US media: US government’s crackdown on tiktok is opposed by many parties


Original title: US media: US government’s crackdown on tiktok is opposed by many parties
According to Agence France Presse, Washington, September 28, a U.S. federal judge called a political ban on downloading the popular video app tiktok hours before it came into effect on Sunday night.
In a rare telephone hearing held on Sunday, judge Nichols heard arguments on the impact of Trump’s ban on freedom of speech and national security of the Chinese funded app, the report said.
Tiktok lawyer John Hall was quoted as saying the ban would be “punitive” and would close a public forum for tens of millions of American users.
In a written briefing before the hearing, tiktok’s lawyers said the ban was “arbitrary and capricious” and would “undermine data security” by preventing software updates and fixes, the report said.
In addition, according to the US “Wall Street Journal” website reported on September 27, before the hearing on Sunday, other technology companies also expressed their views and supported tiktok. “There is no precedent in the history of the United States to ban a media platform completely, which directly deprives a quarter of the population of the United States of access to information on the platform,” netchoice, an industry group representing Internet giants such as Amazon, Facebook and Google, said in a court notice
The group also warned that the trump administration’s ban could provide other governments with “new reasons to prevent us technology companies from entering foreign markets.”. The group said the U.S. government did not provide “evidence that the Chinese Communist Party or the military obtained tiktok user data in the United States,” and said the government could address its concerns in other ways, such as data security measures.