Research Report on “online learning service provider”: the main force of post-95 tutors


[global science and technology comprehensive report] on September 9, the school of statistics of Beijing Normal University and the homework help jointly released the report on the survey of new professional groups of online learning service providers (tutors) in 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the “report”), which described the characteristics of career groups of tutors, and comprehensively analyzed their work status and industry development prospects.
According to the data, on July 6 this year, the Ministry of human resources and social security, together with the State Administration of market supervision and the National Bureau of statistics, released nine new occupations including “online learning service provider”. Among them, the newly added professional “online learning service provider” is defined as the personnel who use digital learning platform (tool) to provide personalized, accurate, timely and effective learning planning, learning guidance, support services and evaluation feedback for learners.
According to the report, the post-95’s are the main force of tutor practitioners, accounting for 75.39%. Among them, the number of practitioners born in 1996 was the largest, accounting for 24.16%; the number of employees from 1990 to 1994 accounted for 23.81%; the number of employees after 85 accounted for 0.8%.
Figure: age distribution of employees
Among them, more than 70% of them are young women. According to the report, the male to female ratio of tutors is about 1:2.4.
In terms of educational background distribution, more than 90% of the practitioners have bachelor’s degree or above. According to the report, 99.21% of the employees have bachelor’s degree or above, and master’s degree accounts for 1.65% of the total employees. High school tutors have the highest rate of one book, accounting for 66%. Among the primary school tutors, teachers’ college graduates account for 22%. In addition, 25.31% of the employees have passed the “teacher qualification certificate”.
In this regard, the homework Gang revealed that, starting from the second half of 2018, the minimum qualification threshold for the recruitment of tutors is to recruit undergraduate students, and give priority to the admission of graduates from normal colleges or normal majors. The academic background requirements of senior high school tutors have been upgraded to one or more universities.
According to the report, “love education”, “responsibility” and “dependability” have become career labels of tutors. In the survey of why they chose this occupation, most respondents said that they love the education industry and are optimistic about the future development prospects of online education industry. In the interview, many practitioners said that students are more willing to tell their unpleasant experiences in their study and life to their tutors. Teachers can also play a role in relieving pressure and psychological counseling.
The report also pointed out that with the changes of social needs and industry development, the role orientation and responsibilities of the profession also showed new characteristics.
At present, the “tutor” work process of the head online education institutions has a high degree of standardization, including the freshmen’s home visit, urging the class, appearing on the camera, following the class, answering questions and solving doubts, correcting / correcting homework, visiting the old students, and communicating and renewing the report course, forming a closed-loop process from pre class to in class to after class, so as to help students develop good learning habits and solve their difficult problems 。 In addition, the tutor also undertakes the work of making learning plan and psychological counseling.
The rapid development of the industry and the change of market demand put forward higher requirements for the professionalization of tutors. Tutors need to have both the professional quality of Internet and education practitioners. According to the survey, practitioners generally believe that an excellent tutor should have discipline background, communication ability, group operation ability, Internet technology application ability, psychological counseling ability, adaptability, and pressure resistance ability.
Two of them are professional skills and communication skills. According to the survey data, 97.28% of the practitioners think that “discipline foundation” is the necessary professional quality, and 97.65% of the practitioners agree that “communication ability” is also the necessary professional quality of tutors.
In addition, the survey found that many head online education platforms will use big data to help “tutors” realize the accuracy of learning situation diagnosis, personalized learning planning and intelligent decision support. Therefore, in daily work, tutors need to frequently use the learning data, home visit return visit maintenance record system, mass sending tools, etc., to timely and effectively grasp students’ learning situation and provide better education services for students.
Finally, experts from the research group of Beijing Normal University pointed out that at present, the head online education platform is becoming the cradle of new talent cultivation. Through the construction of a high-level talent training system, a large number of new Internet education talents with profound subject knowledge and deep understanding of the needs of students and parents are exported to the industry.