Beijing urgently talks about Qingju bicycles: illegally put bicycles out of Beijing before the end of October


On the afternoon of September 30, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission urgently interviewed the Qingju bicycle operators and ordered them to transport the illegal green orange bicycles out of Beijing before the end of October.
Since the beginning of this year, Qingju bicycle has been interviewed and punished by the regulatory authorities for many times because of its low vehicle reporting rate and poor data access quality. In the previous interview, Qingju bicycle promised to raise the vehicle registration rate to 90% by the end of August. However, according to the city’s supervision and service platform, Qingju’s reporting rate continued to decline, with the lowest reporting rate of only 21%. In the interview, the legal representative of Qingju bicycle acknowledged the fact that the actual number of vehicles put into operation far exceeded the promised quantity, resulting in a low reporting rate, and promised to rectify immediately.
Since August, the city launched the special rectification of Internet rental bicycles, the law enforcement departments have received a large number of complaints and evidence materials against the violation of regulations by enterprises, among which the complaints related to the illegal delivery of Qingju bicycles are the most serious. The municipal comprehensive law enforcement team of transportation will carry out law enforcement investigation according to law, punish its illegal release behavior according to legal procedures, and publicize it on credit transportation, credit Beijing and other platforms.