video era, and it is a horizontal war. But for the knowledge of this war, this battle is of great significance. It is a defensive war between creator resources and graphic assets, and it is a vertical war.
At the end of February this year, the sorcerer finance and economics District, which is said to have opened the Financial District of station B with his own efforts, was accused of plagiarizing many of his videos. Sorcerer finance then explained in Zhihu and apologized for the non-standard quotation.
According to the official data released by Zhihu, the platform has more than 33 million questions and 130 million answers by January 2019. “A lot of big V have dry goods, know that there is knowledge rich ore, for his station video up master to do wedding dress, equivalent to let others pick cheap in vain.” One Zhihu user thinks that.

Some of the professional content in the vertical field is often updated. It is known that the content deposited in 10 years can provide some video creators with even more than a few months’ work.
One of the ways to keep a mine is to dig it yourself. If the creator of Zhihu creates a video of his own image and text content and is recognized, the author of other platforms will be more or less worried or take a detour when he sees that there is already a video with the same topic on the market. The more important thing for Zhihu to encourage creators to drive to the video track is to retain them and provide them with a smooth upgrade path.
“How to evaluate a large number of graphic and text writers starting to transform video creation?” The answer of many Zhihu creators appeared under this hot question. The answer of “Wang Zijun” is that the words are difficult to read, write and exchange money. “Frank young” found that more and more big V’s which he paid attention to mainly in the form of pictures and pictures began to make videos. Although the content is basically to read his own article, and then add the video, it has to be said that The frequency of reading is much higher than the article.
Firmly moving towards video is the path that the era has pointed out for content creators. “This is the general trend”. A user with hundreds of thousands of fans in Zhihu started to make video content this year and uploaded it to Zhihu, station B, Weibo and watermelon videos simultaneously. However, due to his limited fans in other platforms, the broadcast volume of the same video in Zhihu is often higher.
According to the alphabet, up masters who have already been out of the circle in station B, such as banfo Xianren, often have more videos played on station B, but some new creators have more videos. Take “German Leber”, which has 70000 fans in Zhihu, as an example. The theme video of “Feichang” has 870000 playback in Zhihu and 240000 in station B; the theme video of “I am not the God of medicine” has 2.5 million playback in Zhihu and 830000 in station B.
In a word, the successful path of banfo immortal from Zhihu to wechat and then to station B is difficult to be quickly and effectively copied. This top stream of the whole network is more like an example than a batch emergence.
The outside world is really wonderful, but after half a year’s fermentation, the knowledge area of station B is no longer a no man’s land when wizard finance and economics made a success. If Zhihu can provide a suitable transformation path for creators, it is equivalent to allowing them to avoid the main artillery bombardment and open up a second battlefield, Zhihu can also complete the media upgrading through this way.
To improve the video content, one of the three steps is indispensable: strategic promotion to protect the creator’s sense of security; products to the entrance, flow to support; cash incentives.
Video entrance back to the home page has strategic and flow significance, but for video creators, cash subsidies in the initial stage are also particularly important.
In the era of graphics and text, Zhihu did not provide much subsidies to creators. This makes Zhihu a little passive in the corner tapping war of Wukong question and answer in 2017. However, in the field of Knowledge Q & A, Zhihu has no heavyweight rivals. In those years, the war was a battle of defending the city, while the current video war is a battle for positions among various schools to re evaluate their positions, and Zhihu must take action.
Most of the competition for video authors in 2020 is between watermelon video and station B. the former attacks and the latter defends. It is rumored that watermelon video has poached the signing fee of wizard finance and economics at the level of 10 million. According to 36kr, director Ao, who once turned to watermelon video and was dug back by station B, paid 40 million yuan in five years. Station B denied this figure.
It seems that Zhihu didn’t take part in the front battlefield of corner digging with heavy money, and chose the path with higher cost performance. Kwai’s video recruitment plan released in May showed that “fans who meet B stations are more than 1000”, “YouTube fans are more than 5000”, “fans of short video platforms over 100 thousand” tiktok, fast hands and so on. “One knows that the original video player is more than 100 thousand,” one of which can participate.
In fact, Zhihu has entered the creator resource pool to find a benchmark for video business. According to the alphabet, Zhihu has recently signed a group of Zhihu creators, covering science popularization, finance and finance, mengpet and other fields, providing guaranteed cash, subsidies and flow support. The requirement is to send a certain amount of video content every month.
For other creators who have not signed exclusive short video content with Zhihu, Zhihu’s strategy is to provide cash subsidies and flow exposure through various programs. According to the content of the “ten million reward” cash incentive plan from July to August presented by a Zhihu creator, during the activity, the invited video creators contributed video works and received cash rewards, and the number of plays, likes and comments were important assessment criteria.
The above close to Zhihu people told alphabet that the next Zhihu subsidy will be higher than the previous video author recruitment plan.
From the content of Zhihu’s official account, Zhihu’s cash incentive plan this year is particularly intensive. In addition to the largest New Star program, there are also small activities such as Zhihu Daniel, mother and baby video answering training camp, video relay race, etc.
Zhihu’s video strategy is not only for Zhihu creators. It can be said that the knowledge video war in 2020 is a benchmark war. The rise of knowledge up masters such as wizard finance, half Buddha immortal and Luo Xiang has formed a good industry demonstration effect. However, the ecology of knowledge video creators of each platform is still at the initial stage, and a large number of medium and long tail content categories have not been covered.
In the benchmarking war, station B is one step ahead, but in the middle and long tail war, Zhihu has the advantage of reserve resources. Therefore, it is not too late for Zhihu to make efforts now. It needs to mobilize the creative ability of platform users, form a huge video content flow pool, and then complete the self evolution from graphic knowledge platform to video knowledge platform.
Zhihu’s latest action in the video field also proves this point. On October 9, Zhihu launched its online video creation tool, which can automatically match the text content provided by the Creator with pictures and moving pictures consistent with the content. In addition, it can realize one key dubbing and automatic calibration to form a video.
“For graphic creators, what is the biggest challenge of transforming video creation? How to overcome it? ” Under the question raised by Zhihu’s official account number, Zhihu users “can reach ducks with no poisonous tongue” answer is: technical threshold.

The “interpretation school” is a very popular school in knowledge video nowadays. The main form is to match the text manuscript with the corresponding text, moving picture or video picture. This form does not need to shoot additional video, which greatly reduces the difficulty of video content production.
Commentary content is suitable for long tail content video production. Zhihu online, a video creation tool, once again lowers the threshold of video production from a technical point of view.
According to 36kr, Tencent launched the video editing tool “secjian” at the end of September, a tool that allows everyone to easily create a video. It’s so easy that you just need to type a few lines or say a few words to make a satisfactory video. From the video cutting ratio, automatic import video ID and other product details, the second simple seems to be born for the video number.
Kwai tiktok has already had its own video clipping tool, and its quick hands are fast, and its voice is cut off. B station is also on the line soon.
Before the outbreak of the productive forces war, the war of production tools was the first, and the short video long tail war was brewing. Obviously, I wanted to win the war.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)