“Li Ziqi” with the fire of the rural homestay, National Day file has a room hard to find


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It is not so easy to go to the “paradise” hidden in the countryside.
In the night of insomnia again, Xiao Li, 24, looked at the field behind Li Ziqi, a video blogger on the screen of her mobile phone. Looking at the neon flashing outside the window, she suddenly began to miss the sound of cicadas in the countryside.
In the fast-paced first tier city, trapped by the feeling of fatigue for many days, Xiao Li, who is trapped in memories, is eager to “return to the countryside and have a good sleep.”
When Li Ziqi’s video was once popular, more and more people, like Xiao Li, have more requirements for vacation tourism. After staying in the noisy city for a long time, the flashy clock in point is hard to impress them. On the contrary, it is a quiet village like “liziqi”, which makes them yearn for more.
As a result, high-end B & B transformed from old rural houses began to emerge in the countryside. However, although the National Day is still a month away, Xiao Li is still a step late, she wants to go to the country has long been difficult to find a room.
Zinc scale found that although the price is not cheap, many high-end village home stay National Day has sold out, many public housing official account even launched seckill……
When B & B becomes “Utopia”: rural economy is becoming more and more popular
Xiao Li, who went to work in Beijing after graduation, returned to the southern countryside three years ago. Most of the memories about the countryside have been blurred, but Xiao Li can’t forget the unique joy and contentment of her grandmother’s family.
Xiao Li’s grandmother’s home is in a corner of the southern town. Driving through the winding path, we can see the red soil wall and green tile roof in a short time. My grandmother has picked fresh vegetables from her own field and stood at the end of the path, eagerly waiting for the children’s return. Behind her is the smoke from cooking.
When he was young, Xiao Li always liked to listen to the crowing of summer cicadas and sleep late. Especially in rainy days, the intermittent rain, beating on the green tiles for some years, seems to be a lullaby played by nature, urging Xiao Li to enter a gentle dream.
Just as the National Day is coming, Xiao Li immediately opened the booking software, ready to grab the national day ticket. However, at the moment when she was about to place an order, Xiao Li was pulled back to reality by her friends. “Do you want to go back to the countryside where there are so many mosquitoes, it’s inconvenient to take a bath and go to the toilet, and there are chickens crowing in the early morning?”
Then, a friend immediately sent a brief introduction to the rural B & B, “do you see, is this like the idyllic scenery in Li Ziqi’s video?”
Looking at the pictures and copywriting, Xiao Li was moved: between the lush mountains and the gurgling water, a seemingly simple farmyard is located here. Among the details, from the publicity copy to the room layout, it is obviously not a “farmhouse” style house, but an alternative home stay with exquisite design – both private custom housekeepers, professional chefs and rich experience projects ……
“It’s true that we can get a breath from the quiet countryside and enjoy exquisite service.” Xiao Li thought.
When Xiao Li decided to go to the rural B & B with friends to relive her childhood, Chen Ru, located in Southwest China, was trying to book a room for her family.
Not long ago, Chen Ru and her friends saw a video about rural B & B on the short video platform: in the camera, along the stone steps, there are flowers and plants along the way, and the wooden courtyard door is wide open.
Along with the video, Chen Ru found the official account of the homestay, and introduced it. “Even if you brush every video of Li Zi and you have seen every life you want, you have never lived in a real small courtyard, you have experienced it. There’s a real country yard life here! ”
In the interspersed pictures, there is a copy like this: “you found a children’s loft transformed from pigeon house here. Perhaps you would rather live in this loft for one night and realize your childhood fairy tale dream under the small window sprinkled with starlight.” “if the name of” pigsty bar “was not written, who would have thought of this clear and bright glass house surrounded by silk and bamboo, Is it a pigsty
Chen Ru, a mother of two children, originally planned to take advantage of the national day to relax with the children and their parents. “This kind of rural courtyard can not only let the children experience the simple natural scenery, but also let the parents review the local memory.” At present, Chen Ru quickly decided that the destination of National Day is here.
In fact, “Xiao Li” and “Chen ru” are still many. The “dirty, chaotic, and poor” countryside that they had avoided, I do not know when it became the Utopia in their hearts.
Most of these high-end rural B & B hotels are publicized with exquisite and idyllic copywriting, and the key words are “nostalgia”, “childhood” and “feelings”. From the unique and exquisite BP typesetting to the entity with ancient and simple elements and modern facilities – intelligent toilet, 10000 yuan mattress, high-end bathroom and Central air conditioning, all cater to the concerns of urban consumers.
The high-grade internal facilities are standard for high-end rural B & B
After all, it’s a luxury and a surprise for those who are used to seeing the steel and mud in the city to live in the breeze and bamboo sea in the mountains, watch the sunrise in the morning, watch the star sea at night, live in the small wooden house with exquisite decoration, lie in the big tent between the mountains and the sea, and even have a look at the fireflies in their childhood memories. Living in such an environment for a few days is indeed a luxury and a surprise for people who are used to seeing the steel and mud in the city.
Hundreds of people, two rooms: the fight for room in wechat group
However, it is not easy to live in Li Ziqi’s world.
Different from the low-end rural B & B, which is built at will and similar to “farmhouse entertainment”, this kind of high-end “Taoyuan” with Li Ziqi style is expensive, and the price of a room can easily exceed 1000 yuan. But in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and even many high-end consumers in new first tier cities are willing to pay for the “luxury” in the countryside.
You should know that even if five-star hotels in many cities can’t sell for 1500 a night, the price of high-end rural B & B in Mogan mountain in Deqing, Xiannv mountain in Chongqing, Bohou village in Sanya and other places with remote geographical location and poor local economic level is hard to get one room in peak season.

“Li Ziqi and other rural life bloggers have indeed influenced many people’s views on the countryside. More and more people are eager to go into the countryside and experience a different life.” The boss of a high-end rural B & B told zinc scale that most of the high-end rural B & B houses only have less than 10 rooms. “It’s not intentional hunger marketing. It’s true that basically, there are not many houses that can be created by a big courtyard.”
After adding wechat of a favorite rural B & B customer service, Chen Ru found that most of these rural B & B hotels would mainly promote the “Baoyuan mode”.
The customer service told Chen Ru that they would give priority to the mode of renting a courtyard. Once the whole courtyard is reserved, it will no longer provide a single room reservation. “The price of renting a courtyard on holidays is 16800 yuan, including nine rooms, breakfast, afternoon tea and an experience project, but not dinner.”. The price of free rent rooms ranges from 680 yuan to 2290 yuan per room, and rooms can only be reserved within three days.
Soon, Chen Ru was pulled into a temporary wechat group by the customer service. The customer service said, “originally, we bought the hospital first. Considering that many guests are consulting the rooms for national day during this period, we specially open two rooms to take care of the guests who want to book This group will be deleted tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. ”
Chen Ru’s booking group
Two days later, Chen Ru didn’t grab a room, so she moved to another “garden farm” suitable for children to experience the natural characteristics. Parents and children can experience autumn afternoon tea making, plant and plant dyeing, and can live in exquisite tents or wooden houses in the farm. The price is 2910 yuan for three days and two nights.
However, when Chen Ru consulted customer service on September 11, the “recruitment order” just released on September 5 was no longer available.
“More remote places tend to be more expensive, and more expensive rooms tend to be reserved earlier.” In this field, “high price represents high quality and high naturalness. In the bare heart valley of Mogan mountain, the owner of a B & B house in Mogan mountain, which is located in the important town of rural B & B, told zinc scale that in this field,” high price means high quality and high naturalness. In the bare heart valley of Mogan mountain, the rural B & B with nearly 6000 yuan per night is often the first to be reserved. ”
A house is hard to find and business is booming. Behind it, countless capitals are optimistic. More and more people are eager to chew off the fat of the “short rent wolves”. Therefore, this kind of high-end rural B & B has already extended an industrial chain.
On the one hand, the consumption items of rural B & B are far more than room fees, and the additional payment items derived from it are becoming an indispensable part of this kind of B & B.
It is either a variety of experience projects, such as gliding, outdoor barbecue and other novel projects focusing on nature experience, or such interactive projects as hunting parent-child games and parent-child parties; or customized rural catering projects with high prices, such as customized farm table meals and private kitchen meals; or all kinds of agricultural and sideline products, such as “a native chicken” in some rural homestay The price of native duck can reach 600 or 700, and the price of some pigs raised by farmers can exceed 10000 yuan. ” Chen Ru understands.
Picking experience project of rural B & B
There are even many high-end rural B & B and outdoor sports development bases, agricultural complexes, catering enterprises, etc. to integrate the first, second and third industries, so that different development elements are connected with each other, and a new industrial form is gradually derived.
The benefits are obvious – Luo Shugang, Minister of culture and tourism, said at the National On-The-Spot Meeting on the development of rural B & B to promote global tourism, Luo Shugang, Minister of culture and tourism, said: China’s rural tourism has reached 2.5 billion people, an increase of 16% over the same period of last year; the consumption scale of B & B has reached 20 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2020, China’s rural B & B consumption will reach 36.3 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 16%, far higher than the expected annual growth rate of 8% of domestic tourism consumption in the same period.
In addition, according to the report on Tujia villager accommodation, the growth rate of Tujia villager’s accommodation exceeded 300%. As of November 15, 2018, rural B & B had received nearly 2 million tenants and generated income of more than 500 million yuan for rural landlords.
On the other hand, it is becoming a business to teach people how to build this kind of rural homestay. “Living together” is a mass innovation platform for B & B, which not only launched the “50 person plan” to recruit hosts to build B & B, but also launched “B & B workshop”, with the cost of accommodation and transportation of 1500 yuan per person.
“This kind of B & B is different from our standardized B & B. from copywriting publicity to housing design, it needs delicacy and characteristics.” Kong Ruilong, the head of a B & B chain store in Chengdu, told zinc scale that choosing rural B & B or urban B & B is two different ways to play. Rural B & B is based on the unique rural living environment, folk culture and rural scenery, and needs to meet the diverse needs of tourists in rural life, natural tourism and cultural experience. Even those with B & B experience want to transform themselves It’s not easy to take such a high-end boutique route for our B & B, so naturally some people will focus on this business opportunity and open classes.
“It’s not sure whether you can make money by running B & B, but if you teach people how to open B & B, you can make money, at least not lose money.” Kong Ruilong said.
Under the tuyere: Internet short rent platforms compete for admission
The rise of high-end rural B & B, to a large extent, is inseparable from the transformation of tourism consumption concept in first tier and quasi first tier cities – from sightseeing tourism to leisure vacation.
“In the past, I prefer to stay in high-end hotels in tourist cities, but in fact, the scenery and hotels in tourist cities are not much different. On the contrary, this kind of characteristic B & B is more worth visiting, and it is better to go to B & B for a rest than to punch in various scenic spots.” Xiao Li’s ideas represent the psychology of most consumers.
Therefore, under the tide, the major well-known short rent platform also began to step in, ready to pick fruit. The rural tourism market within a radius of 2.5 hours from the city has also become a new battlefield for giants.
After all, the city’s short-term rental market has long been divided up, and the flow has peaked. According to the public statistics, the occupancy rate of B & B in China in 2019 is 10% lower than that of the previous year, especially in Lijiang, Chongqing and other popular cities. Less than 20% of B & B can make profits, 30% of which are wandering on the edge of break even, and more than 50% of B & B are in deficit.

One of the important reasons is that serious homogenization, uneven service levels and lack of standardization are becoming more and more prominent in the B & B industry. In order to increase the survival probability, it is necessary to provide more targeted services to meet the deep needs of subdivided fields.
In this context, on the one hand is the continuous influx of capital. Home Inn chain brand Youjia has won tens of millions of US dollars of strategic investment from Ctrip, Tujia and 58 industrial funds. As early as the beginning of this year, its competitor, Lu Ke boutique B & B brand, completed a round of financing of hundreds of millions of yuan.
On the other side, there are big platforms and even local governments.
In 2017, ant short rent revealed for the first time that ant short rent began to expand its business lines to the rural tourism market. In addition to integrating scattered rural B & B resources, ant short rent also aims at two types of rural B & B subjects: rural chain hotels and characteristic town developers.
In May of that year, ant short rent cooperated with Chitu mountain village, a former small fishing village, to create a unique “ant homestay village”.
“Xuli No.1”, a rural homestay on ant short rent platform
Tujia announced in March 2016 that a joint venture company “tuyuan” was established with Yuanda residential workers, and Tujia will provide housekeeper services that Tujia is good at, and Yuanda residents will give full play to its architectural advantages in the development of rural tourism and vacation residential products (mostly rural villas).
From March 2020, all the five urban development managers in Chengdu Railway Station will shift their work focus to rural areas.
At present, there are more than 3000 sets of rural B & B houses located around Chengdu and the core scenic spots in Sichuan Province on the piggy platform, which is three times more than that when the rural B & B started to be expanded in 2017.
Flow and capital rush in: why is it difficult to realize the scale of rural B & B?
However, different from the standardized development of urban B & B, high-end rural B & B has a unique bottleneck in this subdivision field. Even after these large platforms enter the board, it seems that no big waves have been set off.
“The first problem is how to balance the flow and standards when platforms and capital enter the market one after another.” An industry observer told zinc scale that in terms of traffic, the flow of rural B & B mainly comes from two aspects: offline word-of-mouth communication and online platform traffic introduction.
The former is too weak and scattered, while the latter needs heavy investment. As a result, it is difficult to realize the scale of rural B & B due to the inflow of traffic.
“The positioning of rural B & B itself is local characteristics and local culture, which is obviously in conflict with the construction of standardized and pipelined B & B. therefore, how to balance the two, so that rural B & B can not only have standardized service level, but also ensure its unique style, is a difficult problem for the platform that is good at standardization development.” The above observers said that what’s more, the location of good scenery is limited, and early entrants have the advantage of resources, while later entrants are easy to fall into the routine development of less characteristics and more standards.
In addition, the investment of rural B & B is larger than that of urban B & B, and the return cycle is longer. First of all, the investment in hardware facilities is more. After all, urban B & B is slightly transformed on the original houses, while rural housing resources are basically rebuilt.
On the other hand, “rural B & B mostly rely on single door and single courtyard, and the location is relatively partial, the life supporting facilities are not perfect, the kitchen and resident service personnel are indispensable, and the price of star hotel determines the service quality to be provided.” Kong Ruilong explained to the zinc scale that, therefore, the ratio of human resources for B & B in scenic spots often needs to reach at least 1:1 to reflect the exquisite B & B service, and the labor cost required is large.
“Taking the relatively high-end rural B & B in Chengdu as an example, the salaries of housekeepers and other service personnel are higher than that of ordinary hotels, because the geographical location of rural B & B is relatively biased and all aspects of life are not convenient. If the salary is set at a low level, it is difficult to recruit or retain suitable service personnel.” Kong Ruilong said.
The data of interface news also verified this point: “the cost of centralized B & B in urban areas is at least 23 million, while that of rural B & B is 3.4 million. The cost of investing in a single room in an urban B & B is 100000, compared with 150000 for a rural B & B. ”
In such a high cost, it seems not difficult to understand the high price of this kind of rural B & B.
However, under the agitation of capital, when you are willing to spend thousands of yuan in line to sleep in the countryside, the countryside may no longer be the face and taste of childhood.
(Xiao Li and Chen Ru are pseudonyms)
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)