From the end of the movie to Netflix shooting, can the IP development of Youzu’s “three bodies” go low?


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I’m afraid that the public can’t stand the blow of the “bad three bodies”. If it really fails, Netflix’s business in China’s mainland will not affect the overall situation. I’m afraid that the domestic producers are waiting for bloody rain.
The news that Netflix will shoot “trisomy” first reminds people of the rumor that “Amazon spent $1 billion to shoot” trisomy “in 2018.
With the implementation of the official next news, the mood of domestic audience is very complicated. The production team of Netflix this time is a little worrying. It is no one else. It is the 2dB that produced the game of thrones in the final season to dominate the American TV series “three body”. Fortunately, there are also original author Liu Cixin and English translator Liu Yukun as consultant producers, but their discourse power is obviously limited. In addition, there is a fact that Netflix has not entered the mainland market. The news also clearly mentioned that the “three body” will be made into an English drama, and the specific changes are likely to be drastic.
On the one hand, Netflix undoubtedly has enough financial strength and production level to complete the film and television development of “three body”, which is facing difficulties, is expected to achieve a higher level; On the other hand, there is no doubt that the first domestic science fiction IP still needs foreigners to shoot. Since the success of wandering earth, this has become a less acceptable thing.
“Three body” series is undoubtedly the most famous science fiction in China. After winning the 73rd Hugo Award, it has also been recognized by the world science fiction circle. But why “three body” such a large IP, the domestic slow to shoot out?
Past events of tri body IP
From the end of the first film to the establishment of the three body universe
The film and television process of “three body” is very rough.
Before Netflix joined, we had heard a lot about trisomy. These include the original “three body” live action film directed by Zhang Fanfan and starred by Feng Shaofeng and Zhang Jingchu; the animated drama of “Santi” created by Kaitian in station B; the live action film of “Santi” created by Tian Xiaopeng, the director of “the return of the sage” and the production of “Santi” produced by Penguin film and television. Most of these projects are still in the initial stage, and none of them has been successfully launched to meet the public. There are only three body radio series, series animation of my three body made by netizens, and short film of water drop.
The film of Zhang Fan Fan, which was established in 2014, is the beginning of the ups and downs. A large number of network reports pointed out that the incident originated when Liu Cixin sold the film copyright of “Santi” to Director Zhang Fanfan at a very low price. The latter’s representative works are two horror films of “Chamber of secrets” in 2010 and 2011, with Douban scores of 5.7 and 5.2 respectively.
After getting the copyright of the adaptation, Zhang sought cooperation in shooting the three bodies on the premise of “directing himself”. Finally, he turned to the Youzu network, where Kong Ergou was the top executive. In August 2014, the Youzu film industry was established and officially announced the “three body” film project. At the same time, it also launched the “three body” game plan. In 2015, the filmmakers announced that the shooting of the film “three bodies” had been basically completed and was transferred to post production, and the released posters were printed with “2016 coming soon”. However, the tickets of the films continued to jump in 2017 and 2018, so far, the main creators have no voice, and the film project of “three bodies” is completely silent.
During this period, Kong Er Gou also released the following famous lines: “such a great science fiction novel that has been produced in China for decades or hundreds of years must be shot by the Chinese themselves. If it is to be destroyed, it must be destroyed in our Chinese hands.”
According to Nga’s netizens who claimed to be “Youzu employees”, after shooting for a short period of time, the film was “poorly shot and poorly done in the later stage”. Obviously, the quality of the film is far from the public’s expectation.
At that time, the IP market had not yet risen, and the local sci-fi films were a blank. The “three bodies” was not as famous as it is today. The unfinished film version is actually a sequel of the era of “cabbage price” of IP copyright. Youzu network was originally a game company. Although it won the IP of “Santi” with the idea of “film and game linkage”, on the one hand, it was limited by Zhang Fanfan, who held the copyright and required him to direct it. On the other hand, it did not have enough experience and strength to realize the film and television of “three body”, which eventually led to the film project being stranded.
With Liu Cixin’s novels becoming popular all over the country and “wandering the earth” winning more than 4 billion box office tickets, “three body” has become one of the most popular IP in China, and there is no reason for you to let go. In December 2018, Santi universe (Shanghai) Cultural Development Co., Ltd., the official team for the IP development of trisomy, was announced to be established, and the IP development of trisomy has entered a high-speed stage. Trisomy universe has been involved in the animation series of “my three body” produced by netizens, released the related stage drama and radio drama projects of “three body”, and started a new round of IP development action in cooperation with station B, light media color bar house, Netflix, etc.
Compared with the unfinished first film, the operation mode of the three body universe is obviously much more reasonable – the film, animation and other content forms are cooperated with experienced production companies, and the overall planning is fierce. In the fields of animation, drama and film, Penguin film and light media can be regarded as very suitable partners for domestic cooperation in the fields of animation, drama and film. If the various versions of animation series of “three bodies” are rotten in their hands, it is difficult to say that it is the choice of partners.
Facing the hard to shoot trisomy
The success of “my three bodies” and “water drop” can be used for reference
The reason why Santi is considered difficult to shoot lies in the following difficulties

First of all, the level of special effects of film and television is required to be higher. The scene magnificence and imagination of the trilogy “three bodies” are gradually increasing. In the first part, the virtual reality of the game accounts for a large proportion. Secondly, the zither plan. In fact, there are not many special effect scenes required. The second representative scene is the battle of the doomsday between water drops and the fleet. There are also a lot of depictions of cosmic scenes. In the third part, the story is raised to the dimension and the scale of the universe It’s hard to imagine how to turn the plot into a movie. For example, the two-dimensional fall of the solar system and the four-dimensional space are beyond human imagination. Liu Cixin’s words are still in short supply. The requirements for special effects are not only on the technical level, but also on the aesthetic level of Science fiction.
Secondly, it is difficult to control the plot level. Liu Cixin himself once had a famous exposition: “the story and background of Hollywood science fiction films can be complex and tortuous, but the theme can not be complex, and must be black and white. “Three bodies” violates this most fundamental principle. ”
One of the reasons why the trilogy novel “three bodies” is great lies in Liu Cixin’s almost extravagant infusion of a large number of “ideas” settings, each of which can be taken out for a separate book. Zhizi locks in the faction of physics and ETO, the facer, the dark forest attack, the strong interaction detector water drop, the sword holder, and dimension reduction attack There are also some anti moral impact values plot.
On the plot level, ye Wenjie, Wang Miao, Dashi, Luoji, Zhang Beihai and Cheng Xin have their own characteristics and even charm, but they are not the common leading characters in the usual sense. From the perspective of film and television, these problems need a lot of adaptation work in the stage of script writing.
Therefore, compared with domestic films, dramas and animation projects, reading entertainment is the most optimistic form of animation. Whether it’s the three body game in the first film or a large number of sci-fi scenes in the follow-up, the animation form is a kind of easier to realize, which can produce the picture effect that can be accepted by the public with relatively low investment, which has been confirmed in Luo Ji Zhuan and water drop. And art Kaitian’s “Soul Cage” has a lot of future sci-fi elements. From the perspective of animation technology, the degree of completion is quite high.
As for Netflix’s shooting of “trisomy”, there is something reassuring. Netflix’s American TV series are guaranteed in the level of special effects and aesthetics. At least, it will not be as incompetent as the film “trisomy”. Moreover, American drama has an almost unlimited scale. When presenting the future human society’s large-scale events, such as “the great trough”, “global immigration, Australian cannibalism” and so on, we can also directly use the visual impact to achieve.
What makes people uneasy, of course, is that the Chinese characteristics in the “three bodies” are likely to be ignored or changed in the Netflix version. Although Netflix has shot Dynasty in South Korea and naked director in Japan, it is a blank in science fiction and Chinese culture. Its production capacity has long been less stable than that of house of cards. By the end of 2019, the big budget and big IP “Devil Hunter” has been ignored all over the world. It is uncertain how much power Netflix can put into the “three bodies” and how much advice Liu Cixin, as a consultant, can accept. The finished product depends on luck.
In fact, in order to make a good shot of “three bodies”, the already published “my three bodies: Luo Ji Zhuan”, “Zhang Beihai Zhuan” and the short film “water drop” can provide some correct directions. The common feature of the two lies in the accurate grasp of the original, not only in the reduction of the plot, but also in the film and television language expression of the original atmosphere.
For example, “water drop”, which is a short film of 14 minutes and 43 seconds produced by young director Wang Ren, reproduces the scene of “water drop” of three body detector in the form of a mirror to the bottom. The lens language of “water drop” is very unique. The huge roughness of human fleet and the tiny delicacy of “water drop” create extremely strong visual contrast in the form of reflection, and also constitute a strong emotional shock. Liu Cixin said after seeing it: “it can be said responsibly that this is the three body movie in my mind. If I can make this kind of artistic conception, I will die in peace.”
In the original work, the appearance of water droplets is the crushing of the earth by three body technology, and its manifestation is realized by extreme contrast. Small and grand, elegant and primitive, seemingly harmless water droplets have both beautiful and fatal characteristics. In 2015, director Wang Ren said in an interview with the media: “focusing on the moment of this story may stimulate great emotional fluctuations. The concrete plot and story are not as good as a moment to reflect the essence of the water drop. ” ——This obviously needs to have a certain degree of understanding and enthusiasm of the original work to get the feeling.
Similarly, the original idea of Shenyou Bafang’s production of “my three bodies” was just out of love and interest. Although the difficulty and form of completion are different, the success of these non-commercial projects can at least bring some enlightenment in attitude and direction for the producers who are promoting the adaptation projects of “three bodies”.
At present, “three body” is placed on the high expectations of cultural output. After the first film is finished, the public’s emotion may be more fragile than expected, and the producers need to be more careful and control the content quality. I’m afraid that the public can’t stand the blow of the “bad three bodies”. If it really fails, Netflix’s business in China’s mainland will not affect the overall situation. I’m afraid that the domestic producers are waiting for bloody rain.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)