Shen NANPENG talks to Lang Ping: you need to believe in yourself in the dark


Original title: Shen NANPENG talks to Lang Ping: you need to believe in yourself in the dark
At the end of September, in an offline cross-border dialogue between Shen NANPENG, founder and executive partner of Sequoia Capital China fund, and Lang Ping, head coach of Chinese women’s volleyball team, Lang Ping talked about perseverance and mental adjustment of the Tokyo Olympic postponement team; Shen NANPENG shared the zero mentality and how to get through the dark moment.
A sudden turn for the worse is a big change. Shen Napeng has seen from the perspective of entrepreneurs and investors that the emergence of critical moments is often accompanied by changes in the environment. His personal choices at two crucial moments have had a significant impact. The first is that in the second half of 2000, the industry situation was plunged and the Internet bubble burst, and few investors in the market were willing to invest in Internet Co again, when Shen Napeng started to start business. If the leading Ctrip financing fails, it may not be available today. “In those dark moments, first of all, you have to believe in yourself, that this business model is correct, and that the company can grow.”
The second moment was in 2008, when the financial crisis broke out. The Sequoia team held a CEO Summit in the suburbs of Beijing. The atmosphere of the meeting was negative: the consumer industry, the Internet industry and the medical industry were not so good Similar to the women’s volleyball team into the “death group” was sentenced to “death”, the atmosphere of Sequoia meeting at that time was almost the same as that of the women’s volleyball team at that time. At that time, Sequoia insisted on “believe in yourself”, “don’t complain, don’t give up, focus on doing the most important thing”.
This year’s women’s volleyball training ground has a striking phrase called “everything starts from scratch.”. There is also a saying in Sequoia’s investment philosophy that “the best investment is the next investment”.
Lang Ping said that after we won the world championship, we told our team members to “start from scratch”. This feeling is like climbing a mountain. The joy of rushing up after thousands of difficulties is mixed with hardships. It is very nice to recall. But soon after you go down the mountain and let you go up again, that mentality may change, so how to motivate the team members to rush twice or three times is very important.
Shen NANPENG said that in the past 15 years, Sequoia China has participated in the development of some world-class Chinese enterprises, such as Dajiang, shenin and byte jump. However, if they are proud of themselves in the industry, they will be eliminated by the market. It is very important to establish a “return to zero” mentality. In addition, the zero mentality is also reflected in the face of their own failure. We have been making repeated offers and reflecting on our failures. The work of summing up lessons is more important than finding successful experience, and the mentality of facing failure will go further.
At present, Lang Ping said that the epidemic in the past year has brought unprecedented challenges to the team. How to keep a champion’s heart in the special environment, especially in the long-term closed training, is the test of the whole team. At this time, it is very difficult but necessary for the coach to help the players to make adjustments, re-establish confidence and firm belief.
“No matter how many days we close down, we must have a goal. The Tokyo Olympic Games will be postponed. We should take this opportunity to make up for our shortcomings and focus on improving ourselves. In the face of such great changes and tests, we should be calm, steady, patient and strong. ” Lang Ping said.