China International Information and Communication Exhibition opens in October, which will release the 5g network speed of ten major cities in 2020


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On September 24, the press conference of “China International ICT exhibition 2020” was held in Beijing. This year’s PT exhibition will be held in Beijing from October 14 to 16. During the conference, the situation of 5g network speed in the top ten cities in 2020 will be released, and the launching ceremony of “one hundred cities and one thousand” construction will be held.
Wenku introduced that, as the first national level professional exhibition in the field of information and communication held in China under the situation of normalized epidemic prevention and control, the exhibition will take the theme of “integrating all things through the Internet and smart to the future”, adopt a new mode of online and offline organic integration, and display 5g and other representative technologies in industrial manufacturing, Internet of vehicles, smart city, medical care, education, etc Application of multiple vertical fields.
Meanwhile, “ICT China 2020 high level forum” will be held “Imt-2020 (5g) conference” and other series of activities more than 50, covering digital economy, 5g, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, Internet of things, data center, satellite communication, financial technology, Internet of vehicles, ultra high definition video, smart factory, smart education, smart energy, cloud games, network security, quantum computing, emergency communication and other hot fields.