Android 11 go release: designed for small memory mobile phones with 20% faster startup speed


Android 11 Go
Sina digital news on September 11 morning news, Android 11 has just been released, Google launched Android 11 go for low configuration models. This is an Android version designed for entry-level mobile phones, simplifying the current Android system to run on small memory phones.
Google said more than 100 million entry-level phones will receive updated support this year. Android 11 go now supports 2GB of RAM (previously 1.5GB), giving users 270MB of free space, enough to “run three to four applications in the background.”. For this reason, the app startup speed has been increased by 20%, so that the app can be switched faster without slowing down the phone speed.
The Android go version on 2GB devices also supports up to 900mb of additional storage. What’s more, Android 11 go also adds new privacy protection, which strictly limits the application level’s access to mobile phone microphone, camera and geographical location.
More importantly, Android 11 go adds gesture navigation, which allows users to quickly switch between applications with a simple slide operation.
It is reported that the first batch of Android 11 go phones will be updated later this year, and the exact date has not been announced.