New technology: not only immunity, but also productivity


Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group
Sina science and technology news on the morning of September 17, 2020 cloud habitat Conference opened today. Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of Alibaba group, said at the opening ceremony that new technology is not only a new force to overcome the epidemic situation and meet the common challenges of mankind, but also a new force to create a common future for mankind at full speed.
At the cloud habitat conference, Zhang Yong shared three stories related to new technologies:
At 5 a.m. on February 5, the first version of health information code for epidemic prevention and control was born in Hangzhou. In the first half of the year, the product was launched on an online city for half an hour, and in February 7th, Yuhang District first released the “Yu Hanglv code” and opened the registration and information filling. In February 11th, the Hangzhou health code was launched on Alipay. After a week, the small code fell to over 100 cities, providing new possibilities for China to fight the epidemic and resume production and recovery.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia AI technology was novel coronavirus pneumonia in February 15th. It can read CT images of suspected cases of new crown pneumonia within 20 seconds, and the accuracy rate is 99%. In general, it may take 8 hours for doctors to complete the diagnosis after seeing 50 cases, but with the aid of AI, such work can be achieved in just 10 minutes.
On March 1, nail released the Japanese version of the home office guide. Japanese enterprise employees, students and teachers switched to the mode of working at home and going to school as in China. “Mountains and rivers are different, the wind and moon are the same as” nail “for a time. During the peak period, more than 1 million classes are pinning classes at the same time. Alibaba cloud has expanded the capacity of more than 100000 cloud servers as a support, enabling people to connect closely with colleagues, customers and partners around the world in front of mobile phone screens.
Zhang Yong said that Alibaba has been preparing for the arrival of the digital economy era for 20 years. The outbreak of the epidemic let people see that the digital foundation laid in the past 20 years can have a wider range of use and have a deeper impact. “Perhaps in peacetime, we have never had such an opportunity to apply cutting-edge technology to the medical front line. However, in the special stage of the epidemic, new forces have emerged from the joint efforts of socialization. The combination of new technologies and all aspects of industry, work and life has brought huge productivity. ”
New technology is one of the important topics of cloud habitat conference, and also an important part of Alibaba’s “five new” strategy. One day before the opening of the conference, rhinoceros intelligent manufacturing, the No.1 Project of “new manufacturing” among the “five new”, was officially unveiled. Through the flexible manufacturing mode of small order ordering and quick response, it realizes “production on demand, production by sales”, and effectively reduces the supply chain threshold of small and medium-sized enterprises.
In 2018, Alibaba’s “five new” strategy accelerated in an all-round way. Zhang Yong pointed out that new technology is the engine of “five new”, and the perfect combination of new energy and new technology can really drive the development of Digital China and move towards the magnificent world of Internet of things. One year later, in yunqi, Zhang Yong proposed that “five new” are moving towards “hundred new” and “ten thousand new”. Alibaba’s digital capability can not only serve digital commerce and life, but also start to provide assistance for a wider range of digital public services.
Zhang Yong said: “these stories let us see the common challenges and opportunities we are facing today in the social context of the epidemic, but also in the face of the era of comprehensive cloud intelligence. The new productive forces represented by new technologies must be the driving force for us to overcome the epidemic and create the best future. “