The fast employee’s internal network refers directly to the company’s problems: Strategic opaque, Kwai Lin’s response.


Kwai tech news Kwai Kwai September 21st afternoon, recently, media reports, in June 24, 2020, Zhu Lantian, a top 50 employee, published an article entitled “disease of our company” in the fast hand intranet, referring to the internal problems of the fast hand. “Sina,”
For this, Kwai Kong has no response.
Zhu Lantian listed the various problems within Kwai Fu in his article:
Tiktok, for example, has a lot of doubts about the company’s strategy and tactics. There are many misgivings about what the company does. “A large number of employees feel that we are not doing anything better than the headlines, but we don’t know why we do so. The old saying of information platform access control is not good enough.
Kwai Kwai frequently manages airborne, Zhu Lantian said. These airborne management can adapt to fast hands and make scanty achievements.
And the company’s inter departmental and departmental promotion is particularly tiring. There are many Kwai TSU business departments, and the factions are in the same line. “To push things forward, the company needs to figure out the other party’s mind, assess whether the relevant personnel are strong and whether they can complement your resources.”
Zhu Tiantian finally mentioned that most of the companies are still good. Business growth and shaking together last year have made the situation of short video more open. Although industrialization is difficult this year, but the improvement has begun. The tiktok strategy of the private sector has been redistributed. Many of the previous problems have been gradually changed, such as the commercialization of internal friction in the past (Liu Xinhua era), the fragmentation of overseas slowly in the collation, the main station product unification and so on.
“In fact, we can really let the employees know our situation and the strategies and tactics that follow. I don’t think people will be so flustered, and they are more enthusiastic and directional about what they are doing.”
Zhu Lantian’s letter in the intranet Kwai Tai repeatedly mentioned the lack of transparency in strategy and tactics, and staff’s ignorance of the direction of the company’s development. Subsequently, the content quickly triggered Kwai Chung internal full staff discussion, becoming a hot topic.
According to reports, a few days later, Kwai CEO, Hua Hua, CPO Cheng Yi Xiao, and CTO Chen Dingjia three people personally returned to Zhu Lantian’s article.
Su Hua mentioned in his reply that he first silently praised the post and told Zhu blue sky his thoughts the next day.
“First of all, I think it’s very important to communicate candidly. The blue sky has done a good job. At the same time, I also hope that this discussion can ferment and ferment, so as to listen to your real voice. I’m worried that my early response will weaken the discussion. ” Su Hua said that various problems mentioned in the discussion, including the disappearance of the boss, the issue of information flow, organizational division of labor and coordination, pseudo data-driven, cultural dilution and so on, are all known problems and are being dealt with. “In addition, except for the first problem, the lost boss, which can be solved directly by me, all other problems need to be changed by all of us, including those who point out the problems, so as to promote change. Every one of us is part of the problem as it gets better or worse. ”
Su Hua said in his reply that he would immediately promote several changes: more candid to the students to talk about their views, regardless of the number of people or less; no longer wait for the strategy to be more fully discussed before the morning tea meeting, and when the time can be arranged. However, it is not guaranteed that it will be held every month; the discussion on cultural values will be officially launched, and a clear definition of values and implementation plan will be given, for example, what is honesty and directness. Hand in the paper within three months. And request to review the mission and working mode of the information unblocking group, and give the improved work plan. In addition, it was announced that in addition to the morning tea meeting, a new open venue was organized to discuss issues with employees.
Cheng Yixiao later said in his reply that he didn’t feel that Suhua and his own values, as well as his love for users and the company, have deteriorated a little in recent years. The essence of the problem is that growth masks the problem. “Before, I also thought that growth could solve all problems, but now I have a clear understanding that growth can not solve problems, but cover up problems. In the rapid growth, all problems will not be regarded as problems.”
Cheng Yixiao also mentioned that Kwai has encountered a very strong competitor at this stage, which is a good time to solve its own problems and to build a long-term perspective. However, he also pointed out that he was very excited and said that there was an opportunity and possibility to solve the problems, and the boss also needed to grow up and make mistakes. “But I still want to say that I don’t think it’s good enough and honest enough, so I haven’t posted back.”
Statistics show that Zhu Lantian’s authentication is: fast client development engineer. Kwai Chung In September 2019 Kwai Kwai also appeared in the fast 8th Anniversary promotion film. In the 8 years of “fast hands, 8 years, every person, thank you,” the article says that unlike the general high turnover rate of Internet Co, from 1 to nearly 100 people, the fast Android technology team has not left one of them since its establishment. This is one of the proudest things for Zhu Kwai.
In the past year, Kwai has changed hands. According to reports, Zhu Lantian is currently managing the Hangzhou branch of Kwai Chung.
Nearly a year has been a fast developing year. In May this year, the Kwai Kwai also announced internal letters to announce the restructuring of the organization, which mainly involves many core sectors such as commercialization, operation and products. Ma Hongbin, the former head of operation, will change his post with Yan Qiang, the former head of commercialization. This is one of the biggest organizational changes since the establishment of the Kwai Chung, after Kwai Chung launched organizational change in mid 2019.
At the time, Kwai Kwai said that the industry is very competitive and every cadre of the fast team needs more rich and diversified business experience. He hopes that through the accumulation of personal experience, the collaboration between teams will become more smooth. Through structural adjustment, we can see the possibility of more development of each cadre, and hope to strengthen the team’s value for users and customers. It is worth paying attention to. There are many considerations in this organizational restructuring.
Just a few days ago, Kwai came to the US $50 billion valuation for IPO in Hongkong.

Kwai Kwai has been Kwai Kwai for 9 years, and the GIF was born in 2011. In October 2013, the company transformed into a short video social platform. In November 2014, it changed its name to the fast track. In June 2015, the total users of Android and iOS were 100 million and April 2016 users exceeded 300 million. In June 5, 2018, the Acfun was wholly-owned by Kwai Chung, giving strong support to A station in terms of capital, resources and technology. A station maintained its independent brand and original team and maintained independent operation.
Financing, Kwai has experienced 10 rounds of financing before, investors have Tencent, Sequoia, Baidu, Chinese culture, DCM, morning and so on.
Kwai Kwai released the “2020 fast content ecology semi annual report” shows that the live broadcast of Kwai live 170 million. Kwai Kwai short video live 90 million +, fast two times daily 50 million +. Kwai Kwai electric providers also announced that the latest live user data has exceeded 100 million, and the order of the fast power suppliers exceeded 500 million in August 2020. Over the past 12 months, the total amount of Kwai TSE’s accumulated orders is second only to Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong.
At present, fast development Kwai is facing the problem of how to keep pace with the development of company management. (Xuemei)