Lucky coffee appointed Mr. Macca as independent auditor to replace Ernst & young


Lucky coffee announced today that it has appointed Marcum Bernstein & pinchuk LLP as its independent certified public accounting firm with effect from September 17, 2020. This appointment has been approved by lucky coffee’s audit committee and board of directors.
McKay & Young Hua Ming LLP was replaced by Ernst & Young Hua Ming LLP, which was previously the independent auditor of lucky coffee.
Lucky coffee said that the decision to replace the auditor was based on the schedule of form 20-F as of December 31, 2019, and not because of any differences between lucky coffee and Ernst & Young Hua Ming on any accounting principles or practices, financial statement disclosure, audit scope or procedures.
Currently, lucky coffee is working closely with Macquarie and Ernst & Young Huaming to ensure a seamless transition. Meanwhile, lucky coffee will cooperate with Ernst & Young Huaming law firm as soon as possible to submit form 20-F as of December 31, 2019.