Wang Shalin: liquid cooling technology becomes the new trend of data center


As the underlying computing infrastructure, the importance of data center continues to rise in recent years. High density computing is promoting the rise of liquid cooling technology in data center. With the advantages of effectively reducing energy consumption, reducing failure rate and breaking through environmental limitations, liquid cooling technology has become an important technology trend in the development of global data center.
“Judging from the latest research progress at home and abroad, the use of liquid coolant to cool computer equipment as a” power wall “for big data and ultra-density computing has been verified worldwide, and has set off a technological revolution in data centers.” During the 2020 open data center summit held recently, Huang Shalin, senior vice president of nethome technology, said.
Huang Shalin said that the green cloud chart, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wangsu technology, has launched the first large-scale commercial direct immersion liquid cooling data center in 2017. At home, technology companies such as Netshop, Huawei and Zhongke Shuguang are actively investing in the research and development of liquid cooling technology and market development.
Data bridge market research predicts that the initial valuation of the liquid cooled data center market will increase from US $1.43 billion in 2018 to US $120.5 billion by 2026, with an annualized compound growth rate of 30.45%.