Baidu releases “Du Xiaoxiao” as a virtual assistant for nurturance


At the baidu world 2020 conference, baidu released a new search product “Du Xiaoxiao”. According to Shen Shuo, executive vice president of Baidu group, Du Xiaoxiao is a nurturing virtual assistant app. Based on the ability of a small assistant, Du Xiaoxiao has the ability of visual recognition and supports the most natural way of communication. It can make the search process and results more personalized and closer to the communication process between people.
Du Xiaoxiao is still in the process of continuous testing and improvement. Baidu will continue to improve all aspects of Du Xiaoxiao’s ability in the future, and constantly develop more interesting interactive playing methods. For example, with the help of Baidu’s knowledge map ability and search ability, Du Xiaoxiao plans to launch the “time travel” function. When the user doesn’t interact with Du Xiaoxiao, she will go out “traveling” by herself and bring back local gifts when she returns, telling the host about the local customs and customs of the journey and introducing knowledge from all over the country.