The US tiktok transaction terms seriously infringe China’s cyberspace sovereignty


Zuo Xiaodong, vice president of China Institute of information security
Source economic daily
Reporter Wang Yichen
Recently, the news that tiktok will reach a so-called “cooperation agreement” with Oracle and other US enterprises has attracted wide attention. From the information provided by the US side, the agreement unilaterally caters to the unreasonable demands of the US side. Zuo Xiaodong, vice president of the China Institute of information security, said in an interview with economic daily that the incident was ostensibly a crackdown on a Chinese enterprise by the United States, but in essence it was related to national security issues.
According to the content of the agreement, Oracle has access to review TikTok Global’s source code and all updates. At the same time, tiktok global will be in charge of tiktok’s business all over the world except China. This means that Americans can control tiktok’s global business through this deal.
“If we agree to an agreement like this now, it will touch the bottom line of our country’s security. There is no room for China to back down on this issue. Not only that, the United States will create a global public opinion atmosphere in which Chinese enterprises are “suspects” of stealing data from other countries, and prepare a set of countermeasures for other countries to defend themselves against China. ” Zuo Xiaodong further explained that the tiktok incident originated from the national security considerations of the U.S. government, reflecting the current new trend of Cyberspace Security game, and the increasingly fierce struggle over data control and anti control.
In his view, the tiktok trading terms forced by the US government show that the United States is striving to form absolute control over global data in order to achieve its absolute security. But the move threatens China’s cyberspace sovereignty. The program source code of Chinese enterprises should not only be protected by the national intellectual property law, but also be subject to export control because of its basic and extensive application.
In addition to cyberspace sovereignty, U.S. actions will seriously undermine economic and trade rules. Zuo Xiaodong said that the stable development of the world economy needs mature rules and regulations. If a country uses the power of political power to seize the property of a legally operating company, it will be a great harm to international law, and fairness and justice will no longer exist.
As a matter of fact, byte hop is just an ordinary commercial company in China. The United States uses state power to suppress it and force it to sign a “alliance under the city”. However, as a country, and also a big country, China will not and can not succumb to us intimidation and accept an “unequal treaty” against Chinese enterprises.
Zuo Xiaodong said that in the short term, the Chinese government should take an active part in safeguarding cyberspace sovereignty. In the long run, this incident exposed that China’s national network security system is not perfect. The system in this respect should be improved. At the same time, in addition to the export control system implemented recently, we should also make full use of the network security review system that has been implemented in China.
In addition, we should strengthen the research from the level of international rules, and promote the international community to enact an international cyberspace rule in line with the interests of world peace and development. “Because of the lack of international rules in this field, the United States can do whatever it wants. We should guard against the behavior of the United States to test the bottom line with actions, to lead the rules with individual cases, and to create conventions with facts. ” Zuo Xiaodong said.