LG Electronics officially released the rotating dual screen mobile phone, which costs about 5800 yuan


Yonhap reported on September 14 that LG Electronics released its rotating dual screen smart phone “LG wing” online on September 14.
LG wing screen consists of main screen and sub screen. The 6.8-inch main screen is located at the top. If necessary, it can be rotated clockwise to expose the sub screen at the bottom. The dual screen can be used in “t” shape at the same time.
In addition, the new machine is equipped with a snapdragon 7655g processor. It uses a rear three camera, with 64 million pixels for the main camera, and 13 million and 12 million pixels for the other two cameras. It is also equipped with gimbal motion, a camera anti shake function.
LG wing is expected to be launched in South Korea in early October, and will land in North America and Europe in turn. The price will be slightly higher than 1 million won (about 5800 yuan).