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When the number of employees in an Internet company reaches 20000, the common action is to send a letter from the CEO, clean up the management team, and carry out rectification movement in the company.
China’s population of 1.4 billion can still be stable and developed, and Foxconn’s 1.2 million people can still stabilize and develop. Why do Internet companies feel that it is very difficult to manage when the number of Internet companies reaches 20000?
The number of employees in the Internet company has reached 20000, one of which is the emergence of a huge middle office and the other is rapid bu. China and Taiwan are polygamous, laborious and thankless, and many Bu work in their own way, which can not form a joint force.
Perhaps because the state is a platform, it can rely on the law to make simple rules, and the organization is highly centralized and violent at the legal level. Foxconn is manual labor, assembly line workers, as long as you work according to the standard action, convenient management. But is that true?
The Internet is intelligence intensive. To encourage everyone to break through themselves, cooperation rather than management is needed. This format itself is a relatively pursuit of equal rights and decentralization. Everything has to hate negotiation, game and compromise. The internal friction cost and resistance will naturally develop into the form of Taiwan and bu.
Who has entropy reduction, who lives. Can it be explained by a weak compensation theory that the simpler the better?
Internet companies have 20000 employees.
When the number of Internet companies reaches 20000, they have basically laid a mature foundation industry. At this time, they will face greater management and competitive development problems. At this time, the common actions of CEOs are to write letters and send articles, focusing on the management team on one hand and carrying out rectification movement on the other.
On the one hand, most of the CEOs of Internet companies are science and technology men with R & D background. They started their own businesses very early and did not manage so many people and were not managed by others. “Many CEOs only have slogans like dreams of technology changing the world or vulgar IPO dreams. They are all dwarfs of top-level design in terms of enterprise management philosophy. Most of them have not formed a unique management philosophy, formulated a sound management structure, mobilized and played a strong organizational force, and so on. For example, a 12-year-old child, although growing to 170cm, is immature in mental development. ” (Jizhong exhibition)
But I also think that corporate culture is the personality of the boss, and the management style is the reflection of CEO’s world outlook. I want to say that the company’s problem is a management and culture problem, but it is still the CEO’s cognition problem and misjudgment problem.
Take two unsuccessful cases: Google bet on social networking, baidu wrongly judged mobile.
In 2010, Google reached 20000 people in Q2 company, and the per capita revenue decreased significantly. Page took the post of CEO again in 11 years and launched product line cleaning. Google Wave, buzz, knol, desktop, labs, Sidewiki and reader were launched.
The product line clean-up is actually to make way for Google +. Page explained at that time, “since I became CEO again, I have been trying to improve the turnover rate and execution efficiency of the company, and have focused on the biggest bet that can change the world.”
According to page, the biggest bet in the world is social. In order to push G +, cut off the reader, and make the user’s private photo album Picasa publicly searchable, YouTube must use G + to log in to comment. This is one of the worst user experience stages of Google under page.
At that time, the number of G + teams even exceeded the total number of Facebook engineers, but as a result, G + was always a ghost town and finally closed down.
Baidu also probably reached 20000 people in 2012. At the Baidu World Conference in 2012, Robin Li also thought that the mobile Internet is drunk driving, which is actually a fundamental misjudgement. Later, after 360 entered the search market in a large scale, an internal letter was sent at the end of the year, calling out to “encourage wolves and eliminate petty bourgeoisie”. At that time, the wording caused some internal and external repercussions.
This internal letter is actually a rectification mail. The title is “change, starting from you and me”, expressing Robin Li’s concern about the variation of company culture, hoping to wipe out the company’s old class. “Calling for wolf nature is to add carrot and stick, and to make all employees more clear. If you want to find a stable job, do not seek meritorious service but seek no living, please leave now, otherwise our big ship will be dragged down.”
This is actually an emergency response. When the search is hit by 360, baidu is the most nervous time, because search is the lifeblood of its own, 360 hit things are exactly what he is familiar with, I have visited every pit of search. But because 360 is very wolf, baidu should also encourage wolf nature, ignoring that Baidu’s staff and cadres were not wolf like at that time. Good students suddenly began to shout, fight and kill. In fact, they didn’t know what to do.
Baidu culture is actually about focusing, that is, everything for search. Maybe like today’s byte skipping, we all advocate absolute resources to bring absolute advantages. It can be done when the search is strong, but if you focus on it when the search is not strong, it is easy to go against the trend. For example, Google does social networking. When Ali faces mobile push, Baidu and Facebook both refuse app and do H5. Because when making decisions within the core competence of the company and making other decisions, the points needed are different.
Direction height is not enough, but the action is very fast, there will be problems.
There is no reason to miss, and no reason to miss.
An Internet company with 20000 employees is considered to be a big company. At this time, the problems that easily occur are that the team becomes arrogant, the per capita output and the quality of recruitment and selection decline, and the salary and development range of the employees who join the company are limited.
To solve these problems, in fact, we should not cure the head and foot, but should start from the top-level design, and first solve the problems of corporate governance structure and cultural rectification.

When Huawei reached 20000 people in 2001, Ren Zhengfei published Huawei’s winter. “The key points of management in the past three years are all about the per capita benefit. If we do not pay attention to the growth of per capita benefit, management will not progress. Therefore, the most important and core of an enterprise is to pursue long-term and sustainable per capita benefit growth (financial and per capita potential)
In 2009, when Alibaba had 20000 employees, 18 Arhats collectively resigned and re applied for partners. This is very similar to the resignation of the 7000 people’s Congress held by Huawei in 2007, allowing the collective resignations within 20000 job numbers to re compete for jobs.
In 2009, some employees of Alibaba B2B company’s direct sales team intentionally or negligently caused some companies suspected of fraud to join Alibaba platform in order to pursue high performance and high income. In order to maintain the company’s “customer first” values and integrity principle, CEO Wei Zhe and coo Li Xuhui resigned. Ma Yun’s statement at that time was that “integrity is one of Alibaba’s most important values, and any behavior that violates our culture and values cannot be accepted.”.
At that time, Wei Zhe’s position was very similar to that of Jiang Fan today. Many people would observe the difference between the two CEOs by using the different ways Ma Yun and Zhang Yong handled the two executives. For example, a classmate from Ali expressed doubts about the company’s idea that the law was not strict. “Wei Zhe was only in charge of accidents and was implicated. Before that, he was only demoted and did not open people. Jiang Fan’s handling was too light, and he was disappointed to see the result. ” But another student from Ali explained, “Wei Zhe’s problem is a problem of values, and Jiang Fan’s problem is a matter of personal morality, which is different in nature.”
If there are problems in the company, we need to adjust the organizational structure and improve the culture to make systematic correction under the premise of ensuring the correct direction.
Many people say that benevolence is not in charge of the army. Indeed, it is very difficult to balance the interests of all parties in the enterprise. Especially when your personality is very soft, or I am a pacifist, I will not take the initiative to pick up this war, unless the war has already hit the door.
Ma Huateng in 2010 may have the same problem as Robin Li in 2012, but was awakened after the 3Q war.
In 2012, Tencent had 20000 people. Because of the stimulation of the 3Q war and in order to better face the mobile Internet, Tencent made a great adjustment in its organizational structure and wanted to streamline its military and administration. It delivered an internal speech the following year, “leading cadres should be hungry and thirsty, not rich second generation.”. We should have passion, be willing to learn and be open. ”
Tencent in QQ has done very well, or let wechat do it, and then can continue to maintain the resources of wechat investment, which is very difficult for many companies to do. It is a great challenge for the management to choose the new product if they can find out who is strong or even who is strong. They are required to dare to make decisions and analyze.
In the early stage of development, the company can win. The reason why a start-up company exists is that it has a unique understanding of its business. The whole company is committed to one thing only, while a large factory can only send a small team at best. If it’s just a simple contest of who can win better by investing more, there’s no need for startups to exist.
But the company to a certain stage, the company’s mentality will be changed, you want to pursue is not to miss, do not miss is an important thing.
Tencent Kwai tiktok was stimulated by 360, and the fast hand was waken by the shaking. Tiktok also announced farewell to Buddha in 2019 after a year of Kwai Chai overtaking.
Kwai Hua and Cheng Yi laughed, they said they were not satisfied with the status quo of the fast hand, and the loose organization and the attitude of the Buddha made them feel uncomfortable. They thought they had to change. They had always neglected the organization construction. “We are not the fastest ones. Our muscles began to become feeble and slowed down during the growing up. Our connection with the users was weakening. 。”
The result of reflection is to call on the whole staff to enter the combat state and open the door to the future. “We will change the organization and optimize the structure.” we have always wanted to make a great product. Now, we want to be a great company. ”
From Buddhism to wolf, mobilize the company’s investment.
From run products to develop a company as a product.
But wolf is not a good word, or there is a suitable stage.
Companies that encourage wolf nature generally advocate militarized management. The way the troops fight is to win and win, with the goal of winning and winning. That is to say, we must win, win a certain mountain or defeat some people. The first starting point is not to take the initiative to help customers or users.
Wolf culture will be more inclined to zero sum games, easy to be hated, easy to intensify many so-called contradictions.
If you think of an enterprise as a person, culture is a person’s character, and Uber is a challenger and subverter of rules with distinct personality characteristics. Uber’s cultural values are a kind of fearless spirit to deal with difficulties and challenges. It has a positive power to break all rules and encourage quick problem-solving without caring about rules and authority.
Uber’s cultural values, drafted by CEO Travis kalanick, were first announced at Uber’s 5th anniversary annual meeting in September 2015. “Always huslin”, hot blooded “superpumpped” and “big bold bets” are the three most representative ones.
The following Chinese translation is adapted by Uber China staff from the hero song of outlaws of the Marsh:
● celebrate cities roar as they pass the city
● meritocracy and toe stepping
Why don’t you bow down when you meet a dignitary
Winning: Champion’s mindset
Let builders build

Never look back in the fire
A bowl of wine regardless of high or low
Make magic has changed from nothing
* superpumpped
A dog from inside out
Be an owner, not a renter
Optimistic leadership, optimistic and open-minded, happy to lead the future
Be yourself
Big bold bets big vision, big risk
The radical wolf culture once helped Uber to conquer the global market quickly. However, Uber has become the most rebellious and controversial company in Silicon Valley because of its radical and fearless wolf culture. Later, it became an unbearable pressure on employees and the fuse of Uber’s scandals in 2017.
The company can not only focus on growth and scale, but also strengthen quality and responsibility in time.
One sided emphasis on growth and scale has not strengthened quality and responsibility. This is the content of Zhang Yiming’s apology letter in April 2018. The background is that the content of a 10 million grade dau product was suddenly pulled out by the relevant department and permanently shut down. At that time, the sound was rising, but we call this company tiktok today.
At that stage, the company had just over 20000 people, and took the initiative to take some actions to fight against the disease of large companies.
The practice of byte skipping is context, not control. The direct source of influence is Netflix. At that time, the founders of Netflix, a successful entrepreneur, hoped to recreate an “Amazon” in an industry.
Netflix and Amazon are both typical adult cultures. There is a rule in Netflix’s culture manual that employees should not regard the company as a family. Because the company is the place to fight, home is the place to rest and comfort you.
Until the end of 2017 musical.ly , byte skipping are all around the PPT efforts of the content type and distribution means of Zhang Yiming’s 2012 New Year picture. But in 2018, as the company grows larger, it will actively explore new business and make greater efforts to invest in globalization. The company’s vision is also from “know your information platform best, connect people and information, promote creation and communication.” Upgrade to “global creation and exchange platform.”
Vision changes, learning benchmarking has also changed, from learning Silicon Valley to learning Seattle. In the past, byte leaps refer to Facebook and Google more. For example, byte growth team and advertising business may be built on Facebook. Zhang Yiming will also ask executives to read the Google biography “how Google” written by Google chairman Schmidt Works “, but after 2017, it is clear that the company’s research and reference to Amazon has become more and more, because the company’s business has become more complex and Amazon’s preference for adults is more consistent with its culture and byte.
For example, in the summer of 2018, the slogan “work hard, have fun, make history” hung by tiktok’s Japanese office came from Amazon’s recruitment slogan.
“When I interviewed people, I told them, ‘you can work long, hard or smart, but at Amazon, you can’ don’t choose two-thirds, ‘” Bezos said in his first letter to shareholders in 1997
Although Amazon has reached the highest market value in the world, Bezos is also the richest person on earth, and has reached the peak of the company’s and CEO’s achievements. But in his opinion, he still has a long way to go. Amazon especially loves PR’s self-made history. Bezos has always said that he has not established a “last company” and “the Internet in general and Amazon.com in particular, is still in Chapter One。”
Zhang Yiming has also been trying to avoid byte skipping and become a big company. He wants to keep the style of garage start-up company in culture. Therefore, there will be a famous slogan “always day one” from Amazon.
Zhang Yiming said he hopes to “develop the company into a product”, and the core of improving the speed of the company’s product operation is management and values. Management is relatively rigid, is the firm rule of the company. Values are the basic concept of company operation. So the way byte leaps is that under the guidance of vision, we can work around the values of how to achieve the vision better.
The value of byte skipping is called bytecan. When the enterprise vision changes in 2018, it also makes some adjustments. From “positive, honest, open, extreme, judgmental and always entrepreneurial” in 2015, it has become “pursuing perfection, being pragmatic and daring, being open and humble, being frank and clear, and always starting a business”. All this was announced by Zhang Yiming in an internal email.
To prevent the company and employees from being arrogant, it is necessary to reduce ego’s hearing and add humility. At the same time, the company has more than 20000 people, and it may be difficult to ask everyone to have judgment. At this time, it is a requirement for team leaders to take down the judgment.
You see, when the number of Internet companies reaches 20000, the CEO sends an internal letter, puts forward higher requirements for the management team, and upgrades the company culture. No one can run away.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)