Musk: Tesla will announce big news on September 22, battery day


Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, announced on twitter that Tesla would release “exciting” news on September 22.
On Friday, musk released the latest news about Tesla’s upcoming battery day. The much hyped event will take place immediately after Tesla’s annual shareholders’ meeting later this month.
“There will be a lot of exciting products coming out on battery day on September 22,” Musk wrote on twitter After posting the article, he also followed a lightning expression pack.
Tesla battery day and webcast of the company’s shareholders’ meeting will be open to the public. Both events were delayed due to the global pandemic of the new outbreak.
It’s not clear what Tesla is doing, but musk tweeted in August that a more powerful battery that will increase the range of electric vehicles is no longer far away.
In response to a post about electric airplanes on twitter, musk said 400 watt hours of batteries per kilogram are likely to be mass produced in the next three to four years. For reference, the Tesla Model 3 uses a battery of approximately 260 watt hours per kilogram.