Robin Li: the responsibility of the algorithm is to recommend Guan Zhong’s virtuous minister to Qi Huan.


On September 27, the “2020 China Network Media Forum” jointly sponsored by the central network and information office, the network and Information Commission of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, and the Xinhua news agency opened in Shanghai. Guests from the government, academia and industry will conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on the core theme of “China’s changing situation and opening up a new Bureau: the responsibilities and missions of China’s online media”.
Robin Li, founder, chairman and chief executive of Baidu, said in his speech: “after more than 20 years of development, China’s network media has grown from scratch, from small to large, and has been playing a more and more important role in social life. From the early portal of one thousand people, to the active search initiated by users, and now the immersive information flow feeding, the impact of algorithms on human access to information is also growing. The feeding information flow creates the stickiness of products, but also tests the values of network media.
When the algorithm becomes the key to open the “any door” of the information world, do users see a larger world or a smaller world?
Although the algorithm is innocent, it can’t just use “Yi Ya, Li Diao, Wei Kaifang.” these people tried every means to please Duke Huan of Qi. The algorithm should also give them the “Guan Zhong” that they like rationally.
Qi Huan liked Guan Zhong when he was an axiomatic intellectual, but most of the time, what he loved was that he would always please his courtiers. The algorithm should take the initiative to understand the user’s advanced goals rather than follow the user’s instinctive preferences. How to know whether Duke Huan of Qi needs Bao Shuya or Guan Zhong, how to recommend Guan Zhong’s virtuous officials to Duke Huan of Qi instead of the sycophantic courtiers he likes is the responsibility of the algorithm; the development direction of network media needs to be consistent with the fundamental interests of users. “