The report shows that the United States is the largest source of cyber attacks against China, the Foreign Ministry responded


Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China’s cyber attacks continue to increase outside China and measures will be taken to protect critical information infrastructure from threats
[Global Times global network reporter Bai Yunyi] China’s Internet network security monitoring data analysis report released by China’s national Internet Emergency Center a few days ago shows that China’s Internet attacks from abroad continue to increase, and the United States is the largest source country of network attacks against China. In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on the 29th that China had more reason to express concern over reports by the US media that the United States vigorously pursued the strategy of “continuous engagement” in cyberspace, lowered the threshold of authorization, and wantonly launched attacks on other countries’ key information infrastructure.
At a regular press conference held by the foreign ministry on the same day, Wang Wenbin said that China has taken note of the report, which reflects some prominent challenges China is facing in the field of network security. First of all, China is still one of the main victims of cyber attacks, which have continued unabated during the outbreak. Second, the United States is the largest source of cyber attacks against China. In terms of the number of foreign computer malware capture, the number of servers controlling foreign malware, the number of denial of service (DDoS) attacks abroad, and the implantation of backdoors into Chinese websites, the United States ranks first.
Third, network reconnaissance against China’s key information infrastructure deserves attention, he said. According to the report, the network assets of China’s industrial control system continue to be subject to scanning and sniffing from abroad, with an average of more than 20000 times a day, targeting networked industrial control equipment and systems in key industries such as energy, manufacturing and communications in China. Compared with other types of network attacks, the above-mentioned network reconnaissance operations are more likely to have strong government background.
“I want to emphasize that cyber attacks are a common challenge facing all countries. China has always advocated that all countries should strengthen dialogue and cooperation on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and jointly address this challenge. We also call on States to act responsibly in cyberspace. At the same time, China will take necessary measures to enhance its own network security, especially to protect key information infrastructure from threats and damages. ” Wang said.