Robin Li: algorithm can not only provide “easy teeth” to please, but also to rational “Guan Zhong”.


Chen Yiping, senior reporter of surging news
On the morning of September 27, the “2020 China Network Media Forum” jointly sponsored by the central network and information office, the network and Information Commission of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, and Xinhua news agency opened in Shanghai. Guests from the government, academia and industry will conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on the core theme of “opening a new Bureau in a changing situation: the responsibilities and missions of China’s online media”.
In the main keynote speech of the forenoon, Baidu’s founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li delivered keynote speeches.
Thinking: do algorithms allow users to see a larger world or a smaller world?
Robin Li said that after more than 20 years of development, China’s network media has grown from scratch, growing from small to large, and playing an increasingly important role in social life. From the early portal of one thousand people, to the active search initiated by users, and now the immersive information flow feeding, the impact of algorithms on human access to information is also growing. The feeding information flow creates the stickiness of products, but also tests the values of network media. When the algorithm becomes the key to open the “any door” of the information world, do users see a larger world or a smaller world?
Robin Li said that although the algorithm is innocent, but the algorithm can not only give users “easy teeth, vertical Diao, Wei Kai Fang”, these people are trying to do everything possible to please Qi Huan. The algorithm should also give them the “Guan Zhong” that they like when they are rational.
Qi Huan liked Guan Zhong when he was an axiomatic intellectual, but most of the time, what he loved was that he would always please his courtiers. The algorithm should take the initiative to understand the user’s advanced goals rather than follow the user’s instinctive preferences. How to know whether Duke Huan of Qi needs Bao Shuya or Guan Zhong, how to recommend Guan Zhong’s virtuous officials to Duke Huan of Qi instead of the sycophantic courtiers he likes is the responsibility of the algorithm; the development direction of network media needs to be consistent with the fundamental interests of users.
Just like every technological change, new technologies such as artificial intelligence will bring all-round changes to the whole society. In this process, the media will bear the brunt because of its natural sensitivity to technological change. Of course, media and technology is not a simple relationship between using and being used, especially network media, which plays a crucial role in the birth and development of new technologies. In the past 20 years, it can be said that the core technology development of the information industry is closely related to the network media. For example, the uncombined database, the deep learning algorithm, so that today’s unmanned visual technology is the first to be applied in the network media, and gradually developed.
Trend: there is a wide range of imagination in the combination of artificial intelligence and media
The field of global news communication has shown a trend of intelligent development. Artificial intelligence technology not only reshapes the whole business process of news production, but also changes every link in the value chain of media industry, giving birth to new media formats. Artificial intelligence technology has a wide range of applications and imagination space in the process of combining with news media.
Robin Li said, in fact, we have seen the fusion of different forms of media today, and we also see the trend of convergence between new technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5G. During the epidemic period in the first half of the year, we were deeply impressed by the innovative measures of the “Yunyou” series broadcast by Xinhua news agency. In the footage broadcast by Xinhua news agency, landmarks, cultural landscapes and historical stories from all over the country were moved to users from the news camera. The magnificent scene of Mount Everest was measured, and netizens were greatly impressed.
During the outbreak, China’s Internet media industry also fought a hard battle. Relying on the support of new technologies and the drive of sense of responsibility, the head Internet media effectively assisted the government to fight the epidemic scientifically and accurately.
Robin Li said, for example, we first launched the “fight pneumonia” channel on the Baidu App home page, updated the whole network’s related dynamics in real time, and iterated and added new anti epidemic products almost every day to achieve the full coverage of authoritative information to the public. At the same time, we also make use of our own information and knowledge platform attributes to link up with public health institutions and media institutions, continuously publicize public health knowledge to the public, and improve people’s awareness of health and environmental protection, food health and safety.
He revealed that in the middle of this month, baidu had just completed the most important annual technology product release conference — Baidu World Conference. Baidu cooperated with CCTV news to do a three hour live broadcast of AI impact on life. CCTV uses the latest VR extended presentation technology of the main station to create a “visual + auditory” multi-dimensional integration of live audio-visual experience for users. It also uses an easy-to-understand way to let people see the practical application of artificial intelligence technology in all aspects of social life. More than 60 million people watched the live broadcast.
These are the models of media technology and communication integration. In the future, we should always keep in mind the mission of how to seize the opportunity and make use of technological advantages in this critical historical period to provide people with an information world that can attract people and help them grow up, and build a healthy and prosperous network media environment.
Robin Li can make nothing of it. “But we believe that if we can stick to our original intention and open a new situation bravely in the changing situation, we will connect more with the world, better tell the world to China, and tell the story of China to the world!”