CCTV’s comments on the “magic moves” of subway platform: public places are not online shows


The original title should! Subway platform show “one character horse” was punished, Bo eyeball also please separate the scene!
CCTV news client on September 10 news, at present, the short video platform is very popular, but the resulting “Internet celebrities”, in order to attract users to like, forward, earn traffic, frequent tricks, and even break the red line of the law.
Two women were punished for showing “one character horse” on the subway platform
On September 1, on the platform of Wuning Road of Shanghai Metro Line 13, two young women were walking and suddenly made a “one character horse” movement at the same time. They did not wear masks as required, but hung them on their ears.
After investigation, the police confirmed that on the night of the incident, Li and Li had deliberately removed the mask from the platform of rail transit line 13 and hung it on the ear side, making split action for many times, and taking relevant video frequency to upload it to the network, knowing that they had to wear masks to take the city’s rail transit. At present, the two people have been given administrative warning according to law for disturbing the order of public places. At present, the two women involved have apologized on the short video platform, hoping that they can learn a lesson.
Chasing “traffic”, network anchor frequently “tricks”
Bloggers’ bizarre exaggeration scares subway passengers
Reporters found that “short video, subway, Internet red” search keywords, such news is often reported by the media. Moreover, “subway platform” seems to be favored by many bloggers. They often make some eye-catching behaviors at the gate, on the platform and even in the carriage, and then publish them to the short video platform for “rising popularity”.
In January 2018, a passenger in the people’s Square Station of Shanghai Metro suddenly yelled in the crowd, saying that he had developed unique martial arts skills and had exaggerated behavior. Finally, the police investigation found that the passenger specially shot “out of line” videos in order to win Internet hits. According to Article 23 of the law of the people’s Republic of China on punishment for public security administration, the passenger was given administrative detention for five days.
Police revealed that there have been a number of bizarre and exaggerated actions by pedestrians on the platform and inside the cars of Shanghai Metro. For example, after dressing up and pretending to be a zombie and other terrorist images, harassing passengers in the carriage, or scaring passengers by making false reports of unexpected situations, the police investigation found that the producers of these videos were all for the purpose of publishing on the platform of live network broadcast to attract fans. In fact, this behavior has seriously affected the order of public places.
Risking their lives, several bloggers were punished for disturbing public order
In addition, some network anchors even risk their lives in order to make videos.
In 2017, a network platform burst out of three girls dancing live on the highway. You can see from the screen that two girls dance to the music, and another girl is responsible for shooting with her mobile phone, regardless of the passing vehicles. Finally, the police learned that the incident took place in Guanghan, Sichuan Province. According to the road traffic law, the three girls were punished accordingly.
In July this year, a man started a live webcast on the Beijing Road viewing platform on the Bund of Shanghai. Despite the dissuasion of the crowd, a man stepped on the riverside fence and then jumped into the Huangpu River. At that time, it was Friday evening. There were many tourists on the Bund. This scene of “jumping into the river live” attracted many people to watch. Subsequently, firefighters and 120 ambulance rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. However, after investigation, the man was actually to show his courage and win the attention of fans. Finally, the man was detained for 5 days for disturbing public order.
Legal expert: the lack of platform supervision is not the means, but the implementation
We can see that some network anchors have turned public places into “show fields” of their talents for “eye-catching” and “traffic supremacy”, which not only disturbs the order, but also often plays legal fringes. So what is the legal boundary of online video or webcast? How to regulate these “acts of disturbing public places”?
Legal expert Yue Shenshan said that the bottom line of the law is where these bloggers who make “eye popping” videos know it well, but they still do it to attract public attention. The reason why a large number of inferior videos cause onlookers on the Internet is not only related to the public’s curiosity seeking psychology, but also related to the purpose of “traffic” pursued by bloggers and platforms.
What we should realize is that such poor videos actually do harm to people’s mental health. Some teenagers may imitate them or have adverse effects on their value judgment.
If the platform wants to manage such inferior video, there are actually means. The lack of platform supervision is not the means, but the implementation. What we need to see is the strength of the regulatory authorities and whether the platform can perform its duties well.
Attempts to break through the bottom line to attract attention and exchange traffic are not in line with morality and law, and such network bloggers are not far away. Or rely on high-quality content, is the trump card of the healthy development of the network platform.