AI recycling announced the completion of more than US $100 million e + round financing, with Jingdong and Guotai Junan international leading investment


On September 22, AI recycling announced that it would replace “Ai recycling” with “new life of all things” as a new brand of the group. It has jurisdiction over AI recycling, paijitang, paipaipai, AHS device for overseas business, AI classification · AI recycling for urban green industry chain business.
Chen Xuefeng, the founder and CEO of the group, also announced that he had obtained more than 100 million US dollars of E + round financing jointly led by Jingdong group and Guotai Junan international. Shanghai Guohe investment, Qingxin capital, Huihe capital and Yifeng capital participated in the co investment, and Taihe capital continued to serve as the sole financial consultant.
In June 2019, AI recycling and Jingdong’s second-hand trading platform “paipaipai” merged. After the integration of the two sides, airecycling is mainly responsible for the business of second-hand, idle, inventory, resale and other businesses of 3C categories on Jingdong platform.
According to AI recycling, up to now, the trading volume of all its business lines has maintained a growth trend, and has achieved quarterly profits. The daily trading volume of 3C products of the group has exceeded 70000 units, including more than 15000 C2B recycling units, more than 40000 B2B platform transactions, more than 10000 B2C retail transactions, and more than 5000 overseas business and other transactions.