BOE is out of touch with Samsung Apple’s new mobile phone: iPhone 13 panel may be available next year


BOE was supposed to supply OLED screens for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21, but the company failed to meet Samsung’s requirements. There are also reports that Apple chose Samsung instead of BOE when choosing OLED panel suppliers for the new iPhone.
But the latest news said BOE will still supply OLED panels for apple, just from next year. BOE executives disclosed to South Korean media that they have a production line called B11, also known as “apple production line”, which is a dedicated production line for OLED panels for the iPhone launched in the second half of 2021.
Next year’s new iPhone is expected to be called the iPhone 13, but the exact number of models is not clear. BOE’s panels are likely to be used in only one of these models, and LG display and Samsung display will supply display panels for next year’s iPhone.