SKYWORTH releases 8K movie original color TV q71: starting from RMB 11999 with HDMI 2.1


Sina digital news on the afternoon of September 23, Skyworth TV held a new product launch conference of Skyworth TV in the autumn of 2020 in Beijing China Film Director Center. It officially released a number of products, including SWOT Pro smart commercial TV, Skyworth q71 and other products. At the same time, it also released the B2B commercial brand Skyworth business, officially announcing Skyworth’s entry into the enterprise service market.
Wang Zhiguo, CEO of Skyworth
B2B commercial brand Skyworth business
Wang Zhiguo, CEO of Skyworth, said in his speech that in the era of 5g + 8K, the polarization of the TV industry and the popularization of 8K TV have become barriers to innovation in the TV industry. SKYWORTH wants TV to be more than just a home entertainment center.
SKYWORTH mobile smart screen
Then Skyworth officially released the B2B business brand Skyworth business, officially announced that Skyworth entered the enterprise service market. At this conference, Skyworth commercial officially launched Hotel TV, smart digital billboard and City Smart cloud wall. Wang Zhiguo said that it is necessary to break through the limitations of TV video and audio entertainment functions, expand TV application scenarios, and let TV go out of the family, free from the restrictions of space use.
Q71 movie original color 8K TV supports WiFi 6 and HDMI 2.1
At the product level, Skyworth released its new q71 movie original color 8K TV. According to reports, Skyworth q71 carries 8K original color hard screen and 3D LUT movie original color, supports WiFi 6, is equipped with hdmi2.1 interface, and is equipped with a high input lifting AI camera.
Supports HDMI 2.1
In terms of product positioning, Skyworth has positioned q71 as a universal full range true 8K TV. Skyworth official said that from 8K signal access, 8K decoding, 8K image signal processing, and then to 8K screen display, it can achieve full range true 8K.
SKYWORTH q71 movie original color 8K TV has three sizes
SKYWORTH q71 movie original color 8K TV has three sizes, which are 65 inches, 75 inches and 86 inches, which can basically meet the needs of different users for large home screens.
In terms of screen display, Skyworth q71 movie original color 8K TV screen supports 90% dci-p3 wide gamut standard, 10bit color depth, hdr10, Dolby horizon and 3D LUT. At the same time, Skyworth q71 movie original color 8K TV supports super division algorithm, which can improve 2k and 4K resolution to nearly 8K resolution.
In terms of chips, Skyworth q71 is equipped with the flagship 8K chip MediaTek S900, which can complete 60fps 8K decoding, and is equipped with 6.5gb + 64GB storage. Users can download more large screen applications through dangbei market and expand more functions of Skyworth q71.
SKYWORTH q71 movie original color 8K TV is also the first TV product with Kukai system 8 pre installed. Compared with the cool open system 7, the TV version of the cool open system 8 adopts a combination of immersive video stream and card information flow and a fast negative one screen design.
Q71 movie original color 8K TV
In terms of price, 65 inch Skyworth q71 is priced at 11999 yuan, and 75 inch Skyworth q71 is sold at 17999 yuan. The 86 inch Skyworth q71 will be launched in December.
Q series for the middle class
In addition, Skyworth TV also launched a series of Skyworth A50 for the younger generation to distinguish the cutting-edge model w series from the S series for high net worth population, the Q series for the middle class and the G series for the general public.
SKYWORTH A50 adopts black and gold colors. On the back is a pyramid shaped stereo speaker, which supports hardware level 3D stereo channel and Dolby panoramic sound. On the surface of the fuselage, Skyworth A50 integrates camera twist, cooling window and interface to create a simple design.
SKYWORTH A50 supports 12bit color depth, 4 + 128GB storage and pre installed coolopen system 8. At the same time, Skyworth A50 will be equipped with Skyworth SWOT panel as standard to synchronize the TV UI interface, and can also be used as a remote control to control TV. SKYWORTH A50 series is available in 55 / 65 sizes.