Why is there no Internet “sneak attack” war in the National Day golden week


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By Yao Yun
Source: box lunch Finance (ID: daxiongfan)
A space for one person to tiktok, kimchi, WeChat, Alipay, and Alipay, occupied a place in mobile payment; online taxi subsidy war, and the number of drops came; the US group began to recruit and restore capacity, counterattacked Baidu takeaway; the whole of Kwai’s fire was completely opened, and the magic 15 seconds short video plus the Central title sponsorship competition, the whole country was hot, and the “one brother” was suppressed.
The key words of “Spring Festival” and “Relaxation” are “Spring Festival” and “family holiday”.
During the long holidays, problems such as lack of taxi service and slow express delivery appeared, and the commercial efficiency of the whole society decreased rapidly. Therefore, in the contradiction between demand and supply, the golden week attack war has become a major tradition of the Internet. However, not all golden weeks can become Normandy where the Internet is scrambling to land.
In the golden week of the national day of the people’s Republic of China, it is rare to see such a surprise attack and overtaking on the curve.
Soldiers are crafty. The essence of modern commercial sneak attack is still “strange”. Take advantage of the people’s vacation and relaxation psychology, surprise and give a critical or fatal blow.
That is also the National Day golden week of the 7-day holiday. Why is there so little Internet attack? Is it not worthy of the golden week?
No spring festival gala
Sneak attack requires a large enough stage and main battlefield to attract most of the attention and fire.
One of the reasons why it was impossible to launch a surprise attack on the national day of the people’s Republic of China was that there was no spring festival gala.
In marketing, there is a non-existent concept called ambush marketing. The original meaning refers to a marketing promotion activity in which a company wants to contact with certain characteristics of the theme event (activity) under the condition of sponsor’s payment, invades the public awareness around the theme event, occupies the intellectual space of consumers, thus avoiding the expensive sponsorship fee, and achieving the goal of brand awareness and brand image with low cost.
It first appeared in 1984 when Kodak attacked Fuji in Los Angeles Olympic Games, and has been closely related to sports sponsorship.
In 2014, Ma Yun called the victory of wechat red packets “a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.”.
After the red envelopes of WeChat attacked Alipay, Ma Yun regrets the fact that the “sneak attack on the Pearl Harbor” during the Spring Festival is indeed perfect in planning and execution. Fortunately, the Spring Festival will soon be over, and the days after that will be very long, but it really teaches us a profound lesson.
But the real Alipay was sneak attack on the Spring Festival Gala in 2015.
In 2015, CCTV Spring Festival Gala and wechat join hands: in addition to shaking red envelopes, wechat brings “shake a wave” to the extreme. It integrates various scenes on New Year’s Eve with this interaction. It shakes the Spring Festival Gala program list, friends’ New Year greeting card, shakes out “family photo”, shakes out friends’ small videos, and shakes the wishes of the performers of the live Spring Festival Gala.
Before 2015, in the field of online payment, Alipay was a dominant company. After the Spring Festival Gala in 2015, WeChat paid a strong rise and shared the world with Alipay. Wechat payment, in the form of “shaking” activities, released 500 million cash red packets in the Spring Festival Gala of 2015, and gained more than 10 billion interactions in a few hours, thus thoroughly activating wechat payment.
According to the official data provided by wechat, the total number of wechat red packets received and received on New Year’s Eve reached 1.01 billion times. During the period from 20:00 to 0.48 am today, the total amount of wechat shaking interaction in the Spring Festival Gala reached 11 billion times, and the interaction peak appeared at 22:34, reaching 810 million times / min.
The theme of WeChat’s attack on Alipay is Spring Festival Gala.
The National Day holiday and the Spring Festival holiday are often seven days, but as a traditional festival, the Spring Festival Gala, which is a huge flow pool, naturally attracts a lot of attention and gives enterprises enough stage to compete.
However, the National Day golden week is not the case.
On September 18, 1999, the State Council revised the “national annual and commemorative day holidays” to extend the May Day and National Day holidays to three days respectively. On this basis, three seven-day long holidays of Spring Festival, may day and national day were formed by taking off weekends.
Since then, the golden week of tripartite confrontation has taken shape.
And this pattern has been maintained until 2007. In 2007, the State Council issued the “national annual festival and Memorial Day holiday measures” notice, officially cancelled the May Day golden week, added Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, mid autumn festival as statutory festivals. After the May Day golden week was cancelled, Spring Festival and national day became the only two long holidays for Chinese people.
Although there are enough users’ attention and time, this 11 is not a natural Festival, and it does not become an artificial festival like double 11. The purpose of the National Day golden week is also very simple – to stimulate consumption and stimulate the domestic economy.
Their travel plans are the theme events (activities) of the national day, but they are all scattered.
So this year’s Mid Autumn Festival meeting with the national day, with the blessing of traditional festivals and mid autumn party, can the national day be different? Probably not.
Generally, if the event (event) sponsorship costs a lot and there are exclusive terms, the possibility of sneak marketing will emerge more likely. (sneak marketing, Peng Dan)
No oligarchs: it’s a scuffle
Sneak attack, need to match up the competitor.
Nike’s sneak attack on Reebok is also a classic case of sneak attack marketing.
In 1996 Olympic Games, 96 European Cup, 98 World Cup, Nike is not official sponsor. But during these events, Nike has bought a lot of outdoor billboards around the competition venues, and has used football shaped hot air balloons to strengthen its brand image. According to an ex post survey, Nike, though not an official sponsor, was considered an official sponsor by more than 1/4.
Kodak tiktok, Fuji, Nike and Reebok, Pepsi and Coca-Cola, WeChat payment and convergence, dripping and fast, shaking and Kwai. There are two common points in these business cases of sneaking attacks on each other: one is that the two are equally matched in the industry; the other is that the industry is easy to form giants and attract enough traffic and attention to attract people’s attention to the war.

For ordinary consumers, eating, drinking, walking and shopping is the theme of the National Day golden week. There are two industries involved here, one is tourism industry, the other is catering industry.
However, in the tourism industry and the catering industry, which both have a trillion scale, there is no giant like bat that occupies absolute control.
Referring to the situation of other industries, we temporarily call the companies with revenue of more than 10 billion and market value of more than 100 billion as giants. At present, only CITS, one of the listed companies in A-share tourism industry, has reached this standard. In addition to several travel agency businesses, scenic spot enterprises are at a very low level in terms of revenue and market value Silence. “. Why is there no giant in the trillions tourism industry? „ÄčZhang Yongjia, 2017)
(data source: annual report of relevant listed companies in 2017 (in descending order of market value), image source: new tourism industry)
From the above chart, we can find that most of A-share listed tourism companies are still in the stage of relying on mountains and water. At the same time, it is also difficult for the Internet, which is prone to the agglomeration effect of industrial scale, to become an absolute leader in the tourism industry.
As shown in the figure below, the industrial chain of domestic online tourism and vacation industry can be roughly divided into tourism resources, tourism product mix and distribution, media and marketing, online users, etc.
(source: iResearch)
Ctrip, which has been working in the industry for more than 20 years and occupies a dominant position, is also difficult to have an absolute monopoly in this field.
Different market segments, each participant dislocation competition. Ctrip has outstanding resource advantages. With Cheng Yilong, Tencent small program, Feizhu is backed by Ali ecological circle, and meituan is deeply cultivating low-level cities.
With the advantages of business travel customers and hotel resources, Ctrip has expanded to overseas markets and low-level cities, with the strongest comprehensive strength at present. Tongcheng Yilong relies on Tencent, a big shareholder, to make small programs and transform ITA. Feizhu relies on the Ali ecosystem, and deeply cultivates the post-85 users in the platform mode. Meituan reviews has the advantage of low-cost cross customer acquisition, seizing the demand of local accommodation and expanding rapidly in low-level cities. In the future, meituan reviews has the greatest potential to catch up with and surpass Ctrip. (OTA (online tourism) industry intellectual dividend drives industry prosperity, competition pattern variables still exist, Guosheng securities research paper)
The reason why we can’t form a few dominant companies is very simple – the industrial chain.
(China’s online tourism industry chain, from iResearch)
Online tourism industry chain can be roughly divided into three parts: upstream resource supply, midstream product mix and distribution, and downstream product marketing. The upstream resource supply can be divided into airlines, Railway Corporation, hotel suppliers, scenic area suppliers and other product suppliers; the mid stream product mix and distribution is divided into travel agency wholesaler agent and distributor; the downstream product marketing includes UGC, social media, portal, search engine, mobile application and others.
(panorama of Gmv distribution in China’s tourism market in 2017)
However, after the trillion level market is dispersed into large travel, small travel, hotel, catering, B & B, air ticket and other subdivided fields, the reason why bat level giant cannot be formed is obvious.
Whether it is tourism or catering industry, the essence is service industry. However, due to the diversified and upgrading needs of consumers, the service industry has no oligopoly nature in its business gene.
For enterprises, the 11th is destined to be a confrontational battle, always on guard.
To win by surprise
Sneak attack, need “strange”.
On September 24, 2020, pinduoduo announced to be the exclusive red envelope interactive partner of the Spring Festival Gala. This is the sixth Internet Co that has been heavily loaded with “Spring Festival Gala” after WeChat, Alipay, Taobao, Baidu and Kwai Fu. Many people interpret this cooperation as pinduoduo aims at finance and intends to promote payment business.
The “Spring Festival gala +” strategy, which has lasted for several years, can produce a surprise effect with the help of traffic every time? Obviously not. After the WeChat and Alipay, the effect of breaking through the Internet factory with the Spring Festival Gala was not ideal.
In the art of war of Sun Tzu, it is mentioned that all the people who fight will win by right combination and by surprise.
This means that when fighting the enemy with a positive force, we should always ambush an extra force, that is, a surprise force. The key to victory is to surprise the enemy and suddenly disrupt the enemy’s deployment.
“Spring Festival gala +” has become a routine business action, which can not give your competitors and users enough attraction. This is also the reason why the National Day golden week has become a regular front battlefield.
The key to sneak marketing is to establish a certain connection with the event, and then use this connection to carry out effective publicity, so as to divert the public’s attention. As far as the Olympic Games are concerned, enterprises can sponsor a single event or sponsor a team from a certain country. The key to sponsor a sub project is to select a strong team or project. (Zheng Yang, sneak attack marketing in sports competitions)
Note that there are two keys: one is public attention, the other is diversion.
During the Spring Festival, the public’s attention is mainly focused on visiting relatives and friends, red envelopes, new year’s Eve dinner, accompanying family members, playing mahjong, etc. In this state, it is easier to deploy additional “surprise troops” for surprise attack.
But it’s not.
Ctrip’s “National Day Golden Week travel heat map” shows: as of the middle of September, the month on month growth of the main routes during this year’s national day has exceeded 200%, and the number of train tickets has increased significantly, and it is difficult to get one ticket for some popular routes.
Meituan big data shows that during the national day, the number of online catering orders increased by 37% compared with the same period last year. Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Hangzhou became the top 5 cities for online catering booking consumption, while hot pot, Japanese food, barbecue, Western food, river and Lake Seafood became popular categories.
However, due to the unfamiliar environment, most of the attention is focused on the trip itself.
If there is a sneak attack, there will be a counter attack.

How similar are those Internet companies that take advantage of the curve to overtake during the holidays and those Xueba who “learn nothing after the holiday” and “just go home and play”. When the two Xueba said to each other that they didn’t read much during the holiday, they would only become a “secret war” without a holiday.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)