Reveal double face viya: “harsh” and fragile outside the lens of “Queen with goods”


Li Dawei, shell financial reporter of Beijing News
On the night of September 4, viva, the “Queen with goods”, failed to hold back her tears.
On the public screen, a barrage of “donating to build hope primary school is to attract eyeballs” broke her last defense line. Assistant Qi Er drew out a paper towel and handed it to Wei Ya, comforting her that “no one can understand anyone.”
At this time, the other staff in the studio stopped working and gazed at Viva, which surprised them. In their eyes, viva can do almost anything: always book the earliest ticket on business trip, can work continuously with an extremely high mood, and even can not go to the toilet for several hours. She is like an indefatigable delivery machine.
Today’s Weiya, really stand in the flow of the pyramid tip. However, only she knew that because of misunderstanding, because of her daughter, for many reasons, she had thought about giving up many times.
“Viva’s life is really boring.” “What she does every day is very repetitive, selecting items, live broadcasting, re listing, and repetition means it will be boring,” said Guimo, weia’s agent
More and more Yang Chao
At 5:30 p.m. on July 30, Hangzhou, the air was so hot that it could hold water. Viva came out of the aisle in the underground garage with exquisite makeup and quickly got into the back seat of the car.
Weiya’s studio is hidden on the fifth floor of Qianxun holding, building 1, Ali center, Binjiang District, Hangzhou. The 20 square meter live room is divided into dozens of areas by hundreds of commodities piled up savagely, which makes it very crowded. The wires of all kinds of equipment on the ground are complicated, so it is necessary to be cautious when walking from the door to the live broadcasting room. A field worker will constantly tell visitors to pay attention to their feet. Once a media interview accidentally touched the power switch, resulting in a live accident.
Many people don’t know that Qianxun, the head of e-commerce live broadcast, is a family company. Dong Haifeng, the chairman of the board, is Weiya’s husband; Ollie, the CEO, is Weiya’s younger brother; while Qi’er, the assistant who is broadcast with Weiya, is Ollie’s fiancee. The four of them live in the same house in a community in Hangzhou.
It’s only 20 minutes from her residence to the company, but Viva, who has been driving for many years, can’t drive alone. “I can drive, but I can’t, I can only get below 30. I have to take this road every day, but I can’t remember it After getting on the bus, viva put her body weight on the soft brown back and asked for a bottle of sugar free green tea from her assistant. Sugar free is because she is afraid of getting fat, and liking tea is hereditary.
Most of the employees of Qianxun are post-95s, but the traditional preference for tea is spreading rapidly. In almost every corner of Qianxun, a brown cardboard box containing half a box of tea can be found. In the company, this group of young people called huweiya “elder sister”. They started working in the afternoon and went home after midnight. They had developed a dependence on caffeine, which is rich in tea. They also have a strong dependence on Viva and live. One employee jokingly said that if he didn’t do the live broadcast, he didn’t know what he wanted to do.
This is a “special” live broadcast – at 8:30 this evening, Yang Chaochao will be a guest in her narrow studio.
“I think Yang Chaochao is very interesting.” In the car, Weiya imitates Yang Chaoyue’s classic saying: “what can’t do? The boss quarrels first”, which causes a burst of laughter. “She dares to say what many people dare not say. She is a very frank girl and I like her very much.” After the laughter stopped, viva suddenly said, “I used to be a very frank person, but now I will be more restrained.”
At 8:30 p.m., Yang Chaochao, wearing a pink coat, walked into Viva’s live room from the side lounge on time. This is the first time that Yang Chao has entered the live broadcasting room of an e-commerce anchor. She stands carefully on the path made of products, with her mouth slightly open and blinking her curious eyes, she looks around the crowded room.
After midnight on that day, it happened to be Yang Chaochao’s birthday. During the live broadcast, viva’s birthday cake was pushed out. This is the first time Yang Chaochao appeared in the live broadcasting room with goods, but the whole scene is very smooth.
“Only two people can be seen in the camera. In fact, there are a lot of staff working together in the studio. There are a lot of fragmentary products and food in the studio. I feel very greedy. It seems that there are all kinds of products in the house.” After coming out of the studio, Yang Chao Chao told reporters, “I don’t think (e-commerce anchor) is a very simple job as you think, because she (Weiya) has to carry a lot of things in advance.”
Repetitive and boring life
In the car, weia has been playing with a big head doll in her hands. This big head doll was selected and tried by her at the selection meeting in the early morning of this day. She felt that this doll had a big head, very much like her husband Dong Haifeng, and took it home.
On the morning of the 30th, viva and the team didn’t have a snack as usual. In the conference room on the fourth floor of Qianxun, a dark brown table was filled with 42 plates of moon cakes, three boxes of instant noodles and several bottles of tea. The packing boxes were randomly stacked at the end of the table.
This table of about six square meters carries the memory of each selection of Weiya. The theme of this selection is moon cake, and the three moon cake manufacturers try their best to sell their products to Weiya. Once selected, it means tens of millions of traffic. On that day, viva tried all the mooncakes one by one and recorded the taste of each one.
“Viva’s life is really boring.” Guimo, Weiya’s agent, looked at weia and said that he had just turned down a moon cake from Viva. The high blood sugar made him out of this kind of high sugar food. “What she does every day is very repetitive, selecting, live broadcasting, and duplicating means that it will be very boring.”
For an e-commerce anchor, selections are about life and death. It may take several years or even more for an anchor to shape its influence, but a single mistake in selecting a product can destroy it from life to death.
Weia especially liked the big head doll, but later, the “husband Doll” that weia took away at the selection meeting was later bumped off when it was hung on the car, so she did not enter the studio.

Every time she stands at this table, she seems to know everything. For example, she knows how to collocation her eyes, and from the intensity of stitches to discriminate the quality of the clothes, to avoid the risk of live broadcast from the ingredients of cosmetics, and even to basically judge whether what watches or jewelry are counterfeited.
“A lot of things I do now are related to my previous work. For example, I have been a model, so I can choose clothes, match them, and tell you about clothes. I have opened a shop and worked as a shopkeeper, so I have learned the knowledge of clothing. I have been on many beauty shows, I also shoot magazines, I have dressed many times, and I love to make up, so I have the knowledge of beauty.”
“Now it’s like eating.” The car drove smoothly out of the underground garage, and viva sipped her tea. The assistant on one side nodded: “she’s too tired.” Weia said that there were friends who thought her work was very interesting and wanted to join, but didn’t stick to it for a few days. “For a long time, eating so much every day and working so hard, many people can’t hold on to it.” “Unless you really like the industry.”
She is used to this “special” life. It’s usually eight o’clock in the morning before VIIa comes home from the studio to sleep. But recently, her neighbor was renovating. Soon after she fell asleep, she was woken up by the sound of electric drill next door. Every day, she only gets up at 2:00 p.m., after eating and before 4:30 before make-up. She will take time to tease the cat in this short two-and-a-half hours.
Grievance ยท compromise
The tears in the studio on September 4 really surprised Qianxun’s employees. “I never thought that sister weia would cry in the studio because of the comments.” From the perspective of time span, Weiya is already an “old anchor”. The employee thinks that weia’s heart has already degenerated into a very strong one.
On the public screen, a barrage of “donating to build hope primary school is to attract eyeballs” broke down Weiya’s last defense line. Assistant Qi Er took out a paper towel and gently handed it to Weiya, comforting her that “no one can understand anyone.”
Weiya said in a subsequent apology microblog, “there were really a lot of grievances I wanted to talk about at that time. I wanted to tell them that they wanted to donate and build hope primary school to do public welfare because they wanted to do these things, not to attract eyeballs. But they can’t speak because they will be scolded too much. ”
She has experienced the reverse flow, the huge Internet is like a magnifying glass, her every move may be infinitely enlarged.
For example, Mengjie shares announced the cooperation with Weiya, continuously pulling up seven trading plates. Weiya has been accused by many parties. Some people call her a “capital sickle”, while others denounce her for “cutting leeks” with listed companies. In fact, this surprised Weiya’s team. According to gummer, she would not speculate in stocks at all, but she did use several live broadcasts to leverage the market value of a listed company of 3.713 billion.
“My first reaction was surprise. The fluctuation of Mengjie’s share price has nothing to do with us, because since 2019, we have successively carried out strategic level cooperation with famous international and domestic brands such as P & G group and Philips Group, and none of these cooperation has affected the stock price. It was not until the media reported that the Shenzhen stock exchange sent a letter of concern to Mengjie that it had something to do with our cooperation. At that time, the mentality was still very surprised and did not expect to affect the capital market. ” She said.
She was even frightened by the reaction. “Once in the studio, when I was selling a soymilk machine, someone brushed the screen and asked me if they had changed their spokesperson? I read it. In the same live broadcast, there is a lucky draw. Netizens say that can I change a prize? Can I have this for you? I said, “can I have another one?” Later, someone edited the two videos together and said that Weiya asked the brand side to change its spokesperson. ” Weia said, “no one will listen to your explanation. No one will watch the whole live broadcast. All of them will watch the video clip and scold me to hot search. They’re all scolding me. They’re terrible. ”
“I want to explain, I want to argue.” But she was stopped by her brother Ollie. Ollie told via, “it’s no use talking about anything now. It’s going to make things bigger and bigger. You apologize. Why read the review? ” Weia finally compromised, so on October 31, 2019, she sent a long apology microblog.
However, weia’s apology was soon drowned in the vast amount of information in cyberspace. “Hypocrisy”, “face-to-face, back-to-face” A lot of blame is coming. “I was scared by the comments.” “I’m wronged,” she said
“Maybe what you blurt out will be misunderstood.” During that time, she said, her negative emotions spread throughout the family, which made her family feel anxious. Her father often comforted her not to read such comments on the Internet, but it exacerbated Viva’s anxiety. “I need Dad to comfort me in turn.”
“Now, people still have some prejudice against live broadcasting, especially those who have not bought anything and say,” who will watch the live broadcast? Can’t I buy it myself? ” Many people think that live delivery with goods is a copy of TV shopping. ” Weiya said, “I think the whole live broadcasting industry needs to be standardized. There must be a standard to restrict everyone. No matter what you do, there must be a restriction. Live broadcasting is like a child. There must be a standard to make the industry better and better.”
“I don’t have a clue.”
In the live broadcast on the evening of July 28, Weiya got up and recommended a refrigerator. When she returned to the table again, she found her husband Dong Haifeng sitting beside her. “Trouble here again?” Dong Haifeng laughed and did not speak. After sitting down, Weiya handed Dong Haifeng a piece of A4 paper with refrigerator size printed on it. Dong Haifeng covered the paper in front of his face and held it motionlessly for netizens to take a screenshot.
It sounds like a love story full of rebellion. An 18-year-old tall girl, in the year of SARS, was captured by a young dancer who was “careless” in her parents’ eyes. The girl’s family is rich and her parents are already well-off in clothing business. She violates the “parents’ order” choice and leaves her hometown to start a business.

Today, the fat Dong Haifeng has no trace of “dancer”, and Weiya is no longer the simple girl at the beginning, but the two more interesting souls still often make sparks. In the live broadcasting room, Weiya and Dong Haifeng are playing and laughing at each other. ‘They quarreled a lot, but they soon made up, ‘she said.
Weia remembers that the last time the couple had a big fight was because she wanted to install a separate toilet in the studio.
“By what?” Dong Haifeng asked Weiya subconsciously.
“I am the anchor of the company! I work so hard, just want to install a bathroom, so small requirements you can’t meet! ” She said.
The more they talk, the louder their voices become, and the couple, who have a good understanding of each other, become unable to understand each other. For a moment, weia couldn’t figure out why her husband couldn’t accommodate herself.
“When a woman quarrels, she can’t think about it calmly.” Dong Haifeng said, “as the person in charge of the company, I have so many anchors. If Wei Ya’s live room has a toilet, other anchors will probably ask for it. In addition, the property owners of the office building are not allowed to decorate casually. When I installed toilets in my office, I still applied for a long time to install them. ”
Weiya revealed that they had actually divided their hands once when they were “spreading dog food” in the studio.
The breakup happened in the years of the record company. “This is because of the impetuous life experience, (we) have some distrust, not together every day, there is a period of mutual look at each other are not pleasing to the eye.” Back in her green years, viva’s eyes smile into a crescent. But soon, weia again chose to be with Dong Haifeng. “He is a very honest man.” This sentence has been mentioned many times by Weiya. She still feels that she has not chosen the wrong person.
From 2012 to 2014, for three years in a row, viva was frustrated and worried that “all her hair was lost in front of her.” At that time, Weiya, who had just stepped into the e-commerce live broadcasting industry, had been failing and was frustrated to suspect herself. “I don’t think I can do this or that. At that time, there was no retreat, because my husband had closed all the stores before. At that time, he felt that he had to prove himself and that he always saw hope. Many business people should be the same as me, losing money, a little sunshine, you see, continue to work hard. Then it fell to the bottom of the valley, and then saw the sun… ”
Weiya will think of giving up every day. Dong Haifeng is also responsible for this pressure with Weiya. Dong Haifeng said that Weiya had a problem at that time. Every day when she came back to the underground garage after work, she would ask him, “do you want to continue?” Dong Haifeng usually uses the sentence “bread, milk, everything” that Lenin’s guard Vassili said to his wife in “Lenin in 1918” to prevaricate Weiya. Or, they will have a tacit quarrel with each other to vent their pressure and help each other to reduce their holdings.
After becoming famous, Weiya once asked Dong Haifeng, “did you have a foundation at that time?” The response was “nothing at all.”
“We owe our daughter a childhood”
In the next few days, weia’s 8-year-old daughter will come to her from Guangzhou. She is particularly happy that her daughter will not leave her this time. She and Dong Haifeng are currently choosing a school for their daughter. On July 31, viva decided to take a day off. Ollie told shell finance reporter of Beijing news that Weiya, Dong Haifeng, Qi’er and themselves are going to sing KTV once. It has been four years since they last sang together.
Dong Haifeng used “pain and happiness” to describe the role of “Weiya husband”. For going out with Weiya, he said, “don’t even think about it.”. However, the arrival of the daughter made the couple prepare to make an exception. They planned to take their daughter for a good time.
Weia’s daughter, inherited the gene of Weiya love tea and night owl. “Because we were night owls when Viva was pregnant. So I think she should have accepted this gene passively before she was born Dong Haifeng said.
“My daughter is a captive. She doesn’t treat me as her mother at all.” Talking about her daughter, weia suddenly became the state of live broadcast, “her mode of thinking is very jumping, very independent, tell me everything.”.
Her daughter inherited Viva’s eloquence, and sometimes even made her speechless. Once she criticized her daughter. Her eight year old daughter winked and asked, “you are not like this in the studio. Why are you so cruel to me? I’m going to tell “Viva’s Woman” how good you are (reporter’s note: “Weiya’s Woman” is the name of weia’s fans)
Once or twice a year, her daughter hits the softest part of weia’s heart like lightning, which makes weia think of giving up her career as a host. Once, when she was about to go on a business trip, her daughter suddenly told her to go to the bathroom, but she didn’t come out. Weiya walked into the bathroom and found that her daughter, who had just been very happy, was secretly crying and tried to cover it up with “eyes in the sand”. Her daughter once scolded Weiya on wechat, “everyone else has her mother. Why don’t you pick me up? You know what to do.”
“I’ve thought about how to balance family and work, but to be honest, it really can’t be.” She said.
They owe their daughter a childhood. Wei Ya occasionally blame Dong Haifeng, “we are so hard, even the children have no time to accompany.” Dong Haifeng believes that children do not have such complex emotions.
“I was raised by my grandmother when I was a child. My parents also went out to work and came back several times a year. In addition to her parents’ company in childhood, she also had many friends. I feel that as a parent, it is a kind of guilt that they don’t have more company when their children are young. But I think for children, in fact, their lives are rich and colorful. She would feel happy at home with her neighbors and classmates, or with her grandparents
On the whole, viva’s life is continuing to improve. On July 6, 2020, the Ministry of human resources and Social Security announced 10 new occupations, and Internet marketing (live sales) and other new technical posts were listed on the list. This marks that the live broadcast salesman has an official professional name, and standardizing the knowledge and skills of employees will inevitably become an essential part of the industry development. The anchor with goods became a formal job, and weia became a regular.

“When she got the title, viva was happy all day.” In the early morning of July 31, after Viva’s selection was finished, gummer, the agent, returned to the office and lit a cigarette in his chair. He stuck it in his hand and burned it for a long time.