Disneyland to lay off 28000 people


Disneyland’s long-term closure in California’s theme park, which has been reopened, has been limited by the new crown epidemic, forcing the company to lay off 28000 people in its parks, experience and consumer goods departments.
Disneyland director Josh D’Amaro said in a letter to employees on Tuesday that the company had to make “tough decisions” after the outbreak, including ending the pay cut for thousands of employees.
Of the 28000 laid-off employees, about 67% are part-time workers, according to D’Amaro.
Disney’s other theme parks in Florida, Paris, Shanghai, Japan and Hong Kong have reopened, but the number of visitors has been limited by the epidemic, while California Adventure Park and Disneyland are still closed.
Disney shares closed 0.47 per cent lower at $125.40 on Tuesday, down more than 1 per cent after the announcement of layoffs.